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Bayeux Tapestry pictures on Hastings Website

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Bayeux Tapestry pictures on Hastings Website

Postby Histo-Sci » Thu Mar 23, 2006 4:55 am

Hiya there all ye histo-buffs!

I found this on my favorites. I have not been here in a while (I think my intelligent Henty-reading [see castle book thread] sister found it actually), but this link is on a Hastings website and it has pictures of sections of the gigantic Bayeux tapestry. (Drool!) Even though it was made by the Normans (That is why it is called "Bayeux", because of the city on the coast of France. It is pronounced "Bayou".), it still is an important depiction of the battle and makes me drool! (Oops, said that already.) Hopefully this will help some customizers, or maybe even inspire someone's contest entry. Again, I will be sastisfied if it just makes one learn. Enjoy!


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