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building a collection disscusion thread

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building a collection disscusion thread

Postby Lil_Curt » Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:31 am

Ok guys this topic has been disscused in various ways in vairous threads but i have seen no one thread where this is disscused exclusivly. So her it goes,

I would like to open a disscussion on how you build your collection an what sets you use and why. Heres the thing, i know some people here have been building and collecting for years, in some case's decades! I am recently coming out of my " dark ages" an have since gotten into castle. Now i have used the kingdoms joust, helms deep, etc as bases to my colection. But what are some other sets?

I know Sschmidt recomends Chima as good castle builders, but why schmidt? What are the sets you have gotten an why do the work? I look at the chima sets and just dont see any good pieces, or any in the right color that i can justify spending the money for a set.

Bruce, i know you say to budget for one midsized kit a month an before we know it the collection will be growing. But what is considered a midsized kit? A $20, $30, $40 set, or a $60-100 set?

I also use bricklink quite regularly, but limit it to parts i need an not what I want. If I got what I wanted then I would deffinitly be spending way to much every month. To the master builders out there, what are your favorite sets to buy for castle mocs an why? Whats your favorite sets to get rock work from?

I know lots of questions but this is a disscusion so lets get the ball rolling!


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Re: building a collection disscusion thread

Postby OverLoad » Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:30 pm

A favorite small set of mine (unfortunately not on shelves anymore) is 7949 Prison Carriage Rescue from the 2010 Kingdoms wave. As a Castle set, it's a simple one, a carriage with a horse and 3(!) minifigures. I think it's great to build up one's collection, especially in the realm of Castle. You get three minifigures, as well as a horse, a few shields and swords, and the actual parts of the carriage can be put to good use (grates, cheese slopes in various colors, wheels). I personally own 13 copies of 7949! :D

So, if you want to bulk up using small sets my suggestion would be either that set or it's 2013 equivalent, 70400 Forest Ambush. It features 4(!!!) minifigures and a dog, as well as some landscaping parts and a small cart (with a treasure chest!). It's a bit more expensive than 7949 was, at $10.99 MSRP opposed to 7949's $9.99 MSRP, but it's still on shelves and probably will be until the next wave (if there is one) of Castle sets appears.

You mentioned Bricklink, and that's a great source for buying spare parts as well as large quantities of parts. I would say buy a lot of bley bricks, of all shapes and sizes. Many people say "buy 1x2s, you can build entire castles out of them!" but IMO, I like to have a wide variety of different sized bricks at my disposal. If you have access to a LEGO store, I would suggest checking out the Pick A Brick wall there. All of the LEGO stores I've been to have a plethora of green plates, tan plates, grass and leaf pieces on display, and a small cupful (or large cupful) of plant parts is always helpful.

Hope this helps!
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Re: building a collection disscusion thread

Postby Gakusei » Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:34 pm

I use a variety of ways to build my collection.

First, I look at what my collection goals are as well as my current projects. I look at what I need to finish those projects.

Second, I try to buy sets that provide as many pieces for my project as possible. In the days of money, I'd buy some sets just for a few pieces (though I always have use for the others)

Third, I utilize Lego's pick-a-brick, but that can get expensive fairly quickly. I also utilize bricklink.

To start out my castle collection, I bought a three of the $99.99 sets, plus spend hundreds on the other sets. I did the same for the pirates. I also bought other sets that interested me that had nothing to do with any projects I had.

Alas now I just get whatever set I can, usually the cheaper sets as money is tight. I fill the gaps with Lego's pick a brick or bricklink. For instance, for 1x2s, I will spent $15 for 100 of them on Lego. Do that for a few months, you'll have enough for a small project.
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