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Green Knight by Bob Moyer

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Green Knight by Bob Moyer

Postby Bruce N H » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:35 pm

Hi all,

The LEGO Green Knight of Pen Argyl High School in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania, has had an eventful history. It apparently started as a store display in a New York toy store, and was going to be discarded. In 2011, Bob Moyer, whose son was a senior on the football team, got the pieces of the display and rebuilt them to make a three-foot tall mascot for the school football, the Green Knights. Sadly, last month a couple of players from a rival team broke into the school and smashed the statue, which is why this was recently in the news. The story has a happy ending, though, as Moyer was able to reconstruct the statue in time for their first home game. From the series of articles it seems like there was also a horse for this guy to ride, but it is unclear whether it has been rebuilt after the vandalism.


BTW, the vandals came from Notre Dame High School in Easton Pennsylvania. If you're anywhere nearby you could go there on October 16 to cheer on the Green Knights against their rivals. No word on whether the LEGO statue is going to make it to the away game. You could make a weekend of it and go to the traveling LEGO Castle Adventure exhibit at the Mercer Museum in nearby Doylestown, PA. This exhibit has been traveling around different children's museums for the past six years; I noted it in this thread.
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