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Entries for A Child's Life

A day at the old windmill

This old windmill is owned by the father Erald. The landscape is pretty grim and not much fertile. Growing wheat and making flour is not easy. Erald, together with his two sons trying to survive in this anything but friendly land which frightens sons.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

A Man's Work

As the sun slowly climbed over the hazy horizon, a lone rooster let out a loud crow. The small, rustic town that lay beneath the great manor was alive with people, bustling to and fro. Small, ramshackle cottages were scattered around the outskirts of the village, and farmers and serfs came one by one from their doors, headed towards the fields.
A smiling farmer grasped his pitchfork and small lantern as he pushed open the wooden door of his quaint, rural home. His young son scrambled out behind him, vigorously rubbing sleep out of his eyes. All the while he beamed brightly, excited to join his father for the first time working in the fields.
Behind them, within their cottage, the female members of the family worked also. The boy’s mother grasped a stiff wooden broom, sweeping up pieces of thatch from the rough wooden floor. Meanwhile, a younger girl pulled a brewing pot from the fireplace and mixing it with a large spoon. The sun rose higher as the villagers went to work.

Submitted by: Digger1221

An Awkward Betrothal

Young George Fletham was having misgivings about being irrevocably betrothed by his far-seeing parents to the estimable Miss Brunhilde of the family Bertlemewe.
They may very well be one of the most wealthy and prestigious families in the kingdom, but is that worth it to be married for life to a face only a mother could love...?
It's a tough decision when you're only 10 years of age.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Apple Picking

A young son is eagerly hoisted into a thicket of branches by his father to pick apples for his mother's famous apple tarts.

Submitted by: Hobasocka

Bee keeping

A father teaches his son the subtle art of bee keeping and the rich reward of honey. the only form of sweetener in the middle ages

Submitted by: Brother Steven

CCCXI - A Child's Life - First Snow

Cedric Archer has finally returned to Garheim, and with the first snows of winter, he reflects on the snows of his childhood.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer


Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing the first scene of the movie when young William is deponent of a brutal act.

Submitted by: LL

Chopping Wood

A young boy works with his father and grandfather in a pine grove. While the adults cut down the trees and trim the trunks to length, the boy loads the cart for transport to the local village.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Dance lesson

Little Burgundy is getting a dance lesson in the Crystal Hall.

Submitted by: FanLego

Escape From Harrenhal

When she reached him she pushed back her cloak so he would see the flayed man on her breast. “Lord Bolton sent me.”
“At this hour? Why for?” She could see the gleam of steel under the fur, and she did not know if she was strong enough to drive the point of the dagger through chainmail. His throat, it must be his throat, but he’s too tall, I’ll never reach it. For a moment she did not know what to say. For a moment she was a little girl again, and scared, and the rain on her face felt like tears.
“He told me to give all his guards a silver piece, for their good service.” The words seemed to come out of nowhere.
“Silver, you say?” He did not believe her, but he wanted to; silver was silver, after all. “Give it over, then.”
Her fingers dug down beneath her tunic and came out clutching the coin Jaqen had given her. In the dark the iron could pass for tarnished silver. She held it out... and let it slip through her fingers.
Cursing her softly, the man went to a knee to grope for the coin in the dirt and there was his neck right in front of her. Arya slid her dagger out and drew it across his throat, as smooth as summer silk. His blood covered her hands in a hot gush and he tried to shout but there was blood in his mouth as well.
“Valar morghulis,” she whispered as he died.

Excerpt from George R. R. Martin's A Clash of Kings, on which this creation is based.

Submitted by: Overload

Feeding the Fire

Two young boys feed a furnace in a medieval style kitchen.

Submitted by: Matthew B.

Gathering Eggs

It's a simple and boring chore, great for the kids to do!

Submitted by: Medieval Guy

How Shasta Set Out on his Travels

Based on the first chapter of C.S. Lewis' third book (chronologically) in his brilliant Chronicles of Narnia series. This scene depicts the Shasta and Bree beginning their journey and leaving home.

Submitted by: Louie le Brickvalier

How to Train Your Dragon

My favorite scene from the film. I love the little hesitation Toothless has before he puts his nose in Hiccup's hand.

Submitted by: cmaddison


A young lad has been jailed for stealing an apple from a market vendor. Scared out of his wits and not too happy, he’s receiving his daily bread and cheese.

Submitted by: Justin M

Langfelly blacksmith

Isaak, the local blacksmith, teaches his son how to create a true masterpiece. In the meanwhile his other two children are trying to catch a few chicken.

Submitted by: Atte

Learning a trade

a child learning the trade of his father.

Submitted by: Legonardo

learning how to fish

Submitted by: don leopold

Learning the Trade

Chip Oakenbrow decides it is time to teach the younger boys of his Lenfel village the art of hunting. As luck would have it, Chip and his young companions happen upon a black bear just exiting its cave. This is the perfect opportunity for Chip to show his apprentices how hunting is done in Lenfald.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Learning to Hunt

A father and his two young sons are coming back from their first hunt with a wild pig they shot and retrieved.

Submitted by: Justin M

Lindworm Tease

Submitted by: Disco86

Nordheim Village

I researched vikings a bit for this build and tried to make the houses historically accurate. There is only one room in each house and the deep benches serve both as seats and beds. Each house has a fire and a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The children in the build are doing some of things most common for viking children: the boys haul water, learn carpentry, and practice fighting, while the girls help cook and weave wool.

Submitted by: soccerkid6


After their parents died during the last smallpox epidemic, the two orphans took refuge under the stairs of a local shop, on the back alley which fronted the cemetery where their parents were buried. This would be a difficult winter.

Submitted by: AK_Brickster

Pizza Smithy

Giovanni was a lot more interested in following in his father's footsteps when he learned that a forge makes an excellent pizza oven

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Tackle The Giant

“Tackle the Giant” is a game commonly played among children in the middle kingdoms. The game revolves around players attempting to attack and topple the “giant” player. The “giant” player is whoever happens to be tallest or largest. Sticks and stones are often used to aid players in their goal.
Wandering through the streets of Minten looking for any familiar faces or signs to Elizabeth’s location, Harold and George stopped to gather their thoughts. Harold was quite obviously very anxious and losing hope quickly, and George took notice. Spotting a crowd of children sitting idly by, watching the clouds pass by, he hatched a plan to lift Harold’s spirits.
“Hey there, kids! Do you like to play ‘Tackle the Giant’?” George asked, flashing his friendliest smile.
“Yeah we do! It’s our favorite game!” the young girl with the black hood proudly stated.
“Great! I’ve got quite the giant here for you to tackle!” George chuckled as he said this, grabbing Harold’s shoulder and tossing him into the excited crowd. “Best of luck! Guard your kneecaps, they’ll be aiming for those!”
Harold grabbed a stick and frantically attempted to hold his own against his tiny adversaries. George was booming with laughter as the little ones circled around him, smacking him with sticks here and there.
Around him, daily life was undisturbed. Red priests sat at the side of the road, selling potions and books, making maps and paintings. Women washed articles of cloth and pulled water from the well. Others wandered aimlessly, and one particular thief was in hot pursuit from a few guards.
To his right came a familiar face. Ryan had returned at last, albeit dressed in unfamiliar green and black garb. Holly was given the backpack to carry around, and a beautiful young woman tailed close behind. Puzzled at first, it dawned on George fast enough. This was no doubt the heavily sought after Elizabeth.
After Ryan confirmed it was indeed Elizabeth, the three stood together watching Harold get battered by the children. Tears welled up in Elizabeth’s eyes. Though she hadn’t seen Harold in years, she still felt the unconditional love and affection for him. To think, Harold had spent all this time looking for her, never once giving up.
“Hey, George. How do you think Scott’s holding up?” Ryan asked, remembering how one of the most crucial elements of their party was still imprisoned.
“I’m sure he’s doing just fine!” George stated, rather absent-mindedly. He was still entranced by Harold’s improvised tournament with some on Minten’s finest giant slayers.

Submitted by: Overload

Take your child to work day

My entry to the A Child's Life category: Take your child to work day.

Fred, the gong farmer was particularly happy. He has begged Jordan*, his overseer for weeks for the introduction of the Take Your Child to Work Day and, finally, he said yes!

Fred was looking forward to this very day: he and his son went to their assigned pit.

"One day, lad, all this will be yours! All that you can see! This will be your kingdom, lad! W- Wait, come back!"

Fred could not understand why his son ran away screaming. This is a steady job with bright prospects (ok, this is not true) and you ALWAYS find an empty (or rashly abandoned) chair in every pub after work!

*: Jordan was kindly promoted to gong farmer overseer by the C-C admins as a punishment or reward for asking for the CCC X results... Don't make the same mistake kids, it is a hard job to be a gong farmer overseer!

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

The death pit

Wygga, son of a Saxon chieftain and his slave, is taken captive by raiding Britons and thrown into the death pit to celebrate their victory. Little to they know, his tale does not end here...

Submitted by: Becheman

The Lost

The lost children of Halthas; Orphans and runaways banded together to form the Lost. Pickpockets and swindlers, the children use their spoils to feed their brothers and hide out in an ancient tomb. Protected by a creepy cemetery, the Lost enter their safe haven from an old mausoleum.

Submitted by: Fraslund


Creation for CCCXI, based on movie 'Braveheart'. This is showing a scene when young William is training with his friend Hamish.

Submitted by: LL

Watch Tower

Submitted by: Jackson Williams

Ærsceaft Brycg, Nædercynne

A Child's life

Every year in Nædercynne the children take part in the bridge jumping competition off of Ærsceaft Brycg into the Nædercynne River.

During the warmer session in Nædercynne (the city is a in a tropical climate and stays warm all year round) the competition takes place from the highest bridge over the river. It has been long tradition after an ancestor of the city Aldin and Ælle had a jump off shortly after the foundation of the important trading city. Over the Ældus (centuries to you and me) the jump off became tradition and today is enjoyed by those taking place as well as their parents who joke about past competitions. Some mothers don't enjoy quiet as much these days.

Once the children have done their jump into the deep river they have a short swim down to the harbour.

Ærsceaft Brycg is one of the oldest bridges in the city connecting the two main parts of the city. Today the bridge connects the fortreding, where the poor live, to the Anwealda's castle. The bridge remains closed through out the year other than for this competition.

(Anyone familiar with Stari Most, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, may notice where I got my inspiration from!)

Submitted by: peggyjdb

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