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Greetings my lords!

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Re: Greetings my lords!

Postby Kosh » Mon May 28, 2012 4:04 am

From what i can tell a big reason you don't find much Kingdoms is they stopped shipping from LEGO a while before last Christmas. I'd have gotten more of the second wave sets if they had been available longer... But that's the price we pay for LOTR, although I'm not sure I wanted to pay said price, while they look neat and will be good parts fodder for castle it just NOT Castle, it's LOTR.

Most places that still have Kingdoms are likely the one that either don't have 'decent' sales in any or are places most folks don't think 'I can buy my LEGO there'. If I think hey I want to go look at LEGO sets i think, TRU, Target, Wal-Mart my local LEGO store etc, not say Barnes and Noble or Microcenter or Aldi's or where-ever. While I know these places carry LEGO, some of them seasonally, they are rarely my first stop.....
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Re: Greetings my lords!

Postby Tria » Mon May 28, 2012 10:01 pm


Yes.. of course you have right about that... Kingdoms are already old and out of production :( and every store prepare the lego shelves for the new LOTR. I only find two small sets of kingdoms in a kind of a "lego shop"... Still I have the impression that for medieval theme toys in Germany, playmobil, schleich and papo (german brands) rule! Lego are very popular amongst children, but somehow when we speak about knights and castles lego isnt so popular... On the other side thats good, because it would be easier to find lego medieval themes cheaper.
about LOTR...
really overpriced! I Like the sets, especially the new detailed minifigs, but I wont pay these prices.. I will be waiting to score some of them in ebay... Really hope to find a wholesale oportunity as I did for the kingdoms line... or win in some auctions about used ones...Fortunately right now I am busy building the army of black falcons, lions, dragons and crownies and therefore not in a hurry for lotr)
I hope that lego medieval theme would appear again soon (as new kingdoms lionsvsdragons or reappear of black falcons or crusaders or wolfband) and we wont have only new overpriced LOTR sets for the next years... At least, LEGO should consider releasing the lotr and medieval theme parallel..
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