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Weekly Set Review: Troll Warrior

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Troll Warrior

Postby DaleDVM » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:04 pm

Strangely I just opened my copies of this set last week. They had been sitting unopened for over a year with my battlepacks waiting for mobilization of the troll armies. :wink:

I built one cart just to take a look and eeks it was horrible. Like others have said, my first thought was what is this thing supposed to be? A medieval rocket launcher i guess?

As an army builder I was not very interested in getting more than one or two of these due to the lack of a shield. However, for $1.50 at my local lego store I ended up buying 30 of them. My cup overfloweth with spears, wheels, and rats. The scimitar and helmet have grown on me over time and I certainly like the troll figure. If only the trolls had a variety of heads...

Overall it was a lackluster effort for an impulse set IMHO. Especially considering how good "The Knight" impulse was.
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