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Phergy the Podagon
Star 1 IV 07

Megan Rothrock is an AFOL from the Netherlands with a real eye for the artistic. She is also a master at using a wide variety of elements in unique ways, including various Clickits elements. For instance, her Clikiness Monster uses Clikits hairclips and Bionicle kraata as legs, her Pop-o-matic Jellyfish uses Clikits strings as tentacles, her Clikingo uses the narrow Clickits hairclip as a beak, and her uses a Clikits jewlery box as a body. Also check out this great mosaic t-shirt using Clikits icons.

Megan has said that her Podagons are some of her favorite models. She starts out with a drawing that then evolves into the completed dragon. Phergy is a female podagon with an appetite for expensive and shiny things. In addition to Belville, Scala and X-Pod elements she is decorated with Clikits icons and wears a Clikits necklace.

Megan is a member of De Bouwsteen and has displayed her MOCs at LEGO WORLD. You can see all of her creations in her Brickshelf gallery. Be sure to check out a feature article on Megan and her work in issue 6 of BrickJournal.

Game review: LEGO Chic Boutique
Daisy 28 III 07

LEGO Chic Boutique is a new game all about our favorite theme - Clikits! You can download a one hour demo or buy the full version for $19.99 from realarcade.com.

When you first start the game, you are asked to create an avatar to represent you in the game. You can choose hairstyle, color, skin tone, shape of the face, lips, eyes, etc. One limitation is that you can only choose a girl as an avatar, indicating that this game is not truly designed for boys. After creating an avatar you enter the game proper. During game play the screen is split into two halves. On the left side of the screen you see a basic matching game. There is a grid filled with different Clikits elements. Slide these elements left/right or up/down to match sets of three or more. When sets are matched they disappear and the rows above fall into their place (think Tetris). Matching sets does two things for you - it earns you points and also creates new merchandise to sell in your boutique. This brings us to the right half of the screen. On the right side you see a boutique where you will sell Clikits jewelry. At the start you have a simple sidewalk stand, but as you progress you create your own shop which you can decorate to match your own personal style. This half of the screen is remniscent of a scaled down Sims game. You can spend points to add furniture, paint the walls, carpet the floor, etc. Customers come into the store at random seeking merchandise. One frustration I had was that at first I did not know how to restock my merchandise. It turns out that you simply click on the desired item and then continue to complete matches in the left hand side of the screen.

Overall I give this game a 7/10. The matching portion is fast paced and kind of addictive. A critique is that as you focus on the matching you sort of lose track of the boutique on the other side of the screen. It was fun to furnish the boutique, but I also found that at first the choices of furnishings were limited. Early on I accumulated a lot of excess points but had nothing left to purchase for my store as I had already bought all that I could. That said, the sixty minutes of my demo version went by very quickly and left me seriously considering paying for the full-size download.

Weekly Set Review: Fun Friends Hair Bands
Daisy 25 III 07

Join the weekly Classic Clikits set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set wearability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets are true fashion forward and which are simply fads whose time has passed?

This week's set is 4876 Fun Friends Hair Bands.

Fun Friends Hair Bands was released in 2005. It includes eight Clikits icons - hearts, stars and daisies - that you can mix and match to make cool hairbands to tie up ponytails or otherwise accessorize. The hair bands are a standard design, so if one is broken or lost they can be easily replaced. A great addition to this set is the inclusion of a small jewelry box that you can also decorate with Clikits icons.

Spring Flowers
Heart 20 III 07

Amado C. Pinlac is more commonly known as ACPin in the various LEGO forums he frequents. He and his sons have created a large number of very detailed Star Wars dioramas, illustrating key scenes from all of the movies, including a multi-level Death Star layout, a busy Mos Eisley scene covering several baseplates, a speeder chase on Coruscant, and several scenes on Theed and Hoth. ACPin has also posted impressive creations in other themes, such as his Bulls Peak Ice Castle and other castle MOCs. Perhaps less well known, though, is that ACPin is an avid collector of Clikits. Check out his Spring Flowers, where he shows how Clikits elements can be incorporated into System dioramas as decorative elements. These flowers were used in decorating his Jedi Funeral Pyre scene, and you may also notice the liberal use of Clikits in his Felucia Scout Patrol.

ACPin is an active member of several LEGO forums, such as Lugnet, From Bricks to Bothans, and Classic-Castle. All of his creations can be found on his website, and in his Brickshelf gallery.

The Pre-History of Clikits
Star 17 III 07

Many of the current generation of Clikits fans do not reallize that this is not LEGO's first foray into the world of buildable jewelry. Back in 1979 and 1980 LEGO introduced the Scala Jewelry line. These nine sets allowed young LEGO builders to use patterned tiles to decorate bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even a hand mirror. While this series did not continue beyond the initial offerings, it laid the groundwork for today's Clikits line.

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