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Harry Potter Durmstrang Ship 4768 - Black Falcon shield?

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Re: Harry Potter Durmstrang Ship 4768 - Black Falcon shield?

Postby captainamerica » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:21 am

Owen wrote:Are there any other examples of classic heraldry being reused in bley-era sets?

Not quite the same, but the classic space logo was reuesed/modified in a Space Police set as a statue and reworked onto a jacket design torso used widely in the City Series (it even comes in classic red and I think white). Also the second Blacktron symbol was used in a Space Police set and in the Minifigure collection Cyborg/Space Villain. So it's not an unheard of practice for TLG,in the 2000s, to reuse previously created design elements. Perhaps to help maintain copyrights/trademarks? or an appeal to AFOLS to buy newer sets?
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Re: Harry Potter Durmstrang Ship 4768 - Black Falcon shield?

Postby Bruce N H » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:39 pm

Good examples. As I noted above, I think these are Easter eggs for AFOLs, probably driven by the fact that the designers themselves were fans of that older theme. It's like when Mark Stafford worked a tribute to Nnenn into a set.

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Re: Harry Potter Durmstrang Ship 4768 - Black Falcon shield?

Postby architect » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:35 am

I agree with Bruce. Classic space does get a lot of love from LEGO designers. But we castle fans got an updated black falcon shield in the kingdom's joust set, a variety of classic figs in vintage minifigure sets, castle figs in TRU bricktober magnet figs, and cool collectable minifigs (Robin Hood, etc). So while it would be awesome for TLG to make a forestman keychain or a black falcon hat, this AFOL is pretty happy. Of course not everyone has their sigfig mostly recreated by LEGO. Thanks! :wink:

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