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Entries for The Merry Band

"Free fish!"

I doubt any of these castle guards will still have their jobs after the King finds out about this.

....and on the other hand, the kid distracting all the guards is just about guaranteed a raise!

Submitted by: Takkata

A Delicious Distraction

A merry band of outlaws uses a tasty diversion to perform a daring jailbrake!

Submitted by: digger1221

A Tax collectors Taxes

Submitted by: TTrooper

Ambush at Augmar falls

The great Avalonion rivers bring prosperity to the land through trade and the vibrant wildlife that they support. Apparently they also bring in prosperity and wealth when Avalonian forestmen decide to make raids on travelling folk, particularly Kaliphlites. Everyone knows that Kaliphlites always carry gold on them.

Submitted by: Legonardo

Ambush in the garden

Ambush in the Garden
As an old man enjoys a relaxing cup of tea in a quiet garden, two hired assassins make their way towards him like sparrows through the flowers. However, when the time comes to fight the Ninja may be in for more than they bargained for…
Having a username like I do, 'bout time I built some Ninja, eh?
This is my first entry to the "Merry Band" Category of CCCXII on Classic-Castle.
C&C appreciated!

Submitted by: Brickninja


At the old ruins, a merry band of outlaws lies in wait...

Submitted by: Athalus

Battle of Bywater

The Battle of Bywater occurred on November 13, 1419 and was the last battle in the War for the Ring. Shire-folk, led by Merry and Pippin, trapped and surrounded a group of Ruffians working for Sharkey (Saruman). The Hobbits used farm carts and wagons to trap the savage men on the road. The Ruffians attempted to fight their way out of their entrapment, but they were soon encircled and forced to surrender. Merry himself slew the leader of the Ruffians.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Crystal Robbery

A forestman on a vine nabs a crystal from the local lord, while his pal sets an ambush...

Submitted by: Aren the Elf

Fight at Max's Magics

Bandits are attacking Max's Magics! As Max's wife uses her spells to protect the shop, Max is hiding their most valuable items in the cave below...

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

Flower or Flour

The prince planned to please his princess with a handful of beautiful wild flowers.

Submitted by: durazno33

Forest Ambush

A group of forestman ambush some soldiers transporting taxes from nearby towns back to the Lord's castle.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Horse Thieves

The Bull clan had been waiting for such an opportunity such as this, seizing their chance; they surrounded the unsuspecting Royal Kingdom guards while they rested among the ruins of an ancient fortress. These guards, outnumbered and now surrounded with so many pointed objects, had no choice but to watch helplessly as their armored mounts were taken from them. This would prove a valuable success for the Bull clan, especially considering recent losses. The Bulls sorely needed a larger cavalry if they were ever to have a hope for success with anything more than a few raids.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Malcumus Erlond Cottage

Not much is known about Malcumus Erlond. People know he is a druid and a mysterious man, that lives in the old cottage on Death Cliff Island. People often say too, that is has a magic potion that turns anyone into a very smart person!
Marcus and Gairbert are not smart… At all… And they decided to try and reach the cottage on top of the cliff and steal the potion from Malcumus and become the 2 smartest persons of the country… Would they be successful? :b

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Orc Pit

Submitted by: Takkata

Over the wall

5th century A.D.: These are the final days of the roman empire. The Limes may have been completey enlarged, but there were not enough troops to patrol atop the walls and man the towers. Thus the barbaric tribes are becoming bolder at start to attack the towers after nightfall.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Perils of the Wild

Casserin had paid well for the best guards he could find to protect his goods. He was tired of being held up by the bandits that plague the land. “No mistakes this time, “ he thought to himself as he drove his wagon heavily laden with goods along the narrow path. It was the start of autumn, and a few of the trees were just beginning to turn. Casserin anticipated the high profits that the chilling months often brought as the cool breeze brushed his face. Suddenly, as he edged around a rocky outcropping that forced the road to bend, his team reared up. Casserin’s eyes widened in terror as he began to scream. He had heard the rumors, but never even in his worst nightmares had he ever imagined that he would one day face these creatures. They were surrounded.

CCC XII Category: The Merry Band
Dimensions: 40 x 40 studs
Minifigs: 10
Animals: 4

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Returning South

A group of desperate outlaws aim to cause trouble on the road.

Submitted by: Sir Erathor

Robin of Locksleys Camp

Even Robin Hoods merry men need a day off once in a while.

This was heavily inspired by the
1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Seasons Greetings

The famous Merry Band of a spaceport far, far away, finally decided to try their luck somewhere else. Having settled in a cozy mediëval village, they made a decent living.
Trouble began when the Notsomerry Band showed up. These five performers never had a smile on their faces, nor a cheerfull song. Who can blame them, with such a manager.
Anyway, the Merry Band was not completely without intelligence. Having noted the extreme dislike for cold weather, they tried a new technique, to keep the Notsomerry Band out. Faking autumn by falling leaves, they scared the Notsomerry Band back to their home base, fearing that Winter is Coming.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Squilby's Band of Thieves

Before being banished from the Dwarven Brotherhood, Squilby made a large fortune off of his clever heist operation. Along with a few other dwarves of questionable repute, he set up traps in several old tunnels that ran underneath or near prominent roads. One of the group would lure passersby into the trap by offering a large reward to them if they'd give him a hand carrying his chest full of gold and jewels. When they left the road to help (or if less than honest to take possession of the seemingly unguarded treasure), they fall into the tunnel below. A dwarve hiding near the road would 'convince' anyone who caused trouble into the trap. If the fall didn't render them unconscious, a few dwarves standing by with cudgels knocked them out. Then they'd strip the victim of anything of value and deposit him back above ground via a tunnel exit.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Stop The Coach!

This is a scene from Walt disney's version of Robin Hood. Robin Hood and Little John dress up as"fortune tellers", and make away with Prince John's gold and royal robes.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Stupid Elves!

Getting into Avalonia was not going to be easy, but dwarves are resourceful....and a brainstorm session can yield some great ideas!

Raven Darksight was contemplating how to lead a group of his Dwarven Army into Avalonia, but those elves seem to notice everything. There has to be a way in to get past those elves!

Ibun, son Mim spoke up, "I got it! We all know how Elves love the forest and the trees right?"


"Well, all we need to do is have Rowyn and Bowyn dress up like a tree. They wander over near those Elves and start yelling 'Oi, Me leaves hurt, me branches hurt! Please help!' We know that those Elves won't be able to resist helping out a tree."

"Stupid Elves, they'll probably still be munching on their croissants and sniffing their flowers while rush over to help the tree too!"
"Yeah, stupid elves!"

They all laughed as they pictured those stupid elves sniffing flowers and helping out the tree in distress. If this doesn't work, nothing will!

Submitted by: Kayne_

The Fighting Pit!

Above, the amateurs practice amongst themselves with their various weapons of choice. A small group gathers to watch the fight. Meanwhile below, a heated fight rages in the fighting ring, the large audience cheering for their favorite, who will end up on the pile of bones, and who will be the victor?
An entry into the CCC - A Merry Band. Well some of them aren't so merry :P ...

Submitted by: josdu

The Forestmen's Cunning Heist

A group of forestmen enlist a dwarven engineer to help them rob a keep owned by the red king. But the merry band eventually discover that nature can be just as formidable as the defences they tried so hard to avoid.

Submitted by: Dubbadgrim

The Grubby Coin Tavern

Sure, providing a safe haven for outlaws brings in more gold than your more… legal… customers, but when the King’s knights get word that the legendary thief Jemhawk and Bull Clan leader frequents the Grubby Coin Tavern, it could mean the end of gambling and shady deals in the cellar, not to mention the barkeep’s life. Let’s just hope that between the hollering downstairs and the captain’s iron-clad questioning, Anna doesn’t crack under the pressure. Perhaps if Lars of the Wolfpack takes the opportunity to steal the Lieutenant’s horse out from under the wool-brained new squire, that will provide just enough of a distraction…

Submitted by: BrickSamurai


Being accused of murder, Ulvar was being transported to Valholl. But before reaching the capital his men already managed to free him.

"Commander Vargr, the cart is on it's way. It's only accompanied by two knights.
"Good, good... Is the pack in place?"
"Yes sir! The path is at it's most narrow near the old shrine. So it will be over before they'll realize what is happening.
"Good, let's free an innocent one."

"Ambush! Ambush, it's an ambush!"
"I told you we needed more men to get the prisoner to Valholl!"
"Doesn't matter, ride faster...."

Before the knight could even finish his sentence a loud cracking sound followed. Immediately the cart started diving into the sand were it anchored itself.

"Finally, I was almost thinking of an escape plan myself."
"No need to worry about that anymore Ulvar!"

Submitted by: Ecclesiastes

We're under attack

1326AD, 19th January near Rearsby, Leicestershire. Sir Rodger Bellere is attacked by the Folville Gang

Sir Rodger Bellere is a local nobleman, possesing nine manors and founded the chantry at Kirby Bellars. He also happens to be a baron of the exchequereand is protected by none other than Hugh, Lord Dispenser a favourite of King Edward II. Amongst his enemies are the Folville brothers Esutace, Rodger and Walter (they also have another four brothers who do not join the gang) who together with fellow local landowners Roger la Zouche and Robert Halewell form a gang. They attack Sir Rodger Bellere on the road between Melton Mowbray and Leicester, near Rearsby and kill him.

Following the attack the gang flee the country and are declared outlaws. Later on in the same year they are in luck as King Edward II is deposed of and put an end to Hugh Dispenser. During the turbulent political years following the Folville gang remains active before leaving there life of crime and joining Edward III's Military expedition in France - one of, Eustace, even ends up being knighted.

As for the place of Sir Rodger Bellere's murder this is understood to be marked by the so-called Folville Cross, a 1 m (3 ft 3 in) high fragment of an ancient crucifix.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

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