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We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

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We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby KumpelKante » Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:17 pm

My Girlfriend and Me are very unsatisfied with TLC at the Moment. We already contacted TLC directly often enough so i decided to discuss it here.

It start in january, when my girlfriend ordered 10228 Haunted House at the S@H on my behalf, because she already had collected some vip-points. After some weeks we did not get a set, so my GF called the customer service and the agent told that the set wasn't availible back then (and we are both sure it said availible on Legos homepage) and we have to wait a week or so. After another week or so, my GF had to call the customer service again and this time the agent told that the VIP-points could not be billed properly. So my GF chanceled the purchase in order to order it some time later and use her vip-points. Btw: the customer service agent told us that we are getting something small as a compensation the first time.

After Valentines day i decided to get 10937 Arkham Asylum instead and so we ordered this set and some minifigs and small sets too. After a week we got the minifigs and the small set and the money had been debited too, but there was no 10937 Arkham Asylum. Btw. the vip point had not been billed again (no idea if this was ours or TLCs fault so lets forget about the vip points). After some weeks we called the customer service hotline again and we have been told that the set is not availible again. During the following 3 or 4 weeks the shipping status changed from waiting, not availible and shipped severel times (according to my girlfriend) We also called the hotline several times again, and there have been several connection aborts (we think the customer service agent might have hanged up during the wait loop on purpose)

Finally we were told (a month after we purchased the sets at S@H) by a customer service agent that the set had already been shipped but had been lost in the shipping process. We were told that we are getting our money back and shall order the set another time as soon as we have the money back. (yeah, and not getting an purchased set another time. EAT MY SHORTS!!! i'm going to a lego store if we are buying the set at all).
In the week before easter we had not got our money back so we called the the hotline again and were told that the instruction to transfer the money back had been sent to the accounting just that day (march 28th or so 2013). Now we are still waiting to get our money back (my girlfriend checked last time april 19th and there has been no in-payment)

I thinks that is enough. If the set really got lost during the shipping process it is not TLC's fault, but i am very unpleased TLCs way to deal with this issue. We would not be angry if Lego told us, that the package got lost earlier or at least would have checked this earlier. Also i think we can expect to get money back sooner than 3 weeks, if we did not get, what we paid for.

To be fair i still want to have 10937 Arkham Asylum (but that might change soon-depends on TLC reaction) but befor we go to our local Lego store in cologne and buy it there, or buy lego products in general, we want our money back and an official response from TLC.

As you might guess we already contacted TLC directly already (often enough here). Now what do you think? Am I overreacting? Did you have similar experience? What would you do in our place? Feel free to comment.

@admins, mods and ambassadors: if you or tlc needs more information to solve the case, just send me a pm
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby andhe » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:48 am

Do you mind me asking, where do you live? And what S@H did you order from?
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby mencot » Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:46 pm

I read about your problem on EB, thats really bad and bad luck
I have always gotten good, if not great customer service when contacting TLG. So no complains about the finnish and swedish C.S. but this is maybe area specific.
But hopefuly everything will work out well
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby Str0ngbad » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:10 am

I've not had any similar experience; I have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service. The only problem I've had is getting the proper cape for my Elrond fig but that actually worked to my benefit. They sent me wrong capes three times before finally sending me the proper one so I got five capes instead of one. :eyebrows:
The suggestion that someone gave you over on EB to call your credit card company or bank is a good one. I had a little problem with Skype a year or so ago; going in circles for a couple of weeks. I called my bank and the problem was fixed in a day. It sounds like you have been patient and understanding. It's really unfortunate it still hasn't been resolved and I hope this experience doesn't sour you on LEGO. You're like that one person that gets food poisoning from the cleanest restaurant in town... :?
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby KumpelKante » Fri May 10, 2013 4:13 pm

Update from april, 25th : Thanks for your commentaries.

Lego already has sent us a letter in wich they apology for everything and promise to sent a replacement and give us a big discount for the whole purchase. (in other words we are getting arkham asylum for less than a half of the original price)

I think the problem is going to be solved soon

Update from today: still no arkham asylum and still (as far as i know) no money back.
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby KumpelKante » Mon May 13, 2013 12:02 pm

Update: my Girlfriend called the Customer Service this morning, and was told that our set finally left the depot today and the money is going to be remitted.

I'm still curious when my set arrives and sadly if it will arrive.

Besides it is two weeks ago that a supervisor of the customer service apologied and promissed they were sending replacement. i expected that the set would leave the depot in 2-3 days after our last contact with customer servise.
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby KumpelKante » Wed May 22, 2013 10:41 pm

ANother Update:

We had to call the customer service again, and my girlfriend mentioned my angry posts i did on facebook a few days ago, and my contact with alyssa lego and the Team Leader of the customer service. The woman at the hotline told us that the order is in progess and we had to be patient because we were getting the set für 75% off. REMEMBER: Last tuesday we were told that the package already left the depot. (at least that is what i understood)

I am really pissed off, when i am told that the package left the depot, i expect to recieve it within a week. AAAAAAND I feel personally insulted by the customer agent.

What do you think about the issue. Have you any advice, because customer service apperantly does not work
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Re: We are frustrated by TLC's customer service

Postby Lil_Curt » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:46 pm

Fortunitly i have never had a problem like you describe. I hope it all got sorted out and hopefully this was just a mater of poor comunication on their systems end. Every company has this from time to time an it is always unfortunite when we happen to be the ont this happens to.

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