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Entries submitted by Brother Steven

A Hunters Fire

A lone hunter warms himself by the fire.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Adalgardis Keep

Nestled along the eastern coastline of the kingdom lies the small village of Adalgardis. The peaceful location is kept safe and secure by the presence of a strong watchtower standing atop a large stone mountain. It is here where Sir Godfrey is making his rounds of inspection of all his coastal fortifications.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Aggressive Neighbors

It would seem that the newly established King Benedict and his latest rival, King Derrick, had coincidentally devised identical battle plans for which to annihilate one another. They attacked at the same time, using the same route, and with the exact same weaponry.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Avremarus Under Siege

Sir Godfrey and his valiant troops desperately hold out against the huge armies of the evil Lord Hugo.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Dimarton Livery Stables

His majesty King Benedict and his trusted friend Lord Godfrey have traveled to the city of Dimarton in the hope of purchasing a fine new war mount from the town's famed livery stables.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

GRÔZ The Giant

Lurking in the depths of the dark forest is the mighty GRÔZ the Giant, the terror of the local countryside! Wielding a massive club and armed with the strength of a hundred bears, none dare oppose him! Or do they? ...

The name GRÔZ means large or big in ancient Germanic.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Jack And The Beanstalk

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread."

After hearing this grim declaration, Jack took to his heels with his prize... the goose that lays golden eggs. Will he escape to bring it home to his widowed mother?

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Lancly Inn

After a long and strenuous year, it was a relief for Lord Godfrey to take a well-earned holiday in the serene countryside of the northern shire.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Outpost Attack

Based on the Kingdoms set of the same name. (7948) Produced in 2010. Remade in 1980's style!

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Poultry Farmers

Trelawney and Son, it says on our door - Turkeys, geese, chickens, and more! We offer the finest of fowl in town, a better selection than anywhere around!
So buy a plump hen, perhaps a fat goose, do come by and look, you surely can't lose!

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Robin of Locksleys Camp

Even Robin Hoods merry men need a day off once in a while.

This was heavily inspired by the
1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Tree-Tromped Tent

After a long day of hiking though the dense forest. Colin and Edmund thought they were unlucky when it was Jack's turn to spend the night in the tent. However, when they awoke to a great crash and their angry friend's hollers, and then pulling poor Jack out from under the great, dead branch, the two realized it was they who had the good fortune.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

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