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CCCXI: Fantasy Castle Fig: Feline Fatale

Discussion of custom parts made for the Castle Theme

CCCXI: Fantasy Castle Fig: Feline Fatale

Postby tomcatrio » Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:45 am

My second entry for the Fantasy Castle minifig

The idea came from the Elder Scrolls game, where there is a race called the Khajitt, a feline-based humanoid race. I decided to go for a forested theme with green and brown as principal colours.


Head – I used two Friends heads, one for the smiling face, and the other a angry roar. Painted nose and whiskers. This is because one does not simply have two side printing on a Friends head unlike normal lego heads. I added plumes ( 64647) to the Friends hairpiece, and after some sculpting, it became a ear , with some leafy pendants.

Torso: a Skeleton torso was used, and boobs were added from using two levers (4592c02) which were further sculpted with putty for a smooth gradient. Shoulder pads were from Brickforge pauldrons, the chest armour were from Brickwarriors RT Armour, with the sides made from the winged helmet of Chima eagle (part 12549pb04) The waist was fattened up with a 1x1 stud split in half, and puttied smoothly.

Arms are from a skeleton arm and standard minifig arm mashed together, with a Brickforge vanbrace, and leather crisscross net painted on.

Waist is actually a heavily modified Brickforge Elven armour, with pauldrons for the skirting. The center groin was replaced with a green gemstone (30153). Two studs on the inside provide attachment for levers for the legs. A Brickwarrior Gladiator skirt form the back of the skirting.

Rachelle's tail, is made from the ponytail of a Brickwarrior Assassin Mask. (What?!)

Legs- the thigh and knee are made from lever pieces. The fleshy part of the thigh is actually a segment of a minifig french loaf (Part 4342), sealing the sticks of the lever, and sculpted to shape.
A lego head forms the shin and the shin armour is a Brickforge Gladiator visor piece.

Rachelle carries a vast arsenal of weapons.
1. A double sided spear, using two Brickwarrior Scimitars, repainted with green leaf and fern motifs on the hilts using a very fine brush.
2. A pair of repainted Brickwarrior assassin daggers are sheathed at her calf, with the scabard made from masking tape and painted with a leaf emblem.
3. A minifig snow ski (6120) YES from the Ice Planet series. Was looped-wrapped in duct tape, to form the scabbard for a pair of fighting knives (Elf knifes from the Mirkwood Spider attack set)
4. A quiver was made from (a most unfortunate) pirates Parrot, who was glued to a 1x1 cone to lengthen the quiver, then secured and tied with string to a Brickwarrior Gladiator Pauldron. A Brickwarrior Scytian Bow restringed with real Lego string finished the set, and the whole things was painted and detailed with Fern and leaf patterns.

Lastly, the White tigress is from Duplo. Repainted over, including stripes, eyes, whiskers and all.
The saddle is actually a Hero Factory Chest armour (90652) repainted in green. Whisker's helmet is made from a Horse helmet split down the center, and a Chima sword (part 11103) to form the center.


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Re: CCCXI: Fantasy Castle Fig: Feline Fatale

Postby mpoh98 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:36 pm

Wow, this is crazy customizing! Great work!
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Re: CCCXI: Fantasy Castle Fig: Feline Fatale

Postby Aeridian » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:32 pm

Neat! If you hadn't said she was a Khajiit I probably would have guessed that she was a Wood Elf. It's still a pretty great job.
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