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thoughts on troll's mountain fortress

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Re: thoughts on troll's mountain fortress

Postby andhe » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:02 pm

chump wrote:Sorry, to pump life into this years old thread, but this I thought deserved a mention of what the Troll Mountain's Fortress should have been (had you bought two and were named Hiffie) ... XLM12Hpq2Y

I saw this on eurobricks a couple of weeks ago, and it was what stirred my to try and buy a copy of the set to maybe do something similar.

Having bought one cheaply on ebay I was surprised at how flimsy the original build was. There's hardly anywhere that you can hold it to move it, without pieces breaking off, or it dashing to the floor. A baseplate would have been really helpful... and a desgin more along the lines of this one in the video.

I am amazed that this is only two sets combined as it seems to be a lot more of a solid build even without the movable wall, there seems to be a ton of pieces used in the mountain and interior.

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