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Weekly Set Review: Knight's Stronghold

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Postby Slobey » Tue Jun 06, 2006 1:13 pm

This set seems to have sentimentality attatched to it for lots of people, myself included. I had a large collection before my dark ages but this set and Kings Mountain Fortress always had a special something for me.

Unfortunatly I sold it during my dark ages and have only just managed to get hold of another copy :) The pleasure of putting this set together and seeing the end result is something I'll never get from the new stuff.

As far as Lego having prisons in every set, I think it enhances playability, especially for children who don't get new sets that often. Take this set for instance, a child could have hours of fun capturing and imprisoning the Black Falcons with the other one trying to break him out. For those of us with lots of sets they seem like a waste of space but not for a child geting his first castle set.
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Postby dJOLe_sk8 » Wed Jun 07, 2006 7:24 pm

Black Knifghts...oh,they were beautiful...and everything included with the Black falcon knights...and that lovely catapult...

I do not own this set,and I can say that it isn't 10/10-good for itself alone...but I can just imagine couple of these with black monarch's castle...WOW

However,it can't be compared to KK2...
Please LEGO bring back something like this was....(Does anybody from LEGO actually read this... :? )
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