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Postby Rubberchickenknight » Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:20 pm

"Morcia will fall," the elf continued. "I need your help. I am asking you to bring a Forestman army south. The Elves are coming out of the forests to fight alongside humans once more!" The elf stared at Lokr. "You are a Viking, yes?"
Lokr replied, "Yes, I am Norse. Why do you ask? I cannot bring an army. I am an exile." The elf thought silently, then spoke, "I need you to help some people. They have an ancient history, like us Elves. I need you to find what has happened to the Dwarves. Our ancient magical communication line between the capital cities has been broken. We believe that the Dwarves are betrayed, trapped, or dead even." "But why me?" Lokr said. "How can I save the Dwarves? I have no great skill besides fighting. I was exiled from my land! I have no home, no place to live! I WAS DRIVEN OUT!!! I WAS BETRAYED!!!" Lokr could not restrain the anger building in him like lava in a volcano. Then suddenly he collapsed on the floor, his face in his hands. As the elf watched from the pool, Jarvis knelt down and put his arm on the older, larger man's shoulders.
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Postby smcginnis » Tue Feb 13, 2007 6:25 pm

Location: Just south of Galf's village.

___The horse messenger rode northwards along the path, soon reaching the village. He asked at the inn where he could find Galf, and they pointed, warily, to the east of the village. The horsemen turned and rode in that direction for about a mile, and, reaching the farm, dismounted. Tying the reins to a nearby tree, he walked up to the door and knocked loudly, calling, "I've a message for one Galf Broadspear. If ye be he, open this door quick-like, I've got other duties."
___The door opened, and Galf looked out. "A message, have ye? Well, lets see it."
___"First, sir, I'll need some sort of identification."
___"Identification? Well, this'll have to do." Galf went over to a big chest that lay at the foot of his bed, and took out his armband from the royal army. "There ye have it, Galf Broadspear, Corporal, His Majesty the King's Royal Army of Lewgalad. Now, the message?"
___"Here you are, sir. It's from your commanding office. Good day," said the young messenger, and he turned to leave.
___Galf shut the door and opened the letter. I hope its not an "invitation" to go to war again, he thought. He began reading it, and then nearly dropped it, shocked. "Marta, Marta!" he called worriedly.
___Marta came running from the vegetable plot, and called out, "What's wrong, Galf?"
___"It's the sergeant—he's dead! And they want me to come and testify at the military court!"
___"But surely they couldn't think that you did it, could they?" Marta asked, concerned.
___"I don't know what they think, but when you get an order to appear before the military court, you go. I'd better start packing," Galf said unhappily, and set about gathering what he'd need.
___"Galf, borrow Rord's horse. I don't want you to get ambushed again." When he didn't answer, she asked again. "Galf? Please borrow Rord's horse, or find a ride with a trader going in to the city."
___"Show me the trader, and I'll jump on his cart. But I'm not taking Rord's horse. It's harvest time for his crop, and he'll need it. Besides, it would just make me more of a target."
___"Well, alright, but be careful. I love you. Goodbye."
___"I love you too, dear. Goodbye," said Galf, and he set off down the path to the village, and to Leonopolis.
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Postby Rubberchickenknight » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:44 pm

Vladek smiled as he watched the chaos enfolding. His dark clerics were all around him, bolstering him, protecting him, and sendings periodic bursts of power into his strange mechanical armour. He revelled in the power he felt as he stood atop a war steed, his giant black axe held to the sky, his armies rushing at the walls of the Morcian capital of Lafdstad. "Soon Morcia will fall," he told his generals. "And then I will rule Morcia!" Vladek gave an evil laugh. He liked being alive. That was a close call before, when some idiot mage made him lose his sorcery and he was defeated by that moron Jayko and his weakling knights. If his loyal soldiers hadn't saved him, he would not be now in this mighty armour, standing above everyone, including the biggest, strongest Shadow Knight warriors. But now he had his sorcery back, after the mage's powerful spell had temporarily suspended it. Searching in his mind through the list of spells he knew, their effects, and wording, he sharply spoke the syllables he remembered and instantly, a pale blue smoke seemed to gather from the very air around him. A Shadow Knight's face appeared in the smoke. He had a brown eyepatch over one eye. "What is your bidding, my master?" he asked, bowing his head.
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Postby Matt BeDar » Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:22 pm

As he approached the inn, Sir Marcus realized that there were two archers sitting to either side of the door.

It was obvious that both guards had been drinking heavily when the archer on the left tried to stand but fell on his face and started giggling like a schoolgirl. The other guard had apparently had much less to drink and proved so by standing up and managing to raise his bow to a level where he could do some damage.

"Ay, 'o 'r you?" the second guard barely managed to say before joining his companion on the ground.

"Well," Gerodal said in a confident tone, "I believe that means we're cleared to go in." with that being said, Gerodal opened the door and swaggered in.

As soon as he entered the door, Gerodal got hit on the of his helmet by a bottle of beer.

"Who threw that! Come on, own up you yellow bellied MegaBloks!" he yelled in good old parade ground fashion.

The crowd that was gathered around the tables and bar seemed none to happy at being accused of wasting good beer.

After a few silent moments, the crowd turned back to their gossip and drinks.
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Postby Sir Kohran » Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:03 pm

And with that the two men set out on their journey towards the setting sun.

Some days passed. The journey was fairly simple, and the condition quiet. They talked about anything that crossed their minds, from the idea of banking to the mistresses of the senators in the land of the Classics. Galdrutt left his personal life in the dark, however. There's a time and a place, and I don't think this is quite it. he told himself. They were beginning to make their way through a part of the forests that the Forestmen owned. From there they would travel around the Boglands to Alcander's home country (which was conveniently close to the borders of the Royal Knights, to whom Galdrutt hoped to return to). However, part of the wood belonged to the green Banteras section of the Knights Kingdom, and the exact definition of the specific border was disputed, so Galdrutt and Alcander were careful in how they moved. They ate their own food and only took berries and nuts from the plants when they needed to. Once or twice Alcander said he had spotted some Forestmen in the undergrowth, though Galdrutt was, as ever, cynical of his findings.

About eight days in, they were approaching a clearing in the seemlessly endless trees. Alcander was telling him something about his sword, though Galdrutt wasn't very interested. He was too busy wondering what he'd d owhen he got back home...assuming 'home' is still there. he reminded himself.

Suddenly, there was the sound of movement through the undergrowth ahead, though it actually sounded like it was coming from above. Both men stopped still in their tracks. Even Alba the horse had noticed it. "What is it?" Alcander mouthed. "No idea." Galdrutt murmured, gripping his axe and raising his lion shield. Alcander did likewise. The noise continued.

At that moment, there was a loud crack almost above the two, and a stifled cry. Galdrutt's head snapped upwards to see a branch crashing down a tree. A green figure sprang off it and carried out a clumsy somersault. The fellow landed in the ferns almost in front of Alcander. A yellow object flew off into the nearby bushes.

"An ambush - the bloody Forestmen are upon us!" Galdrutt roared as he charged over, axe ready to behead however had fallen before them.

"Stop! It's just a jellybean." Alcander replied, gesturing with his sword towards a man clearly of Mathias's Knights' Kingdom, due to his bright green suit of armour, the over-sized helmet on his head and the big octagonal shield, emblazoned with a monkey of all animals, that he had dropped. He lay sprawled across some broken wood.

Immediately, however, he sprang up at Alcander's comment. "Jellybean?! Why, how dare you!" he exclaimed in a high, but firm and clear voice that put him at a fairly young age. "I should cut off your head right here for such insolence! I am Rasco, son of Sir Rascus of Banteras and personal friend to King Jayko the Glorious, who sits upon the throne of Morcia!"

Galdrutt was in no mood for foolery. He grabbed the wiry fellow by the arms and gripped him tightly.

"Look here! We've been travelling through this bloody pile of sticks for over a week now, and thanks to your country's petty little disputes we haven't been able to eat anything! So if I was you, I'd quit talking rubbish about your's uncle's chair or whatever it was and start showing some respect to your betters, little baboon!"

Galdrutt expected young Rasco to squeal into silence with fright, but instead the lad shouted right back. "It's not a baboon, it's a monkey, you simple-minded fool! And I have been travelling through this 'bloody pile of sticks' - my home, I shall have you know - whilst my country burns!"

Alcander prepared to stop any fighting which seemed inevaitable, but for some reason Galdrutt didn't feel the usual raging urge to beat the tar out of the boy. There was something he actually admired in Rasco's manner, a fresh spark of bravery and passion that he once had, and that he had not seen for years. He had certainly never seen it in a jellybean of Morcia before. So instead of killing the welp right there, he just silently stood back, allowing Alcander to deal with the situation. The Black Knight was younger; Galdrutt supposed he could handle the fellow better.

"What do you mean, 'burning'?" Alcander asked. This could mean trouble. Galdrutt thought.

"Firstly, apologize for insulting me." the young knight replied, not moving.

"Look, I'm sorry then. I was caught up in the moment. Now tell me what you mean - is it urgent?" Alcander seemed to be getting impatient, but he kept control of himself. Wish I could do the same...Galdrutt sighed to himself.

"Of course - Vladek and his vermin have returned, and are attacking King Jayko's stronghold in Morcia even as we speak! Please, noble sirs - help me! My father fights there!"

Both Galdrutt and Alcander were struck by the news. "But Vladek was killed!" Galdrutt blurted.

"No, just defeated, wounded and thought dead - by us 'jellybeans', as well." the green-clad boy answered, some bitterness showing through.

Normally, Galdrutt would have shrugged and left the matter to others to solve. But even he knew this situation was desperate.

"We must do something - anything, or else - Fortune knows what might happen if Vladek returned to his full power." Alcander stated to Galdrutt.

Galdrutt nodded back. 'Yes, Gna, er, Alcander. The matter needs attending. And besides, the pay might be good." he added with a sly wink.

He turned back to Rasco, who was jumping up and down with impatience. "Alright then - we'll help you. But only for the good of our own kingdoms, mind you!" Not entirely true, but I need to let him know we're in charge here.

"Wonderful!" cheered Rasco, in a tone that could have been truthful, sarcastic or both. "Now, my friends, let us hurry to the Castle!"

With that, he took off running, scooping up the yellow object from earlier.

As Alcander and Galdrutt ran after him, the former Royal Knight called "Was that a banana?"

An almost offended voice replied from the trees ahead. "It is my father's sword! What else!?"

Alcander rolled his eyes at Galdrutt. "Jellybeans..." he muttered, before increasing his speed. Morcia was under siege, and from what Rasco had said, in need of help.
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Postby Maedhros » Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:31 pm

Sir Kohran wrote:Alcander rolled his eyes at Galdrutt. "Jellybeans..." he muttered, before increasing his speed. Morcia was under siege, and from what Rasco had said, in need of help.

A few hours later a dim twilight lay over the forest and Galdrutt cursed loudly as the underbrush entangled him and Alcander with every other step. At last he stopped with a loud sigh and sat down on an old trunk.

“No sane man would stride through a forest in this bloody darkness”, he said grumpily.

Alcander nodded slowly and sat down as well.

“Hey, monkey-boy, if you want some supper I´d suggest you come here now”, he called.

For a few moments everything was silent and then the two men took out some old and dried pieces of bread and started on their supper (if you could call that a supper!)

“He´s probably away somewhere eating bananas”, Galdrutt murmured grumpily.

“I´d rather have bananas than this”, Alcander sighed. “But now that we have actually met one of them Jellybeans we shouldn´t fear eating taking anything from the forest, no?”

“And you can hunt down a deer in this bloody darkness?”

“No, but I think I saw some berries over here before the last rays of the sun disappeared.”

Alcander stood up and started fumbling around in the now pitch black undergrowth while Galdrutt sat chewing on his dry bread with a grumpy sigh ever now and then. Galdrutt had almost forced down the whole dry chunk when Alcander suddenly cried out:

“Aha! Here they are, smell a bit funny.”

As if shot from a bow Galdrutt came up to him and started searching as well.

“What do you reckon this is, blueberries?” Galdrutt asked while smelling one of the little sweet berries.

“I dunno, are they really blue? Can´t see anything in this light.”

“Why don´t we light a fire?” Galdrutt snarled irritably while bringing a handful of berries towards his mouth.

“You could light a fire”, Alcander snapped. Galdrutt shot an angry glance at where he hoped Alcander stood and was just about to reply when a sudden crack was heard between them and a shape came dashing down from the trees. Alcander grabbed for a branch to use as weapon and Galdrutt clenched his fists, mashing the berries between his fingers.

“What are you two up to?” Rasco´s voice said. There was a long silence before Galdrutt retorted.
“The same to you, whelp!”

“Oh, lazy bums, I thought you were behind all the time. Castle Banteras is just twenty minutes walk from here. They are preparing supper for us.”

“What?!” Galdrutt and Alcander exclaimed as one.

“Yes, come on now. What is that smell by the way? Isn´t that plagueberries? Our archers use them as poison sometimes.”

“Oh, interesting”, Alcander grumbled while Galdrutt wiped the mashed berries from his hands.

“Well, let us go.”

“Hey, hey, kid”, Galdrutt snapped. “Just because you have been fooling around here all life and know this forest as the inside of your pockets doesn´t mean we do. It´s pitch bloody black here!”

“Oh, too bad”, Rasco sneered.

“Why didn´t you bring a torch, silly boy?”

“Wait”, Alcander hissed. He leaned closer to Galdrutt and whispered in his ear: “What about his sword?”


“Well, we have some moonlight, and his sword is kind of… garish.”

“Ah… hey you, kiddo, draw your ba-sword!”


“JELLYBEAN”, Alcander shouted and the moment later Rasco drew his shiningly yellow sword. Galdrutt nodded to Alcander.

“Lead the way, boy, I´m starving.”
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Postby Rubberchickenknight » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:22 pm

Long after the elf's face had disappeared from the pool, and Jarvis and Lokr had agreed upon a course of action, they prepared for their journey. They had decided that they would split up, and Jarvis would go north to the capital of the Forestmen, Macholin, while Lokr went south to the large cities to get some help finding the Dwarves. They were done packing their bags and were starting to eat when Lokr suddenly spoke, "Thanks for saving me, Jarv. I thought all Forestmen were rampaging wild men who only cared for the trees, but you proved me wrong. Thanks." Jarvis embraced Lokr, and then gave him a small mirror in a silver case. "This will allow you to speak with me. Just say druida lacala, and you will be able to see from my pool."
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Postby Lamanda2 » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:08 am

And with that, the three minifigs exited the Inn and started heading down the street- heading towards the home of Geoffrey.

..It was not long before the three reached Geoffrey's home. His Wife and Daughter were very happy to see that he was still alive. Geoff then told them that he would be accompanying Seth and James to Adenwood.
After a short visit, they continued on their way.

They knew the journey would be quite long, as none of them had horses to ride.
"So James, what's at Adenwood?"
Asked Geoffrey.
"I have been meaning to go there for some time now." started James,
"Back when I was younger, my family actually lived there for some time. My Brother still lives there, so I thought I would go visit him and the other people of the village."
"I see"
Said Geoff.
"Adenwood..?" Interrupted Seth. "Wasn't that town recently attacked by Vikings?"
James stopped, and his face grew pale.
"Attacked..! I didn't hear of that.. When did this happen??"
"Not long ago, I heard a knight talking of it at the pub sometime last week."
Replied Seth.
"We must hurry! I have to see if my brother is alright!"
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Postby Matt BeDar » Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:26 pm

It had been three days since the three outlawed Dragon Masters had arrived in the small town and they had finally found someone that was willing to hire them as guards for a caravan heading for a city in viking territory.

The only bad thing about the job was that the caravan would be passing through the contested border between the Vikings and the Forestmen.

After several minutes of debating, Gerodal, who had originally been against being a caravan guard, was convinced of going and earning some money the hard, but easier than begging, way.

As the three were packing, Marcus felt as if fate had suddenly thrown them all in a raging river. He decided that it was not a good feeling.
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Postby Lamanda2 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:21 pm

They were now heading out to sea. But where were they going?
Nowhere in particular, just out exploring the vast ocean. Perhaps they would sail to another part of this continent, or travel somewhere new.

Captain Martel and his crew were heading North. This was actually their first time exploring the sea. Every other trip they had taken before this was just to various shores and ports of the main continent, so the men were quite excited to venture out and away from there.

After quite a long sail from Mattiday, one of the figures spotted something ahead.
"Land HO!"
Shouted the minifig as he pointed at the island.
With that, Captain Martel turned the ship towards the island. It was not long before they were close enough to dock.
Luckily, they found a great spot to land, so they let down their anchor and prepared to set foot on this new land.

"Now let us get our things together, you never know if the people of these places will be freindly towards us, so it is best to take precautions."
Said the Captain.
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Postby smcginnis » Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:04 pm

Location: Leonopolis

___Vbana landed in the courtyard of King Leo's palace, maneuvering his wings carefully to avoid crushing the towers and roofs of the many buildings. When he was settled, Quolde unstrapped himself and stood up, then walked down the dragon's back between the twin rows of spines, onto Vbana's tail and then the ground. Waving his thanks, the wizard jogged down the halls, past startled guards, until he reached the throne room. Bowing hastily to the king, he opened his pouch and removed the stone, setting it on the small table at the side of the room.
___"My lord king, I present to you the most powerful stone ever created since the war of Bludvayne, three thousand years ago. I urge you to make alliances with as many kingdoms as you can, for the stone cannot be used unless at least five people of royal blood—different royal bloodlines, you see—are present to control it. Then, use it to destroy the necromancer."
___The king smiled, and standing up, began to pace around the room. "Well, Quolde, you seem to have come at just the right moment. The necromancer's skeletons have been overrunning the great forests north of here, and together with the attacks of the Vikings, they have nearly wiped out the Forestmen. I've just sent Prince Lionel to Falconia, where hopefully he'll be able to convince King Peregrin or Prince Tiercel to come here for a council. I've also dispatched a messenger to that fool king Jayko. I don't know how he'll deal with it, though I admit he is a better ruler than my late cousin, Mathias. If you would be so kind as to return to your mountain and continue observing your enemy's movements, I would thank you."
___Sensing that he was dismissed, Quolde bowed again and returned through the passages to Vbana.
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Postby ZIGGY! » Sun Feb 18, 2007 2:10 am

The following morning, Kurtec ordered Jargon and Raynol to get the needed supplies for the journey home while he, Garis, and Serj’e headed to a house at the edge of the town.

“Here we are,” Garis said as they reached the small cottage.

“Okay,” replied Kurtec. “Garis, are you sure these papers are authentic?”

“One hundred percent, all we need to do is buy them; I checked it all out yesterday.”

Kurtec knocked on the old wooden door.

“Kem in,” came the reply. The voice was old and gnarled.

The group entered the gloomy room, there was a small fireplace in the corner and next to it, at a small tea table sat a man who looked even older then he sounded.
“Ah, brought yer friends have ye`,” he said to Garis. “An` ye` mus` be the one in charge right,” he continued turning towards Kurtec.

“Yes, but how did y-”

“A` have ma` ways, A` do. Now ye are lookin fer them papers right. Well, it’s gonna cost you! An` A` spose yer not gonna want me te tell no one, thas gonna cost you as well.”

“How much will this cost all together old man?”

“Herm well, we got the papers which are relics, thas werth somethin, then their information doubles that. Now, eh want me ter keep silent hmm, hmm. All right, A’d say `bout ten pitchforks, mebe a black sword.”

“What!” Seje’ leapt from his chair suddenly brandishing his two ended knife. “You want us to pay ten, ten pitchforks, what’re you out of your mega blocs mind!?”

“Serje’, watch your language, sit down,” Kurtec bellowed over Serje’s voice.

“But Kurtec we don’t have that kind of money!”

“Serje’, stop yelling or our dear host may send you out, have a seat and be quite!” He turned to the old man who watched this exchange as if it were an interesting play. “Now then old man, we can’t be paying all that, you know it’s ridiculous.”

“Sorry son, it’s a take it er leave it deal.”

“Listen, what if we paid you half now an half later?”

Serje’ leapt from his seat again. Kurtec this is insane, we don’t have the funds, its blackmail.”

“Now you lissen hear ye little man, A’ll have no more screamin in ma cottage all right. Okay Kurtec, as A spose yer called, I’ll let ye pay in shifts but A’ll need a collateral of some sorts.”
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Postby Rubberchickenknight » Mon Feb 19, 2007 8:45 pm

A Shadow Knight's face appeared in the smoke. He had a brown eyepatch over one eye. "What is your bidding, my master?" he asked, bowing his head.

Vladek replied carefully. His tricky generals could twist words to any meaning they thought could suit them most.

"Flambrosius Fosfor. Well met. How is the attack of the left side?"

The veteran Shadow Knight sneered. His grey eyes shined in the twilight.

"Fine, my lord. We are setting up the ballistas now, and the wall will fall shortly. My dark clerics and mages are making a pool of fire that will implode into the castle as the walls break, burning the jellybeans and releasing poisonous gas that will kill more, as we discussed."

"Excellent. Back to work now."
Vladek muttered the counter-spell, and the smoke, as well as the face, vanished. He knew, however, that at any moment, the man could resummon the smoke, as he was a dark cleric. In fact, he was the High Lector of Hellfire, the religion of the Shadow Knights, and the Gods smiled on him. He was Flambrosius Fosfor, the most powerful Hellpriest of the Shadow Knights. He could take on all the weak clerics guarding Vladek and win. And after that, Vladek would die, without the lifeforce of slaves to power him.
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Postby sarous » Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:27 pm

adrian started off towards the smell of his friends horse,pausing only when the sent was faint. soon he found the black falcons lair and his friend. placeing a tracker becon on the ground adrian vanished in a pillar of light.
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Postby Lamanda2 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:24 pm

"Now let us get our things together, you never know if the people of these places will be freindly towards us, so it is best to take precautions."
Said the Captain.

Once ready, the figure stepped off of the ship.

"Where to Captain?"
Asked one of the men.
"Let us head into the forrest. After all, it is the only option we have."

The woods were quite deep, or at least deeper than they expected.
"Captain, it feels like we have been going in circles, maybe we should try and head-"
"Shh!" Interrupted Bane. "Can't you hear that?"
-The figures silenced-
Sure enough, voices of several minifigs could be heard off in the distance.

"What should we do, sir?"
"We shall follow their voices. If we meet up with them I am sure they can guide us out of this forrest"
Said Bane.
"Yes Captain."
Replied both men as they headed towards the sounds of the other figures..
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