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Fellow LEGO enthusiast loses collection . . .

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Fellow LEGO enthusiast loses collection . . .

Postby bronx » Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:14 pm

I believe this is the correct section for something like this, and if not, I hope the proper authorities will move it to where it belongs or to where this will be seen.

As the subject mentions, one of our follow community members, Ash / acrosswaves, recently lost their LEGO collection to some of the disastrous weather events occurring in the Philippines this year. He made mention of his family's misfortune here.

Having known loss of all sorts under myriad circumstances, I felt something in regards to his dilemma. While I cannot replace his home, I can replace some of his collection.

With that said, I plan to begin putting a box together of parts and minifigures to send his way. I will be looking to ship somewhere between the last week of August and the first week of September (in three to four weeks). I invite anyone willing or interested in aiding a fellow fan of LEGO to send something his way, via directly or through me with a personalized note which I will pack away along with my own gift.

Even the smallest contribution of parts or minifigs is sure to go an incredibly long way considering his loss of everything, and as the great community I know us to be I think it's a small gesture and the least we can do.

I thank all of you for your time regarding this matter.
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