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Entries for Castle

Ald Wickeraus Castle

Ald Wickeraus Castle is a luxurious domicile of King Frederic the 2nd. This glorious structure is erected high on a rocky granite plateau and surrounded by lush meadows and fields.

In this scene, we see the king, Sir Godfrey and the rest of the army arriving after a staunch defense against Lord Brackenreed. Upon his arrival, the joyful crowds rushed to the gate to greet their beloved sovereign.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Aldora Castle

Aldora castle rests on a island of granite which guards the mighty river Echos that flows through the forbidden mountains into the heart of the kingdom of Anselm. It stands as a bulwark against the outside nations and has never fallen once, due to the tremendous currents that have swept many an attacker to the seas beyond.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Arc Castle

Arc Castle is located at the foot of the Needle Mountains- extremely strategic position. Being guarded by elite warriors Arc has never been taken. Except of defence values, the castle is always open for travellers.

Submitted by: FanLego

Castle Libris 2013

High above the valley of the Arrow River sits Castle Libris. In spite of recent attacks that burned away some of the roof of the front barracks and blackened the corner of the north tower, Castle Libris is still considered a venerable fortress.

The castle features stairs and bridges connecting several towers, a trap door into the mountain, two rooms with stained-glass windows, thrones inside the central tower, panels allowing access to the castle interior, a library, a four-poster bed, and a kitchen with roasting spit and chimney.

Submitted by: matt.guitar.j

Crown Knights

Submitted by: Legonardo

Dark Ninja Fortress

A fortress an a small island for Garmadon and his army.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Ebbegard Castle

On a rock in front of the coast lies the weathered but still mighty fortress Ebbegard Castle, home of the ancient ider of dragon knights.

Submitted by: KumpelKante


Edendel is a castle befitting a high lord. It features a large gatehouse with twin tourelles (the capped turrets) attached to the uppermost tower. The draw bridge and portcullis ensure security at the front gate. Two corner towers, equipped with multiple arrow slits, aid the defense of the land. The castle walls are crenellated and wall walks ensure that guards can defend the walls at every point. Twin towers at the rear of the castle provide additional security.

Inside the castle walls, there is a separate keep with a balcony, and featuring a great hall for gatherings. The castle grounds also include a smithy, a well, and a small chapel.

The play set separates into three wall sections, and the keep can be removed from within the castle. Both the gatehouse and the keep hinged open to enable access to the interior.

Submitted by: matt.guitar.j

Edinburgh Castle

Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. ‘Edinburgh Castle’, the base of Robert the Bruce where Wallace is finally taken by the English, is the tall, square-towered Dunsoghly Castle.

Submitted by: LL

Falworth Castle

Inspired by the Erickson brothers, I present to you Falworth Castle. These brothers are two of the most inspiring builders out there, and two great friends.

Submitted by: Justin M

Feldoran Castle

Feldoran Castle has been guarding the river Tjorsak for centuries. Standing next to a heavily used trade route it is a smugglers nightmare.

Submitted by: Deviet

Gingerdale Castle

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Grey castle

Submitted by: ton builder

Gruhzak Gur

A wodden orc fortification

Submitted by: Disco86

Hrastoranj Castle

Submitted by: Eklund

Kaldrfell Castle

Kaldrfell Castle sits on the side of a mountain in the Heavenly Mountain Range overlooking a small lake and the town of Kaldrfell. The castle and town are the last civilized settlement before the Frozen Beyond of Mitgardia.

There is much activity in Kaldrfell today, a shipment of supplies has just arrived at the dock, a load of fresh fish is being delivered, the castle's blacksmith is hard at work making a sword, and the cook slices some bread for lunch.

All the doors/trapdoors, the portcullis, and the drawbridge are functional. Also every building has a full interior

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Lion Hall Stronghold

Realistic Castle.

Submitted by: CoreyMitchell

Porte de Laon, Coucy

The Porte de Laon is the main gate into the town of Coucy.

Submitted by: GillesGaer


Built upon the blasted heath, the grim fortress of Roncelets.

Submitted by: Becheman

Roseland Castle

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Sand Spear Castle

On the outskirts of the Runi Desert stands a small castle acting as one of the King's outposts. It serves to regulate trade and transportation on the far eastern borders of the kingdom.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Seekstone Manor

King John demands entry to a simple three-sided country manor.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Stone Meadow Castle

Stone Meadow Castle was built at the base of the Telasier Mountains and provides protection and peace to the region.

Submitted by: nanuck95

Whitefall castle

White fall castle protects one of the few points where the river is crossable. Near these small waterfalls the castle sits on an island in the river, standing watch over the nearby terrain.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

Ylgu Castle

Ylgu Castle. Located near a ford in the nearby stream, Ylgu Castle was build over a large period of time. The oldest building is the keep, which is where the castle gets it name from. After fortune had befallen the owners of the keep the castle was extended by three towers, curtain walls and a gate house.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

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