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Weekly Set Review: Dark Dragon's Den

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dark Dragon's Den

Postby Formendacil » Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:03 pm

theboywarrior wrote:Isn't bringing up old posts rather frowned on???

Bringing up old posts is a complicated matter. Since common sense is perhaps lacking more than it is present, we tend to say "don't bring up old posts" as a general rule. However, it's not that simplistic.

Basically, as a courtesy to the other users on this forum, we do not want people bringing up a whole bunch of really old posts to the top of the forum, thereby shoving all the newer posts that deserve some attention down out of sight. Beyond this simple courtesy, however, there's really nothing in the etiquette of being a forum user that says you shouldn't add to an old topic, if you have something worthwhile to say.


Take very special note of that last clause: "something worthwhile to say." Before you post on an old topic, you should always consider the following things:

1.) Is this topic about something that is still worth talking about?

For example, if you dig back to 2004, when this forum was much younger, you'll find lots of posts about the colour change (old greys and browns to new greys and browns), as well as a lot of posts bemoaning the design and aesthetic of the KK2 sets. These topics were thoroughly talked to death, and are no longer relevant in any way. It's been over 6 years now, and KK2 is no longer in stores, nor is old grey likely to ever come back and replace new grey.

In the case of Weekly Set Reviews, such as this, they are considered somewhat "timeless," and in fact Architect reposts them to the front page as the set review of the week at times. Adding to these topics is always acceptable--though we ask, again, that a user does not glut the top of the forum with every set review they can find. One or two at a time is more than enough.

2.) Are you adding something to this topic?

This is where most necroposting goes wrong--usually, even newbies know better than to bring up something like "I just found Santis sets in my TRU!" sorts of topics. However, all too often they'll bring up an old thread and add one line--or even one word!--to the effect of "yeah, that's so true!" or "I disagree, that's wrong." While it's great that someone is still reading those old conversations and thus making use of some much-neglected pages of the forum, the rest of us don't want to see that old conversation unless you're actually adding something to it that's worth reading. If you aren't sure that what you're adding is something other people might find interesting to read, don't post it. If all you're adding is simple agreement or disagreement, don't post it. Even if you're saying something longer than a word or two, or a line or two, is it something that's actually new? If someone's already said it before, don't post it.

Again, as a general rule, you can always stay on the safe side by not bringing up old posts. However, with a healthy dose of common sense, there's nothing wrong with bringing up old posts. If the topic is still worth talking about, and if you're actually adding to it, we're generally quite happy to read what you have to say.

~Michael A. Joosten - Moderator
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dark Dragon's Den

Postby ezehogan » Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:42 am

I find it ironic that this thread has been resurrected while there is a nice discussion about the decline of Lego castle ongoing. Certainly there is a correlation between this set and the decline of Lego castle. Therefore, it is only fitting that this set's review would be brought to the forefront.

Throughout the 1980's and into the early 1990's Lego Castle maintained a high level of quality, with many sets continuing to surpass their predecessors until the theme reached its zenith in 1992 with the masterful 6086 Black Knight's Castle. In my eyes 1992 was when Lego Castle reached the peak of the hill.

As the calendar turned to 1993 and the Dragon Masters were introduced, we began to see Lego Castle descend down the other side of the slope. This series and those that followed would usher in a dramatic slide in set design until things bottomed out with the Fright Knight's and ultimately the end of the Castle line (for a time).

For me personally, the Dragon Masters are a mixed bag. Some of the sets seemed adequate, while others left much to be desired. I was still a child when they were introduced so I did yearn for some of the sets, but even back then I could tell that the design had taken a step back from previous years.

This set is certainly a step back. While not a *bad* set it certainly isn't a good set either. As far as castle is concerned this is the first higher priced set that I think fell short. The designers got too lazy with the BURP pieces and to me it looks like a big hollow mess. I had the Fire Breathing Fortress while a friend of mine had this set. Aside from the round staircase, there was nothing about this set that I found particularly worth while. I found it to be a cheaper alternative to the decent Fire Breathing Fortress.

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dark Dragon's Den

Postby Heir of Black Falcon » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:08 pm

I actually liked this set very much. I do really wish TLC at the time had done more to use less of the massive huge rock pieces but as we can see it is not fully entrenched, so here is the set that started it all. For good or bad. Just seemed liked they could have done more with smaller parts and more of them, add to the creations possible

That said a fair number of people and animals as well as a fun little set.

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