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February 2010
Bruce 28 II 10

One of our newest forum members is Primus - aka Cameron from Fenton, Michigan. One of his favorite types of building is using Technic, Bionicle, and other non-standard pieces in odd ways for the construction of mecha and related MOCs, such as his recent Wyvern. About a year ago, another member of the forum In the Bricks was working on a MOC with segmented armor. Cameron put the idea in the back of his head, and when he recently got several tank tread pieces he realized they'd be perfect for this role. That was the start of his construction of Katsumoto, with traditonal samurai armor and wielding a kanabo and a naginata.

In addition to recently joining CC, Cameron is a member of BZPower, Builders' Lounge, Stajinaria, In the Bricks, and a number of different Flickr groups. His MOCs can be found on his Flickr, MOCpage and Brickshelf pages. He plans on attending BrickFair this year, so you can meet him and his MOCs in person.

While Cameron won't be attending BrickCon, this is the perfect MOC to highlight the Big in Japan collaborative display expected in Seattle. Coordinated by the Brothers-Brick, this will focus on Japanese culture. It's time to start planning. C'mon, castle-heads, don't let this be dominated by a bunch of mecha and anime MOCs. I'm expecting our members to put together a huge ninja castle layout. Don't let me down, or I'll have Cameron send his samurai after you. ;)

Castle Gear Review: Fright Knights Playing Cards
Ben E. 21 II 10

Join the Classic Castle Gear review discussion. Please post your opinions on the gear play ability, design, etc. Will this gear stand up to our catapult of critique or crumble in shame?

This week’s gear is 925746 Fright Knights Playing Cards.

Fright Knights Playing Cards were released for Castle in 1997. The set includes fifty two cards in four suits and three skeleton jokers. Royal Knights, Fright Knights, and Forestmen are featured on the King, Queen, and Jack cards respectively.

Forestmen Floating Island
Bruce 17 II 10

Aaron D is a Canadian AFOL from the Victoria area. At a recent gathering, his LUG - VicLUG - planned on a collaborative floating rock display. Aaron has been a fan of the Forestmen ever since receiving set 6071, Forestmen's Crossing, so he decided to use this theme for his floating island. That striking bridge is built using BrickArms u-clips. He says he's wary of claiming complete originality for any building technique, but believes he was the first to use the u-clips in this way in this vig.

In addition to VicLUG, Aaron is also a member of Classic Space, the Builders Lounge and any number of Flickr groups, most notably LUGNuts. His MOCs can be found in his Flickr stream.

Weekly Set Re-Review: Majisto's Tower
Ben E. 14 II 10

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 1906 Majisto's Tower.

Majisto's Tower had a limited release in the United States and Canada in 1994. Also known as Magic Castle Box, this rocky magician's fortress has a guard tower, a wizard's tower, and two doors. A Dragon Master's knight, a soldier, and various accessories are included along with Majisto and his personal chariot.

Pop-Up Book
Bruce 10 II 10

Most people here already know of Nathan Sawaya, aka the Brick Artist. Nathan is one of those rare AFOLs who has been able to turn his love of building into a full-time profession. As I recall, Nathan first made a splash in the AFOL community with a life-size reproduction of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. He continued on making large scale sculptures, and now has a travelling exhibition of his work, in addition to making pieces to order for clients. Castle is one genre of building that he's never tried his hand at before now, even though he's been impressed by the work he's seen by other AFOLs on-line and at fan events. Before he could even start this project he had to buy a lot of castle elements like arches. A few months ago, Waldo Hunt passed away. Waldo is credited with reviving the pop-up book as an art form, and Nathan wanted to make something in his honor. So he took a poem he wrote a while back and put it on the pages of a giant book, illustrated with a castle surrounded by a moat in his Pop-Up Book.

All of Nathan's work can be found on his site, Art of the Brick. To see some of his pieces up close, check the museum schedule to find when it will be near you. He's currently showing in Rochester, NY, along side the LEGO Castle Adventure traveling exhibition. So people in the area should be sure to check it out and get twice the LEGO fun out of their visit.

Weekly Set Review: Skeleton Tower
Ben E. 7 II 10

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is Skeleton Tower.

Skeleton Tower was released in 2007 for the Skeletons. One brave knight comes to rescue the fair princess from the hanging bone cage. Two armed skeletons, a dragon, and an evil wizard defend the skull tower with its jaw drawbridge, towers, mini catapult, and lightning bolts.

Colossal Castle Contest VII:
Master Builder

CC Contest Team 03 II 10

The Master Builder prize will be awarded to the builder who entered 6 or more categories and had the highest score when their top six creation scores are averaged. This year the scores were extremely close!

We are proud to announce the 2010 Master Builder: Daniel Zonneveldt (DNL). Check out his submissions here.

Please also congratulate the runners up: TooMuchCaffeine, SlyOwl, Piglet, and Shmails.

You may be wondering what what prizes will be awarded. Our Master Builder receives a misb 3739 Blacksmith Shop donated by Bluesecrets! Daniel is also granted the title of Classic-Castle Master Builder until the conclusion of CCC VIII. Discuss the Winner's here.

City of Annin
Bruce 2 II 10

Michal Herbolt, also known as gearcs, is an AFOL from Stary Plzenec in the Czech republic. His first castle set was 6086, so the Black Knights have always been one of his favorite Castle factions, along with the Forestmen. Even though he's been a LEGO fan since he was six, it is really in the last three years that he's been creating MOCs in earnest. His most recent, and perhaps his most ambitious, is the City of Annin. In his backstory, this city was a center of trade that sits on the border between three different empires. Mercenaries have been hired to kidnap one of the leading citizens, in a scheme to sow discord between the three empires. Only one brave guard can thwart the plot. While the city is fictional, the style is based on the gothic architecture of central Europe, and the main gate is inspired by the gate on the Charles Bridge in Prague. On a more personal note, the city is named after Michal's grandmother Anna, who recently passed away. This April Michal will be bringing this MOC to the Roztoky 2010 display in Prague.

In addition to Classic-Castle, Michal is a member of the Czech LEGO groups Kostky and Brickdome. All of his MOCs can be found in his Brickshelf gallery.

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