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Entries submitted by KumpelKante

Ebbegard Castle

On a rock in front of the coast lies the weathered but still mighty fortress Ebbegard Castle, home of the ancient ider of dragon knights.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Flea Bottom

In George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire" Flea Bottom is the poorest district in the city of King's Landing. It is a maze-like warren of narrow streets, ramshackle buildings, and dark alleys.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Medieval bathing house

n the dark ages taking a bath was contrary to common believe very common in most european towns.

In most cases there was one big tub to bath in and several smaller ones with hot and cold water so that the temperature of the water in the big tub could be adjusted. There have also been saunas been used in some parts of europe.

Additional to bathing, people in medieval towns went to the bathing house to get foul teeth broken out or for other more fun "activities".

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The death of King Arthur

In his last battle an aged King Arthur defeats his bastard son Mordred, but dies the very same moment from the wounds he suffered in the finght. With his last breath he asks Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the enchanted lake. Suddenly a head emerges from the water and take the sword back into the deep.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The ruins at the river

Once ago a mighty stronghold used to guard the old bridge. But a long time ago it was abandoned by the rightful ruler. Its meager remains now serve as a hideout for a band of highwaymen that lay ambushes on those who want to cross the river.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The war of minstrels and the mystery game

In the 13th century the Sängerkrieg, a contest between several minstrels took place at the Wartburg (Germany). First the contest was about finding out, wich of the six contestants, including Wolfram von Eschenbach and Walther von der Vogelweide could best honor their feudal lord best with their songs and poets. That contest a battle of poets followed, which was called the Rätselspiel (mystery game) In the course of events the hungarian sorceror Klingsor (i did not make that name up, really his name) summoned a demon, that was defeated by Wolfram von Eschenbachs song.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

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