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Re: Planning your MOC

Postby Shadowviking » Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:43 pm

I've tried to draw sketches and plans and the like for MOCs and it never works out (sometimes it changes for the better, when it doesn't get abandoned anyway). I'm rubbish at keeping to a reference, or at least to my own reference.
Still, even when I don't end up following the picture, this still helps sometimes- especially for scale.

I've also wondered about throwing together a quick scrappy version of the basic, intended shape in Google Sketchup. But I haven't tried that yet.
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Re: Planning your MOC

Postby Sir_Darc » Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:32 am

I usually draw something, like some others have mentioned. You don't need to be elaborate at first, just sketch out what important features you want, hills, buildings, important landmarks, etc. Next step is to see how big your collection really is. In theory, you could either take a small piece at a time or reduce the scale. (Microscale it!)

In reality, there's no easy way to plan absolutely everything in advance. That's the fun of building, sometimes you find a new technique or learn a different way to achieve the look you want for the model, and even a way to save on parts if your collection isn't very big.

Really, when it comes to big projects, it helps to break them up into sections and build part at a time. For landscaping, I'd say make the surface modular, several rectangular sections for a large base, for example. (It'll help for moving the model around as well, if you need to.) One thing, though: try not to build too big at once. I've run into this problem before, ending up with half-made models that I'm just not happy with, or that I just can't seem to finish.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. Hope it helps!
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Re: Planning your MOC

Postby Redav » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:49 am

[thread mine]
Because I got back into sorting which then got me building again and I remembered seeing this thread so Ithought I'd add to the noise :)
[/thread mine]

I have one build on the go (I started it about 18 months ago :lol: ) and have started tinkering with a new one. I basically do two things;
- roughly sketch something high level on paper - this lets me dream
- build a 'proof of concept' of some of the details and techniques I plan on using - this helps me solve some potential functionality / sizing / integration issues

With the current one (which is inspired by this classic style MOC I built), I started modelling up the base in AutoCAD, built the overall structure and rendered it in 3ds Max. This was to get an idea of how some parts came together, the quantity of bricks needed (specifically the base and floors) and how it would integrate with other elements. It's probably 90% done and I was hoping to have finished it a year ago but that's what happens when you start a family :)

The new one I'm planning (inspired by my incorrectly named gatehouse - probably should have been barbican) will use a few techniques from the first but will be a larger and more complex build and have some functionality (the usual moving parts).

Maybe I'll post in 2016 that I've finished them :roflol:
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