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January 2009
Colossal Castle Contest VI - Winning Entries!
CC Contest Team 26 I 09

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Colossal Castle Contest VI! Your creations amaze us every year. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. The huge number of well crafted entries is what made this contest colossal once again!

The scores were very close so we have provided an Honorable Mention for the top five entries in each category that did not win. Please contact Ben Ellermann by private message or email if you have won a category so we can ship out the prizes! The Master Builder prize will be announced in a few days.

Discuss the Winner's here.

Weekly Set Re-Review: Supply Wagon
Ben E. 18 I 09

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 6010 Supply Wagon.

Supply Wagon was released in 1984. The set has a villager, cart, weapons, and construction accessories. This is the first LEGO Castle set to not have a soldier minifigure.

Elven Gondola
Bruce N. H. 13 I 09

In Dan Sibley's dream minifig Elves paddle swan-boats on idyllic midsummer rivers, and LEGO Castle sets include plants and landscaping! And everyone gets free ice cream!

Dan's Elven Gondola was inspired by Tolkien's elves, particularly by Lothlórien, and by the rumors of future official LEGO elves. He brought this to BrickWorld this summer, and his work can be found on Brickshelf, Flickr and MOCpages.

Brickbuilt legs (and bodies)
Bruce N. H. 8 I 09

Someone asked if you can build a custom fig for the CCC out of standard parts, as opposed to painting, decals, sculpy and the like. One thing you might want to consider is that you can use a number of creative techniques to construct figs, rather than simply putting together legs, torso, head and accessories. I've gathered a number of examples. Starting at the bottom center, Jeremiah VanderMark actually built this knight templar for a space MOC back in 2004, but give him a sword rather than a laser and he'd fit perfectly in one of our scenes. On the bottom right, Mike Crowley, aka CountBlockula, has built a number of what he calls BrickFA figs. In that gallery you can see how these are constructed using stick shifts. In a similar vein, Tony Sava made this beserker, inspired by a design by Moko.

In the fall of 2007, the ever-creative Michael Jasper showed how you can use technic balls to make Francis Drake's pantaloons, a technique more recently used in Kris Kelvin's wonderful imperial barracks. At the start of 2008, Tanotrooper came up with a design using a T-bar to connect legs that he dubbed TTfigs. He's built figs from many eras, including several medieval figs, including the black knight above. Inspired by Tanotrooper, Boses soon after posted a clockwork knight (upper left above), which is all constructed below the neck. At about the same time, MrTS was frustrated by the lack of poseability of stubbies, and came up with an independent design of moveable dwarf legs. Anyway, there you go. You can still be a purist and come up with lots of creative ideas for making new figs.

Nedleh Point
Bruce N. H. 6 I 09

Nedleh point was discovered forty years ago. A place of military importance, being situated at the crossroad of two of the largest empires and the Stoneguard, also dangerously close to the Orc held territories. Nedleh point, due to it's before mentioned situation, has served as a trading post, and has some of the best wares in all the south-western regions. The rock of Nedleh is a rare phenomenon that can happen only with special types of floating rocks. From rocks that spawn to life, to rocks that float through the clouds, the "Lapis volat banalis" is a species of rock that floats only after all water dries out of it. In this special case, the rock has been trying to escape, but due to the tide, it never gets to completely dry out, thus creating the elongated shape. The same phenomenon has been found elswere, but none are as inhabitable as this.

Be sure to check out all of Adrian Florea's (or Olog's as he's known on our forum) work on Flickr. In addition to CC he is also a member of the Builders Lounge, FBTB and ROlug, a forum he started for his home country of Romania, where he lives in Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transylvania. Adrian is also a LEGO Ambassador for 2008-2009.

Forum Upgrades
CC Team 4 I 09

The CC admins are taking several measures to reduce the amount of spammers joining the forums. First, we are temporarily suspending new registrations until grading is completed for the Colossal Contest VI. This period of time will likely last three to five weeks.

Next, we are requiring that all existing CC forum members without any posts to post at least once. This shows that you exist as a real Lego castle fan and not a spammer. Please see this thread. We will delete any account without a post in one week.

Finally, we will be upgrading the forums to the latest php system. We should be able to include the existing posts in the new setup. All new members will be required to post why they are interested in Lego Castle and post within the first week of their membership.

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