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Classic-Castle Roleplay - Gaming Thread

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:09 pm
by Sir Kohran
Here begins the new roleplay. All character posts go here. Have fun.

Galdrutt finished re-adjusting his frayed boot laces and stood up, surveying the town around him, trying to decide what to do next. Hearing a noise behind him, he spun round to see a lean youth struggling to run off down an alleyway with his heavy shield. He ran forward and gave the thief a hard kick in the side. The boy shrieked and dropped the shield on his foot, before stumbling painfully off into the shadows.

Galdrutt smirked, before realizing his pouch was missing. He cursed and looked around, but the lad was long gone with his gold. Galdrutt grit his teeth with anger, though he still had some money in his pack. He groaned, before picking everything up and moving on. He had had enough of this dingy town and its stinking, thieving inhabitants (though he realized he didn't smell too good himself). When he had left the Crusader lands, several months before, he had hoped for far better than this.

Stepping in a dirty puddle, he came to the conclusion that he had gone the wrong way. He had ended up in the delapidated Pirate towns, where all the scum of the land and sea washed up. He had already been in several fights with random drunks, and didn't wish for any more. He had better things to do with his life. Hefting his equipment, he slipped out of the crumbling gates and began travelling east to whatever awaited him.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:40 pm
by Rubberchickenknight
Lokr walked through the rain as he heard the trees bending in the harsh wind. He swore to hbimself about the moisture, and thought of his old home in the frigid Northlands. Whatever the chill, the hardy Vikings were made for that weather. Down here in warmer climates, the water soaked past any fur you wear. Lokr missed his home. He had been travelling since the revolution, 13 long years ago. He thought he was a good leader. The peasants thought otherwise. Not all of them, at least, but most of them. All because of that treacherous girl.

Putting aside his thoughts of home, Lokr kept walking. The rain kept coming down, the wind kept howling, and Lokr kept walking. He didn't know where, but he did know that destiny always pulled him to the right place. He walked off the gravel road, knelt under a tree, and took his pack out. He pulled out his bedding, and exhausted, he collapsed into sleep.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:44 am
Kurtec was exhausted after along day. He and his band had chased a pirate carrying the local priest’s staff into the port town. It was a wet, ugly, rundown place, full of back-stabbing cheaters who would sell there own mother. It was impossible to ask if anyone had seen the thief without paying a handful of coins. They had finally cornered the crook when a group of soldiers who had heard the priest’s problem arrived and took the scepter and the credit for themselves.

The band was in a terrible mood and decided to leave that day. They camped three hours away from the village under cover of the woods, hoping no pirates would come out that far…

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 4:13 am
by Lamanda2
James awoke, finding himself lying face-down on the ground of a grassy plain. He stood up quickly to get a view of where he was. As he looked around he saw two other soldiers he was travelling with on the ground. Apon further inspection he realized that both of them had been killed.

James had a terrible headache, and couldn't remember what had happened to him and his fellow Soldiers. He then took a moment to sit down and check his wounds- nothing major, but there was some bleeding from his head. James then remembered that he and his two companions had been ambushed by several barbaric thieves, but that was all he knew, for it was not long before one of them struck James in the head with a club.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 5:57 am
by smcginnis
Location: The capitol of the kingdom of Leo. (Knight's Kingdom One)

___Galf hated going to the city. He hated all the filth, the crime, the squalid living conditions. And so, he only came when absolutely necessary. Unfortunately for him, today was also the day that Prince Lionel, the son of King Leo, returned from the wars against the Crusaders to the south. Not only were the streets almost impassable, but the crowds were rife with pickpockets and other thieves even less wholesome. But Galf just gripped the haft of his spear harder and pushed his way through. As he moved further from the main street, the groups of people gradually thinned, until there was only a normal flow of traffic between the buildings. He soon found the office of his former sergeant from the army.
___As he walked in to the low, brick building, a small bell tinkled above the door. The sergeant looked up from his desk, where he was shuffling some documents, and grinned widely. "Galf Broadspear! Why, if not for that auld spear of yourn, I do believe I'd not've recognized ye! You're looking old, matey," the sergeant joked.
___"With all due respect, ye aren't look so well yourself, sir," Galf said. The sergeant looked down at his belly ruefully and grinned again.
___"Ah well, can't stay young ferever! So, 'ave ye come fer—" the sergeant paused and looked around furtively. The office was empty except for himself and Galf. "'Ave yew come for the stone?" he asked quietly.
___Galf nodded. "I'd appreciate it if ye gave it to me quickly-'tis a long journey back 'ome." The sergeant nodded back, stood up, and, walking over to the bureau, opened the topmost drawer and pulled out a locked box. Removing the key from the chain around his neck, he unlatched it and removed a small pouch, then put the box back.
___"Here, guard it well. The kingdom's fate may well rest is yer hands, Galf."
___Tucking the pouch into his shirt, Galf said farewell and began leaving the city, through the north gate and out onto the road leading homewards.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:28 pm
by Sir Kohran
It was not long before Galdrutt arrived at the border of the Wolfpack region. Their faction had no established borders, but there was a general focus on the rugged mountains and hills of that part of the world that the Wolfpack had built their sturdy villages and hideouts on.

Galdrutt was heading for an inn. He knew the place well; it was one of the few buildings of the Wolfpack that other factions could visit. All the same, he loosened his sword in his pack and kept a firm grip on his axe - the Wolfpack were a dangerous lot, even to those familiar with them, and you could never afford to be lax - some wandering rogues with knives would not be uncommon, even on the borders. The land further in was said to be far worse - there was talk of organized crime gangs, secret cults and even monsters.

However, it was still daytime and the road was quite wide. Galdrutt reached the old but large inn without incident. The inn was nothing remarkable - there were several broken windows, the dark paint was flaking off and the doors had to be forced quite a bit, but Galdrutt liked the place - he knew many people here, and it was a good place to kill some time. As he entered in under the faded title, he nodded his welcome to some people outside. Inside, it was filled with a throng of people from all over the land, and several outsiders, including Galdrutt himself. He shifted quickly through the crowd, avoiding any of the brawls or anyone who looked overly suspicious, and made his way over to a corner of the bar. He grinned - his favourite chair was still there. His grin quickly turned to a scowl when he say that one of the chairlegs was missing. Groaning, he slumped down. "Bring me a brown, frothing beer, will you?" he called down the long bar.

"It'll be under your chin in a - bloody hounds, is that you Galdrutt?!" gasped a surprised barman.

"Who else drinks all your best produce?" Galdrutt replied, smiling wryly at the chunky fellow, who finished serving a thin Wolfpack man, before turning round for a chat.

"So, Tapher, how goes your wonderful little business?" Galdrutt asked casually, knowing exactly how to speak with the man, who handed him a drink. "You seem to be attracting the same types as you always did - thieves, drunks, and others far worse. I wouldn't trust most of these brigands with a crust, let alone good beer."

Tapher looked like he might have been offended, but instead he broke into a quick smile. "You know that's how it's always been in these parts. But never mind that. What are you doing back here? I thought you were getting rich with Crusaders! When I heard the war with the Knights Kingdom had ended with a win for you I thought you'd be on your way to a new life, with gold and women and all that good stuff."

The humour was lost on Galdrutt, who frowned and glared into his drink for a long while, before speaking. "It went well to begin with. As I told you when I was here last time, seven months ago I got hired by their king to take care of the Knights Kingdom problem, as they were supplying the filthy Bull savages with weapons and horses to raid the Crusader farmlands with. The usual commander of the northern armies had a fatal heart attack a week before. So I got their forces together and we drove right into the southern parts of the Knights Kingdom countryside. Some Prince Lionel bloke moved in to halt us with his little army. That's when the fighting began. It was almost too easy - we outnumbered them from the start and had superior weaponry. Their tactics were awful - the knights and footsoldiers would charge us head-on and we'd cut down their front ranks with archers. Then we'd sweep forwards with infantry and crush the remaining ones. I don't say this lightly - it was a terrible business. Those knights we fought against asked for no mercy - they were brave, regardless of how bad they were at swordplay, and so we had to kill every last one of the buggers. I killed men of all ages and watched as the men under my command did the same. I saw men I had just become friends with die before my eyes. It wasn't at all as bad as the war with the Dragon Masters - that was something else - but still, I was the reason why those men on both sides died." Gladrutt said quietly, showing the contempt and even sadness in his eyes.

"It weren't you who started that war. You was just a mercenary; a hired sword. It were just a job." Tapher suggested.

"That was the thought that kept me going through that whole bloody mess - that I might come out of it with some good money and be able to make something of myself there. But then things turned bad, as they often do for me."

Tapher rolled his eyes at Galdrutt's trademark negativity, before motioning him to continue.

"The campaign stopped after about two months. Our force had gone too far in - supplies were too stretched. Also, new enemy forces were coming in from the north that would have probably smashed us. So we called for a peace treaty and that's what everyone got. Crusaders agreed not to expand farms onto land that wasn't theirs and Knights Kingdom agreed not to fund Bull responses. All that killing, just for a few pieces of parchment. Bloody typical. So once we returned back to the Crusader lands, I asked the king for my reward. But the decadent worm refused me - he told me that I should have pushed on and attacked the northern half of the country, though we would have all died in such a move. When I argued against it, the slimy traitors threw me out of the castle with nothing to show for all those weeks of butchery but a few scars. Having nothing else to do, I wandered through some Pirate towns for three months until I ended up right here."

"The arrogant tossers!" Tapher spat in disgust. "Just the sort of rubbish I'd expect from that new king. He's nothing like his father was."

"Maybe - but that how life is, innit? We lose the good old types for this new trash." Galdrutt answered, getting into his drink.

"Oh show some bloody optimism for a change!" Tapher shouted, chuckling. "So, what do you plan on doing now?"

"I've been thinking about this for a while, actually - I might try going home." Galdutt uttered the last word quietly.

"You're not serious, are you? They'll probably kill you if you return."

"Now who's being negative?" Galdrutt retorted, giving one of his rare winks.

Tapher sighed. "Well, do what you feel is right. Your old stuff is through the back."

Downing the last of his beer, Galdrutt nodded his thanks and then Tapher was called back to bringing out drinks. Picking himself up, Galdrutt went through into the back of the inn.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:16 pm
by smcginnis
Location: Bulls Territory, three leagues north of Leonopolis, capital of the Knight's Kingdom.

___Galf limped along the road, and reaching the village, collapsed on his friend Rord's doorstep. He barely had the strength to knock, and when the goodwife opened the door, he fell inwards. Rord helped him onto a stool, and Galf sat, swaying, trying to stop the room from spinning. "It was those blasted bandits. They wore no colors, but I saw them making the sign of the circle-dot as they stood over me. They're working for the necromancer—or my name isn't Galf Broadspear. They got my purse, but luckily they didn't find—" Galf suddenly stopped talking.
___"Didn't find what, Galf?" Rord asked.
___But Galf didn't answer. He had lapsed into unconsciousness.

___He awoke to a small, worried face framed by curly hair looking down on him. When he opened his eyes, the face started smiling and yelled, "Mommy mommy he's awake! Daddy's awake!"
___"That's very good Kemp, but please stop shouting. I'm sure it's not helping your Da's headache though."
___Kemp nodded knowingly, and winking at his father, ran outside to tell his sister the news.
___"How long've I been out?" Galf asked, noting the sunlight streaming into the kitchen. All night and most of the morning at least, he thought.
___"Rord brought you over in his cart late the night before last," Marta said. "He said you were attacked by bandits... I was worried for you."
___Galf smiled, then groaned; the movement hurt his head badly. "How soon can I get up?"
___"Not for a week at least. That's a bad bump on your head."
___Groaning again, and rolling over onto his stomach, Galf said, "I need to go to the fire mountain."
___"What did you say? The pillow muffled your voice."
___Turning back over, he looked solemnly back at Marta. "I need to go to the fire mountain, and the sooner the better. It's very importa—"
___"DADDY!" squealed Lirra, and ran over to hug him. Then, composing herself, she added, "We were all very worried daddy, me and momma and Kemp. I'm glad you're awake."
___"Hello Lirra. What's that in your hand?"
___"Marchsage. I went all the way into the hills with Grammere yesterday to get it for you. She says it'll heal you faster."
___Kemp had been tugging on Marta's dress for a while and couldn't wait any longer. "Mommy I'm HUNGRY! Get me some food pleeeeeeaaase!"
___Marta smiled at him, then turning to Galf, she mouthed We'll talk about the fire mountain later. Then she moved over to the kitchen to give Kemp some cheese and to brew Marchsage tea for Galf.
___"Thank ye, me dear. Lirra, Kemp, why don't you go out and play? I think I'll take a little nap." So saying, Galf burrowed deeper into the blankets.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 2:20 am
by Rubberchickenknight
Immediately upon awakening, Lokr sensed something was wrong. The day was nice: blue sky, light breeze, not a cloud in the area, and the rain had stopped, but something had caused him to awaken. He trusted his instincts, as they had saved his life many time. He knew he had not been woken for no reason.

Suddenly, as an arrow whizzed past his head, he saw his flaw of wandering without a map in darkness: he had wandered onto Forestman ground, his hated enemy. He jumped to the ground, glad he had the foresight to sleep wearing armour, though it made him a bit stiff. An arrow skimmed of a shin pad and bounced into the grass. With a metallic sound, he pulled his blade from the sheath and threw his cape to the ground to avoid its weight. As another arrow chipped off a ring of chainmail, Lokr looked in the direction the arrows came from. He breathed a sigh of relief: there were only three bowmen, and they appeared to be young and inexperienced. They were taking far longer to load their bows than typical forestmen, and he could see them clearly against the forest, something no stealthy forestman would let happen. Lokr thought that he could perchance get a reward if he took them hostage. He thought their parents would pay to get their young sons back. Wait, Lokr thought to himself. Why would the forestmen pay? They could just track me and then I would be the prisoner. And that would be bad. They hate me after all the tree buildings I had burned for revenge and forestmen I have killed. Whatever. I'll just knock 'em out and get away from here.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:03 am
by smcginnis
Location: The Fire Mountain, in the western ranges of the Taurus Mountains.

___Quolde paced around his chamber restlessly. The stone should have arrived yesterday, and Quolde was not a patient wizard. He walked to the balcony, and shouted down into the lava pool, "Vbana! I require your assistance."
___The surface of the pool bubbled and hissed, and a fringed, crimson, snakelike head emerged lazily. <What does your excellency ask of me?> it minded sarcastically.
___"Locate the stone and send a drake after it," Quolde said. "I'm getting impatient. If I don't have it by the day after tomorrow, I'll have to wait three months for another chance, and that may be too late. Even if it isn't, it still works better at an equinox than a solstice. That necromancer could have the whole planet under his control by then, and I've just got to stop him. Why, if I don't...." Sensing that the wizard was going into another of his hour-long rants, the enormous dragon, Vbana, tuned him out and began searching the Flow for a sign of the stone Quolde wanted. He soon found it, a tendril of consciousness streaming in from the east.
___Concentrating, Vbana was able to picture the scene where the stone was resting, and called a phoenix over to him. He showed the image to the bird, and instructed it to bring the pouch containing the object back to the volcano. ‹Stupid wizard,› Vbana thought, ‹a drake would've simply burnt the house down. At least a phoenix can talk to the messenger.› <I've dispatched a phoenix,> he called to Quolde, knowing it would anger the wizard.
___Sure enough, the spellcaster soon realized what Vbana had said, and temporarily stopped his tirade against the necromancer. "What!? A phoenix!? Are you crazy!? There are hunters all over the Taurus Mountains that would do anything, I mean anything, to get their hands on a phoenix plumage! And yet you risk the poor bird's life for nothing!? I've half a mind to...." Nemesis forgotten for the time being, Quolde was soon blaming Vbana for everything that had ever gone wrong in his career.
___Smiling rogueishly, his part of the task finished, the dragon sank back under the lava to doze.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:05 am
by Remyth
Lamanda2 wrote:...for it was not long before one of them struck James in the head with a club.

James sat and started to think. He decided that he would go along the road. He stood up, and was preparing to go, when he heard horse hooves on the road behind him. Not sure if it was more ruffians, he ducked into the bushes.

He watched as three magnificent horses rounded the bend. On the horses sat three figures, tall and pround. Each on bore the crest of the Black Falcon. James almost let out a cry, then stopped short. He still wasn't sure if they were to be trusted. One wore a crown on his head. The other two were great knights. They each had lances, swords by their sides, and full armor.

They stopped as they spotted the dead bodies by the road. The knight on the right side of what James guessed was the king dismounted and looked closer at the bodies.

"Dead!" he called up to the others, "Both of them. We should leave here now. Wait... There was a third. His shield is still here!"

Drat! Thought James, I knew I forgot something.

"Over here!" the man called again, "There is a trail of blood. It leads into the bushes." With that, he sprung forward. He grabbed James around the chest and flung him to the ground.

When James and the knight walked back into the clearing, the other two men gasped. "Sir," started the knight, "This is the missing soldier. He was ambushed and attacked here, along with his companions."

"Oh?" asked the man with the crown, "we will bring him with us. He will ride with you, Sir Enithador."

With that, James was hoisted up in front of the knight, Sir Enithador, and they rode on.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:55 am
by Lamanda2
..With that, James was hoisted up in front of the knight, Sir Enithador, and they rode on.

"..Who are you?" James asked Sir Enithador.
"My name is Sir Enithador. I am a knight, and main Bugler in the Black Falcon army."
Sir Enithador could see that the boy was still a bit uncertain that him and his fellow companions were his allies.
"Trust us, boy. As soon as we get to the Kingdom we will let you be. We are of your own men, and simply could not just leave you for dead!" Said Sir Enithador.
This made James feel quite at ease, and the kindness in the Knight's voice told him that he was in no harm.
As James rode along with the Knight, he stared at the man with the crown. He wanted to ask him who he were, though he knew that it wouldn't be proper to ask such a thing.
I've never seen the Prince in person. Thought James. ..I am not too certain, but it could..- it must be him!

The four Minifigs continued riding down the road. The man with the crown and the two knights did not speak very much, and when they did it was only to eachother, hardly speaking to James.
"How are your wounds?" Asked Sir Enithador. "They feel fine Sir, I think the bleeding has come to a stop now."
"That's good." Sir Enithador then gazed into the distance. "It shouldn't be too long now, we are almost there."

James couldn't stop wondering where they were going or who the crowned minifig was, and after a while James' curiosity had gotten the better of his manners,
"..Excuse me Sir." He said to the man with the crown. "..Who are you?"

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:56 pm
It was late the next morning when they packed camp and headed out. They travelled through the wood all day without distraction. It was near sundown when they spotted a distant village atop a hill and decided to stay there for the night.

Next morning Kurtec and the others met for a long breakfast in the inn’s dining room.

“Men,” Kurtec said, “t’s high time we did something with ourselves. We haven’t raised any money in two months, nor at least done anything exciting. We need something to get us going, maybe a good job or perhaps some juicy information.”

“I agree,” replied Serj’e“We should get some leads, I suggest we start with the barman hear, they know everything!”

The group all gave good replies to Serj’es suggestion and agreed they should look around town for interesting gossip and whatnot. So while Kurtec walked up to the bar to order drinks, the others headed for the door in hopes of getting a good job.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:58 am
by smcginnis
Location: Leonopolis.

___A shadowy figure walked through the dark alleyways of Leonopolis, avoiding light where it could. Once, a few drunks saw it and started yelling out to eachother "Hey, Bobir, y'see zhat shing? It looksh like a PIG! Oi, piggy, piggy. HAheehee,"
___"Yesh Toff, Ah shees it. Looksh tashty!"
___The figure pulled off its hood, and stared the drunks in the face. The first drunk stared back, dumbfounded "It'sh notta piggy, Bobir...It looks more like a—AAIIIEEEEEE!!!" Toff clapped his hands to his head as it suddenly seared with pain; Bobir next to him was doing the same. They soon collapsed, dead, and the figure stepped on them as it continued walking.

___Within a half hour, it had reached the place where Galf had been three days ago. It vanished outside the door and reappeared silently behind sergeant.
___"Who's there?" the officer asked, feeling some presence enter the room. "C'mon, show yerself. I 'aven't time fer this."
___The figure laid a cold hand on the sergeant's shoulder, and the sergeant, turning his head slowly around, saw his doom. He leapt out of his chair, knocking over his desk in his struggle to leave the room. He had almost reached the door when the figure spoke. "Sssstop."
___The terrified officer turned slowly around to face the figure. "W-what do ye want?"
___"Where iss the sstone." It was not a question, it was an order.
___The sergeant gulped. "There's no stone here—un-unless you mean that?" the sergeant pointed at his paperweight, knowing that it was not what the figure searched for.
___"You are usselesss..." the figure said, and raising a long black stick from its side, shot the sergeant in the chest with a modified crossbow bolt, then departed.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 2:57 am
by pacman110011
Seth was tired of working so much for so poor amounts of gold. He last worked for the Black Falcons. He and two falcons that were sent with him were to put down a peasant uprising in the northern lands. They were supposed to put down the revolt without any deaths, but that wasn't possible. The peasants attacked and Seth and the Falcons assisting him, Geoffrey and John, were forced to kill all the attackers or be killed. During the battle, John killed two women and a child. They were all wounded, but John fell in battle.

After they had finished with their sad mission, Seth and Geoff headed back to the capital city of Falconia. When they got there, and told the king of their deed, they were thrown out of Falconia. Seth was paid a mere five gold coins for his murders, not the thirty that was agreed upon. Geoff and Seth snuck back into Falconia in the night and got a room at the Lone Falcon Inn- here they plotted.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 4:29 am
by Lamanda2
"..Excuse me Sir." He said to the man with the crown. "..Who are you?"

The man with the crown whipped around, giving James a look of disgust.
No why did you go and do that! Thought James.
Sir Enithador then slowed his horse, allowing the others to get a little further ahead.
"Do you have no manners?" He said. "That is the Prince you are talking to!"
James now looked rather embarassed, he didn't mean to be rude. "I am sorry Sir.." Said James.
"Just mind your manners now, Falconia is just ahead.

In a matter of minutes, the four figures arrived at the gates of Falconia. There were two Falcon knights on guard.
"My lord, we were growing worried. It is quite late." Said one of the guards.
"We had picked up this young man on our way back." Said Sir Enithador. "He and two other soldiers were ambushed. We decided to bring him here, to stay at the Inn."
"I see. Let us not keep you." Said the other guard.

As they walked through the gate, the Prince and the other Knight headed for the castle. While Sir Enithador brought James to the Inn.
"Well, I guess this is goodbye. Take care now." Said Sir Enithador.

James then walked up to the Innkeeper. "I'll need a room for one please." He said.
"Sorry, we are all filled tonight. But oh! You are wounded! I couldn't let you leave like that, you need rest." The Innkeeper then quickly shufffled through some papers. " Well, there is one room I could fit you in. But you will have to share with two other men." He said.
James accepted the offer and ollowed the Innkeeper to his new room. There were two men lying on their beds. James couldn't help but to notice some blood on one's coat. The man's face was pale, and he had looked like he had just done something wrong.

Something tells me this could be a looong night.