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PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:15 pm
by Jojo

I bet no one will read or care about this post :D

You are obviously wrong.

If you give him the black sword, a black saddle, and flag, it would look awsome (Too bad there isn't a BF sheild with black trim :wink: ).

Oohhh! By bringing up this topic you remind me of another sin I committed: I painted the rim of the shield black....

I feel like dirt.



PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:40 pm
by medib
I thought that this set is really neat. It is definitely a good
set. The canopy looks a bit out of place, and the guard is
a bit spoiled... :wink:

The black-shirted mounted soldier is an added bonus.
This small set is sooo much cooler than the stuff coming out

Wake Up... LEGO... time to smell the roses and put out castle sets that children will actually enjoy playing with and that Adults will enjoy collecting.

Benjamin Medinets

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:22 pm
by Mr. D
A very nice little set. I do wonder why the canopy is red, but I don't think it looks out of place.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:38 pm
Jojo wrote:Hello!Oohhh! By bringing up this topic you remind me of another sin I committed: I painted the rim of the shield black....

I feel like dirt.

Fortunately confession is good for the soul Jojo.. I think the lego community has seen the repentence in your heart.
If you truly want to make it right however please send me a yellow castle and all is forgiven... :D


PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:46 am
by Webrain

Jojo wrote:

For some reason I always thought this set was part of a joust scene, as an addition to 6021 perhaps.

yeah well unfortunately by 1987 (in Israel 1988) when that set introduced 6021 was long gone.

I never thought the red colour of the canopy was inappropriate for the Black Falcons but it matched the red arch over the gate of the Knight's Castle 6073 very well. Of course a correspondending set for the Lion Knights would have been nice.

Yeah well I have a weekness to the Blue/White combination (guess why?)

Unfortunatelly the mysterious black knight (there is no tournament imaginable without a black knight) is not wearing a cape.

True. Other knight's like the 2 knights in 6021 and the knight from 6061 didn't have capes also.

This black knight made Todd Lehman call this set a "Black Knights" set. That's definitely wrong.

Of course.

Dragon Master wrote:

a black saddle, and flag

TLC never used black saddles with black horses, white saddles with white horses and brown saddles with brown horses.

The Black flag wasn't available till 1998 or so.

I bet no one will read or care about this post

Prediction failed:)


PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:35 am
Great little set. :) 8/10. I wish I had one. But since I do not have this set, I decided to built a different version of this set. :D


PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:45 am
by TwoTonic Knight
I managed to get ahold of two of these sets for decent prices - I just love the tents. It's something that would be part of a tournament, but has gone missing in action for the longest time in the Castle world.

Castle gaurd

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 5:26 pm
by legodude101
Nice little set.Wish i had one.Good army builder for the Blackfalcons.
Go to the shop and a huge amount of these and you'll have a huge Blackfalcon army. :twisted:

By the way what is TLC. :?

The eye is near.The end has come. :twisted:

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 6:01 pm
by Webrain

legodude101 wrote:

By the way what is TLC.

TLC = the LEGO company

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:37 pm
by Formendacil
Hmm... looks like we had a rave-fest going on here. Well, let me jump on the bandwaggon!

A nice, colourful little set- a rarity in a world of blacks and greys, this set comes with an ever-useful Black Falcon spearsman, as well as the mysterious Black Falcon knight, who surely must be considered the closest of TLC's official knights to the iconic "Black Knight" of medievally-related myth.

Parts: 8/10
Playability: 8/10
Figs/Accessories: 8.5/10
Design (then): 8/10
Design (now): 9/10
Nostalgia: 7.5/10

Overall Score: 8.17/10

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:45 pm
by Maedhros
A black feather!!! Must have....

Very nice little set actually, as many have pointed out, I wish they did sets like these nowadays.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 9:37 am
by Nick
Yes, it's very good! looks to be quite useful in a caslte kingdom.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:59 pm
by TheOrk
This a great little army and base builder set. It comes with a good selection of minifig and one the old tents. It's jsut to bad I wasn't around in that time period :wink:


Minifigs: 8/10




PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 9:13 am
by Nick
Design: 9/10
playability: 5/10
minifigs: 9/10
weapons: 8/10
nostalgia: ----

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:23 am
by Blueandwhite
Awsome set!

Simple as that. I loved sets that added colour to an otherwise dreary castle world. The idea of a tournament was always appealing, and adds excitement to the castle theme. This set was definitely one I remember fondly.

Actually, given the colourful dress of the KKII figs, you would think that something like this would be appropriate. Each Knight with a coloured canopy and a squire would be a must buy for me. Even if I don't care for the figs, the tents would definitely bring back memories.