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June 2009
Ultimate Seige Engines Collection
Classic-Castle 29 VI 09

Marco, better known in our forum as medieval_total_lego, comes from Fano, Italy, a small town on the Adriatic Sea. He's a big fan of medieval history, and has an interest in attacking walled cities (at least in ABS form). Inspired in part by things he's seen on Brickshelf and by units from the game Stronghold 2, he's created his ultimate siege engine collection to outfit an attacking army. Unfortunately he didn't have time to put all of these to work in an entry for the recent Battles Contest, but here we see some of them in one of his CCC entries. Hopefully soon we'll see a larger scene incorporating all of these elements.

In addition to CC, Marco is a member of the Italian group ItLUG. His LEGO creations can be found on his MOCpage and Brickshelf sites.

Life beyond a flat baseplate
DNL 24 VI 09

Check out this new how-to article by DNL about creating landscaping in LEGO. His article looks at topics like building up the ground, adding water effects, and covering the area with vegetation and rocks, with links to examples by many different builders.

BTW, if anyone is interested in writing a how-to article, please contact any admin. Thanks to Daniel for writing this.

Don't forget to vote!
Classic-Castle 19 VI 09

You only have a couple of days to vote for Classic-Castle's nominees to be LEGO Ambassadors. You can choose up to three people from this list:
Aliencat (Sebastian)
Architect (Ben)
DARKspawn (Aaron)
J1A3L5 (John)
Plums Deify (Caylin)
SavatheAggie (Anthony)
Send your vote by PM to Bruce N H. The deadline for votes is 11:59 PM EDT (that's UTC - 4) this Sunday, June 21. Make sure your voice is heard.

Mountain Chateau
Bruce N. H. 16 VI 09

Mark Bauer, einsteinonthebeach in our forum, has been a LEGO fan since he was 9. He's always enjoyed Castle, as his first large set was 6086, Black Knight's Castle. Seven years ago he went to college and entered a Dark Age. Just last year he pulled out his collection with the intention of sorting and selling his bricks. He couldn't do it, though, and got pulled back into the hobby. He says in large part he was inspired in this by the work of RebelRock. Now he's got the AFOL's dream job, working at the LEGO Imagination Center in the Mall of America. Even though he only emerged from his Dark Age a year ago, he's already presented a number of impressive fortresses, including the Mountain Chateau.

Brick Built Beasties
Bruce N. H. 10 VI 09

Most of us don't see a pile of stick shifts, clip plates, fig hands and accessories as particularly useful for castle building. These might be used for a detail here and there, but often they're set aside for when we build in other themes. That's not how Micah Berger, aka The Green Knight, thinks. When he sees the aforementioned pile of "useless" pieces, he sees a monster, a golem or a farm animal. A while ago he announced ten new ten new creatures, including the donkey, the dracolion and the black elf shown above. For all of Micah's creatures and other MOCs, be sure to check out his Brickshelf gallery.

LEGO Ambassador Nominations for Classic-Castle
Ben E. 07 VI 09

"We’re happy to announce that the nomination process for LEGO Ambassador Cycle 7 is now open.

The LEGO Ambassador Program is designed to give the AFOL Community a direct line into the LEGO Company. The Program is essentially a gathering of community representatives that speak on behalf of the larger communities they are a part of. This group is able to bring forward the interests, concerns and questions directly to LEGO Employees..."

Read more of the announcement and nominate castle fans here.

Consider nominating fans who represent the best of the Castle community and will work hard on our behalf. Please consult a nominee first to see if they consent to their nomination. Current and former Ambassadors on CC are available to answer your questions about this process in the forum thread or by private message.

Hobbit Legs
Bruce 3 VI 09

I'm generally not into customization. This may be because I'm just not that good, or because I hate to damage relatively scarce resources or just because the result doesn't fit into my personal LEGO aesthetic. MooseBot, however, has come up with a great way to make hobbit legs. His method is so simple that any of us could do it, it uses up something we all probably have tons of (i.e. fig legs) and the result (at least in my opinion) looks very "LEGO-y". Inspired by an earlier Tekka Croe modifction, he simply uses an Exacto knife to carefully cut the fig legs off right where the rounded portion of the hips meets the straight leg portion. Here's the incredibly clever part - the holes that were originally part of the (pre-customization) fig's rear end become connectors to place 1x1 plates as feet. You can use a plate of a different color from the legs so that they have shoes of a different color than their pants, use yellow plates as bare feet, or even use the 1x1 plate with tooth element to be a pointed boot. This method lets you make hobbits, dwarves, children or other short people without having to use the non-poseable stubbies.

MooseBot plans on making more Hobbit MOCs using this method. Look for those, along with his other LEGO creations in his Flickr stream and his Brickshelf gallery. He's also started a how-to blog: Moose Arts and Crafts.

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