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review: 30062

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review: 30062

Postby lord_of_orks » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:10 am

30062 archery practice
this set is a free bonus that you get when you spend 75+ at lego shop@home
set information
age: 5-12

let me apologies in advance for the bad pics, my camera has been giving me trouble
now on to the review.
like most small sets this one come in a bag
it comes with a free child admission ticket to legoland California
parts of interest
I don't know if you can tell from the pic but I think that's a new head
your standard lion knight archer nothing to special here
the two apples are nice editions but the tree it self is a little plane.the target is held up by two dark brown telescopes
whole set
the crate of spears is nice, but I don't know what's up with the chicken
playability: 6/10 would have been better with a dragon knight, there's only so much you can do with one minifig
build: 2/10 what can you expect for a set this small :roll:
parts: 10/10 lot of good stuff here
overall: 18/30

P.S. pleas tell me what you think of this review
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Re: review: 30062

Postby Kosh » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:11 am

You asked for feedback!

First, the set.
I like it, I feel it is a great value for a polybag set. It has a nice selection of parts and good looks.
According to Bricklink ... pb405&in=S that head is used in 14 sets, 5 of them Kingdoms, but all are from 2010 and 2011.
I cannot think of any polybag sets that have ever had 2 minifig's in them, they may exist, but would be rare. I don't knock this set at ALL for only having one, I'm just happy the archer has a quiver to go with the crossbow, I think I'd have been more impressed if the archer would have had a 'real' bow verus the crossbow but that's my preference.

Second, the review itself.
Now I'm not trying to slam you, you actually went out of your way to DO the review and that's more than I've done with my copies of this set.....
I'm going to point out some stuff that could be improved or done differently (remember you asked for feedback)
Assuming the camera issues are in the focusing and not the flash I'll leave comments about the focus aside.

It's uneven in a number of the pictures and varies from picture to picture as well. If possible photographs of LEGO work better with even-indirect lighting versus having bright spots from direct lights or the flash (it tends to get shiny and have glare). It can be hard to light correctly without acquiring some sort of photography lighting products. Those could be diffusers of some sort in front of regular or photography lights or even a lightbox, some of the best LEGO shots I've seen were done in a light box, there are plans out there that tell you how to make your own for little money or you can find commercially made ones. Than again other folks do fine (and take good shots without ever hearing of a lightbox).

Or what's in the shot and how you framed it. A number of the photographs have the subject matter tilted within the frame of the shot in relation to the borders. That tends to be distracting. Also the fact the polybag is fairly wrinkled as are the instructions also distract from the content. Speaking of the instructions, rotating them so they were 'upright' would help their presentation a lot. I'd suggest smoothing these type of items out in the future, if necessary put them under a large flat book or other heavy object for a day or three beforehand.
Your 'tree' photo x061.jpg looks like a crop of the photo used right afterward the 'whole set' x060.jpg, it would present better if you had either taken a separate shot OR cropped the crates-o-spears along with the minifig and chicken/cookfire parts.
I also would be more interested in the loose parts if they were arranged/presented in a more organized pile.

You did a nice job overall in doing your shoot on a white background though a couple of photographs have some distractions where it appears different pieces of paper meet and overlap.

I feel your the content of your writing expresses your viewpoint well , it could use a few more capital letter and periods (aka punctuation).

Yes, it's a big block of text, it has a number points that I feel you could improve on, but as I said before, you asked for feedback :)
It's NOT a bad review, it's not the 'best' review I've ever seen either, it DOES however get your point across.
Even though I own the set, I appreciate you taking the time to do the review, my feedback is not meant to be criticisms but truely the feedback you asked for.

Good Job.
Build? I merely Acquire atm.
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Re: review: 30062

Postby lord_of_orks » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:33 pm

thank you for the feed back :) I am planing to do another review soon and I will try to improve upon the things you have mentioned.
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