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Re: Faction Naming

Postby Redav » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:43 am

I used to call the golden age factions Eagle Crest, Lion Crest and Dragon Crest.

Thanks for sharing Jojo. I happened to come across that set online recently when I was seaching for something and didn't realise what it contained.
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Re: Faction Naming

Postby Bentoft » Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:32 am

This is how I have always seen the fractions:

Hoboman wrote:I went a 180 from this. I figured the Dragon Knights are all still Dragon Knights. The Lion Knights are still Lion Knights. Maybe different times and eras but they are the same.

And I would love to see a family tree of the royal lion family. From the first king (one of the knights from 6080) to the king in 7946, and a description of the different eras / relation to other fractions.
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Re: Faction Naming

Postby Elbadar » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:30 pm

While I generally stick with standard names on CC so that people know what I'm talking about, I've come up with unique names for alomst every faction.

Crusaders/80s lion knights=Ceneth/The Cenian Empire (with C as in S, not C as in K)
Black Falcons=Faldreth/The Kingdom of Faldreth
90s Royal Knights combined with Kingdoms Lions=Rygon/The Kingdom of Rygon (they are different divisions though, and at times go head to head against one another)
Dragon Masters=Dragonia/Kingdom of Dragonia
All other dragon factions, plus the fright knights, combined=Berga/The Bergan Empire (each faction represents a heraldicly distinct army within the empire)
KK1=Examay/The City-State of Examay
KK2 Lions=Mages/The Mages Guild
KK2 Bears=Nithane/The Nithanian Empire
KK2 Scorpions=Azriah/The Kingdom of Azriah (all other KK2 factions omitted/incinerated)
Crown Knights=Camtara/The Camtran Empire

I also have various factions made by combining viking sheilds with generic torsos, and one made out of the durmstrag torsos from Harry Potter sets, but those are my names for the main factions + KK2.
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Re: Faction Naming

Postby dyntar » Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:57 am

I also stick with the original names that I grew up with.
Lion Crest = crusader/lion faction.
Eagle Crest = lead by a knight called the Black Falcon
Black Dragons = these are the Black knights. one of the first sets I got was called Black Dragon castle.. so I called them Black Dragons
Green Dragons = the dragon masters [I only have a few of them]
I only have a few batlords , a bull and maybe 3 royal knights so I haven't bothered to name those factions.
I don't have any of KK2.
Crown knights for the few I have.
the new factions I call the Dark Dragons and the Red Lions.

because I stopped buying Lego after the Black knights were discontinued and really came out of my dark age when the Kingdoms line started. I just figure that the new Lions and Dragons are still the same faction as the original factions but a few generations later.
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Re: Faction Naming

Postby richardanthonyc » Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:04 pm

boses wrote:I call the Black Falcons the Silver Ravens...

As a kid I always called them Eagle knights and still do.

Yes I know I am wrong :lol:
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Re: Faction Naming

Postby Gothano » Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:07 pm

Everything is allowed...

and I also prefer to keep the original names like crusaders, black falcon, skoripions, vikings for the big factions etc...

But some factions I creat for my own as mostly realistic factions...

CC become a city guard faction
Stag knights were created from Forestman (a robber faction and not on a Kings side), forestman minifigs are my farmers and not fighting population
Wolf knights came from Wolfpack as a second robber faction
Black dragon knights and green dragon knights I put together as dragon knights and to separate them from the new green dragon knights (2010)
Freight knights I dispand, use the red and grey bat lord torso (f.e. for black dragon knight ladys, burgess ladys) and create a danish sea marauder (black minfig torso) and a mongolean bat horde (bat shilds and skeletons weapon, also arabic elements)
KK1 changed to the spanisch bull knights (looks amazing within the PoP fortress)
From KK2 I separate as mercenary knights (fighting for money) and separating the purple wolf knights as a druid leaded mystic faction
Troll wariors become human as the skull faction (slav faction)
Dwarfs and skeletons were disband and mine used for medieval mine workers (
Keep Gold crown knights as second opposition King knights to the red and white Royal knights King
Kingdoms red and white knights become a baron faction as a cousin of the Royal knight King
I create a tournament faction from collectible minifig to join all warriors that are not apply to one of my factions, as a second mercenary knight faction and to support tournament (keep the "A Knight’s Tale" movie in mind)

Every faction were lead by a named Lord, his Lady and their knights and only two Kings (gold crown vs. royal knight) fighting for the crown (to much Kings were made by TLG! :? ). All factions join one of both parties without the foreign factions like vikings, mongolean, slav, hispanics, danish and the not fighting population (farmers, workers and citizen), they were neutral or joining for money.

No dragons, skelettons and trolls allowed. Only driuds and witches were suffer (not by the Church but by me :wink: )...this are my rules :wave:
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