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LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:22 pm
by Teherean

Faction Info

Between Garheim and Loreos lies the Province of Lenfald, with its rich grasslands and deep forests. Valuing grace and style, the Lenfels prefer to live, hunt and fight with elegance - often using a longbow for all three.

Lenfald has an excellent supply of wood as well as stone. Their castles are often stone and wood combinations, and they utilize wooden siege weapons as well as large ships. If you want to build in a typical "medieval England" style, Lenfald is your faction.


High Lord Triphian I of Lenfald

Lord Triphian I was elected by the Noble's Voice, a voting comittee of all Lenfald Nobles, as a successor for the recently deceased High Lord Wensesclaus II. Triphian, who's original pre-coronation name was Sir Tripp of Lenfald, quickly gained many followers amongst both peasantry and nobility, when he used his extensive riches to construct several monuments to the fallen Lenfel after the devastating Civil War. We see him here just after his coronation ceremony. On his right is his wife, Ellena of Lenfald, traditionally holding his shield and sword for him. To his left we see his Thane, Ruphus the Old, with the King's Armor and the Lenfald banner. In the back, two representatives from Loreos and Garheim, with banners. They attended the ceremony to ensure the re-signing of several important documents and treaties, one of the first official tasks of a new High Lord.

Faction Traits/Info

- Demonym: Lenfel (plural: Lenfels).
- Colors (primary/secondary): Dark green/yellow.
- Terrain: Forest/foothills.
- Building style/materials: Medium sized castles, wood and stone.
- Natural resources: Wood, wildlife.
- Economy: Lumber, hunting.
- Army: Archers, light cavalry.
- Navy: Large war- and tradingships.
- LEGO sigils: Forestmen, Kingdoms Dragons, though anything with a green/yellow-ish theme will be allowed.

Residents of Lenfald:

Faction Overseer
Teherean - Lord Teherean (peasant)

Faction Liaison
Medieval Guy - Captain Michael (Peasant)

Members' Name and Rank

1. Mitah - Mitah val Karem - Militia (60 points)
2. friskywhiskers - Sir Edwyn - Citizen (38 points)
3. SergeantChipmunk44 - Chip Oakenbrow - Citizen (35 points)
4. Elderon - Velaryon of Strongborough - Citizen (34 points)
5. Albatross_Viking - Lokiten Myrikhim- Citizen (31 points)
5. soccerkid6 - Pepin Martel -Citizen (31 points)
5. Caelan - Sir Caelan Munro - Citizen (31 points)
6. Petturik - Tybalt Fishby -citizen (27 points)
7. teherean - Lord Teherean - Citizen (24 points)
8. Muskey15 - Seamus O'Callaghan - Citizen (21 points)
9. theboywarrior - Sir Marius -citizen (20 points)
10. Fireglade - Lord Wolfsong - Peasant (17 points)
11. Rinsju - Kethean - citizen (16 points)
12. Sir Ronald - Sir Ronald the Just - Peasant (20 points)
13. Griffon - Roewyn Hode -peasant (15 points)
14. Medieval Guy - Michael Mann -Peasant (13 points)
15. Alexander DeCoboray - Lord Alexander DeCoboray - Peasant (11 points)
15. LettuceBrick - Marcus Sureshot - Peasant (11 points)
16. Mpoh98 - Andar of Lenfald - Peasant (9 points)
17. Pup - Bleddyn Dur - Peasant (7 points)
17. FirstInfantry - Douglas MacCale - Peasant (7 points)
17. E,B. - The Wanderer - Peasant (7 points)
17. Caelan - Sir Caelan Munroe - Peasant (7 points)
18. jimbo87 - Felix Barclay - Peasant (5 points)
18. koffiemoc - Eryl -peasant (5 points)
18. DNL - Reymor (Reym) Irruini -peasant (5 points)
18. Athon - Kellec -peasant (5 points)
18. Matuku13 - General Leslaw - Peasant (5 points)
18. LewisCaroll - Letholdus Wallington - Peasant (5 points)
18. LegoLord. - Cormac VII - Peasant (5 points)
18. marmot987 - Sir Foxen - Peasant (5 points)
18. Erick the huntsman - Erick the Huntsman - Peasant (5 points)
18. Andared of Lenfald - Andared: Warden of the Forests - peasant (5 points)

Total member count: 33

Lenfald final Map by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

Click HERE to see a larger image. If you wish to add your own location to the map, leave a comment on Flickr. Please DO NOT add notes on the map itself.

Useful links

Lenfald has her own flickr group, LCC - Lenfald, which features MOC's from Lenfald and is exclusve to members of our faction.

Also, Since Lenfald and Loreos are allied, there is a Flickr LCC-Lenfald-Loreesi Embassy that features MOC's from both factions.

Send me (or in the case of the embassy, Mark of Falworth or me) an invite!

Click HERE to go to the LCC wiki. Contribute to it by adding info about your own character, people, and story!


- Introduction Challenge! Details below!
- Important announcement about the voting system on this page!
- Winners of the CCCX LC announced on page 30!
- Holiday contest by member Royalbrickcustoms has been launched! Check it out by clicking here!

For Great Lenfald!

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:24 pm
by Teherean
And by submitting someone, I mean submitting a minifig that will effectively be the NPC for King Wenseclaus.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:54 pm
by Elderon
Well to start of with: Finally it's starting to look like something! Can't wait to get building!

And to go on with a couple of ideas I had:

-Name of our great Capital: Stonewald (combining both wood and stone, the cornerstones of our nation)

-Name of another great city: Strongborough (I hope so, 'cause I've got a few ideas for this city, mainly because my character comes form this town :wink: )

-Names of a couple of landmarks: Dragonscale Mountain range (the western mountainrange on the map), Everlyns Tears Lake (the big lake in the middle) and lastly Armendahls Peak (the biggest mountain in the west)

-I suggest we use a different name for the forestmen, since the Lenfels are not called Dragon Knights and we still use their torsos and shield. I suggest Brotherhood of the Stag, referencing the shield of the forestmen. Also I kinda picture them as guides and as a people who know the woods almost as good as the Elves.

Well those were my ideas. Hope you like it (and I hope you'll vote for them :wink: )
Now let's get some more ideas flowing!

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:40 am
by Teherean
Faction of Lenfald - Introduction Challenge!

To get your creative juices flowing, Medieval Guy and me decided to host a small Introduction challenge.

The topic is:

The Industrious land of Lenfald

Build a small vignette or a MOC depicting the people of Lenfald (or your character) working in the great industries of Lenfald. These are Logging and Hunting.

- Stay within the bounds of our faction for this one! For example: don't go whaling or mining ores, that's Garheim stuff!
- Any size is allowed, but try to keep it small for now.
- Please post a link to your image here. There's no image size requirement, but if you want to post a pic in the forum make sure it is not larger than 500x400 pixels.
- Farming is NOT allowed, as this is something that all factions would naturally do.
- You obviously cannot enter more than once. Creating a second character and entering then is allowed, because the points would go to a separate character, not to a single person.

- Your character will receive TWO points for participating in a local challenge. You don't have to win, submitting an entry is enough!
- NO winner for an additional five points will be selected. This is an introductional challenge meant to get the creative juices flowing and get you guys into our faction. This is not part an offical LCC Global Challenge round. There is no competition.

No deadline. Any new member can participate in this challenge at any time.

Good Luck! I'm curious to see what you guys can come up with. I might whip something up myself!

- Teherean

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:21 am
by Teherean
Lenfels, Behold your motherland! ... hotostream

Thanks AK_Brickster for this one! :D

We have to come up with a name for our capital, and:

- Name of Capital City (location already shown)
- Name/Location of 3 additional major cities (I suggest one on the northern isles, one near the lake in the centre and one in the eastern mountains.)
- Name/Location of 5 major landmarks/geographical features.

I really liked Elderon's names, but I'll wait for some more input from the rest of you.

EDIT: Changed the links to a larger size image, should make it easier for us to estimate terrain and pinpoint locations.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:50 am
by Medieval Guy
Elderon's place names sound good.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:18 am
by AK_Brickster
Teherean, sorry for the inconvenience, but I changed the links in the discussion thread. The first images were too small to give you guys enough room to tag everything, so I uploaded larger versions of the pictures. Thanks!

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:18 am
by Teherean
No problem, thanks AK.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:03 am
by WvdP
In Garheim, I located the Ugleborg (where my character Thorfinn Eiriksson lives) near the west coast, at the border with Lenfald, near the Lenfald stronghold Falkerborg. From a Lenfald point of view, the Falkerborg should be located on the west slope of the mountain which is shown on the map at the border between Lenfald and Garheim.
Ugleheim and Falkerby, which were build near the Ugleborg and the Falkerborg, are quite small villages and will not necessarily be shown on all maps. So please don't create a big Lenfald-city there ;-)

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:04 am
by Teherean
Maybe it's already too late, Rockdweller. :twisted:

No, just kidding, we'll take your request into concideration.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:01 pm
by Elderon
so I've been using a little paint on our map an this is what I've come up with:


I've highlighted some of the landmarks I thought would be good to use.

-Our great capital Stonewald at the border with Loreos.

-To the east as I mentioned before lays the Dragonscale Mountain Range (highlighted yellow) with one of the great cities Strongborough.

-In the west lay the Armendahl Mountains, with Armendahls Peak as the highest mountain (highlighted darkgreen)

-In the north lays the Islands of Merkorliss with another one of the great cities Crakenhaven.

-Also in the north (highlighted grey, a little hard to see): unnamed as for now (at least by me, I dare you to come up with something :twisted: )

-the woods I marked lightgreen I named the Wandering Woods, a place for outlaws, centaurs Elves and so on. It is often avoided by men but some villages are known to exist there (maybe someday the king will reclaim a portion of the woods?)

-Lake in the centre is Everlyns Tears and the last big city located next to it, is also unnamed as for now :wink:

-I've also made a few roads depicting how merchants would travel in our Lenfald.

I'm not really sure we can add an Island though, I think I read something about that in another thread.

So this is at leat what I thought up and made. I hope I'll hear some better suggestions!

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:03 pm
by Albatross_Viking
Good to see this thread up, and nice suggestions from Elderon.
I have a couple too, myself:
City: Ainesford.
Landmark/location: Raven's Nest (eastern one of the two islands north of Lenfald),

However, I'm not really a supporter of the capital being so close to the border...

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:07 pm
by Elderon
sadly enough that wasn't suggested by me, but already marked by AK_Brickster.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:30 pm
by Teherean
Yeah I'm not a big fan of the location either, but the locations for the capital cities were chosen by the King's Council. They probably have a good reason for it. I'll ask sometime.

Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:49 pm
by AK_Brickster
Location was chosen due to it's strategic location at the fork of the two major rivers of Lenfald, allowing timber to be floated in for processing into lumber, and then either shipped by land over to Loreos or floated downriver and shipped by sea. It is also easily defensible, having water flanking it on 2 of 3 sides.
Those were our thoughts on the location. If you really don't like it, we can discuss an alternate place for it. :)