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Entries submitted by Purple Wolf

Dark Ninja Fortress

A fortress an a small island for Garmadon and his army.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Dragon Bridge Attack

A micro fig scale creation of the lions attacking the dragons at there river fort.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Hobbit army

As a newly formed army the hobbits elected them self a king and started out to see if the Dragon knights wanted to join forces. They got there answer.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Right under there noses

Vladeks secret hideout is right under Danju's nose.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

The Sun Knights

A small yet noble and proud faction.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

This should be working

It was the day Arthur tried to pull the sword form the stone. It also happened to be the day the dwarves decided to make the under ground highway.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Wooden train

The only description I need to give is this is why trains took so long to get invented because every body was afraid this was going to happen again.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

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