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Weekly Set Review: Court Jester

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Re: Weekly Set Review

Postby Kevin1990 » Thu May 06, 2010 12:14 am

Jojo wrote:Hello!

Kevin1990 wrote:Its also already for sale in german lego shops
Which I herewith confirm. I got one today.
As others have said it's not the most impressive set you will ever see, but that's not the point in impulse sets anyway. For me the sheer existence of a civilianish* set like this is a cause for joy. Non-military life gets another chance with Lego Castle. Put this jester's stage into your Mediaeval Market Village and have your peasants enjoy some fun!

*) Civilian-ish: The jester likely bears the colours of the Kingdom he's a subject to. Thus he is kind of in uniform.


Opened one today... great stuff love the minifig but to be honest I bought a few more then one set.. but its not that great to keep more then one.

Again I think its ashamed they chose the colour red on white instead of something else. other then that well. Dont really have much to say about it.. I am very pleased with the set.. I do like the golden flag.. but well.. one is enough for me
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Court Jester

Postby Webrain » Sat May 08, 2010 11:30 am

Ben don't I need to get it first to review it?
anyhow like every impulse set it's a very way to get a fig you wanted and right now
the jester is a pretty rare fig so great
as for the rest of the bricks ah we'll find what to do with them as always:)
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