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Postby Kingdoms » Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:24 am

Photo: not available
Nickname: Admin
Name: Andrea
Surname: Reboldi
Years: 28
Place of birth: Brescia (Italy)
Education: Diploma in electronics and telecommunications, graphic developer and webmaster, I would like to further his studies in programming
Job Title: food business operator
Hobbies: Middle Ages, medieval re-enactment, numismatics, fantasy, LEGO, electronic games, artwork, books, drums and more ..
Alternative activities: Civil protection in my country
Psychological profile: Calm and perfectionist
Breakfast: 7/10
Castle series favorite: Kingdoms
Favorite historical period: Roman and Renaissance
Pets: 1 cat
Name: Bingy
Surname: I assume Reboldi
Aspirations: to live a quiet life, to have a happy family, visit beautiful places and smile often
Other: You can write all that I have not mentioned, I have only aggiungre that I live alone, my father died a few years ago, my grandmother is very ill and my mom has many problems, so I am left alone, I really believe in God and I love pizza I wish you much happiness!

Can I propose a propose a link exchange with my site as it is the same thing?
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