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Entries submitted by soccerkid6

Fenrith Fortress

The Fenrith Fortress lies hidden in the Rakath Mountains of Nocturnus, protected by rivers of lava. Anyone unfortunate enough to stumble across the fortress will quickly be stripped of anything of value, then put into the dungeon until the Wolfpack has learned all they want from them. Currently the Wolfpack focuses their attacks on Black Spire minions, who they as a threat to their 'business' operations.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Kaldrfell Castle

Kaldrfell Castle sits on the side of a mountain in the Heavenly Mountain Range overlooking a small lake and the town of Kaldrfell. The castle and town are the last civilized settlement before the Frozen Beyond of Mitgardia.

There is much activity in Kaldrfell today, a shipment of supplies has just arrived at the dock, a load of fresh fish is being delivered, the castle's blacksmith is hard at work making a sword, and the cook slices some bread for lunch.

All the doors/trapdoors, the portcullis, and the drawbridge are functional. Also every building has a full interior

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Nordheim Village

I researched vikings a bit for this build and tried to make the houses historically accurate. There is only one room in each house and the deep benches serve both as seats and beds. Each house has a fire and a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The children in the build are doing some of things most common for viking children: the boys haul water, learn carpentry, and practice fighting, while the girls help cook and weave wool.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Siege Tower Attack

This MOC was built only using pieces that came in the set 70402 The Gatehouse Raid.

The Dragon knights attack a Lion knight wall using their siege tower.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

The Town of Daydelon

Daydelon has become a very busy town. The church in the center of town has had many new buildings spring up around it, including a bakery and inn.

The bakery is the red building while the inn is the tan building. All three buildings have full interiors and all the doors work.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

White Knight

The white knight is well known for his bravery and skill with sword and spear.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

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