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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Postby Bruce N H » Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:02 am

Hey all,

We were in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Amish country) for the last few days as a short vacation between Christmas and New Years. Today we went for a ride on the Strasburg Railroad, a restored late-1800's steam engine, and spent time in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. It was really fun, and if you're into old trains I highly recommend it (my 4-year-old son in particular enjoyed it). Anyway, the thing to make it relevant to post here is that while much of the museum had lots of old restored engines and railcars, there was a section that had lots of model train layouts, including a huge LEGO train layout. Both the LEGO and the normal layouts were very interactive - you could turn switches to run the trains, make cranes go up and down, other moving parts, plus there was a big wooden train layout, a LEGO building table, other toy train stuff you could play with - I think my kids could have spent ten hours just in that little section.

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