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FS: KK2, Viking, and Star Wars sets (great parts-packs!)

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FS: KK2, Viking, and Star Wars sets (great parts-packs!)

Postby tubes4tone » Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:39 pm

I purchased these sets with the intention of parting them out and using them for gigantimous-sized mocs, but I'm just not gonna get around to it. I accept Paypal and USPS Money Orders only.

All sets are MISB
qty Set
(1) 8781 Castle of Morcia - $70 plus shipping
(3) 8875 King's Siege Tower - $12 plus shipping
(4) 8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress - $50 plus shipping
(1) 8799 Knights' Castle Wall - $20 plus shipping
(1) 8800 Vladek's Siege Engine - $20 plus shipping
(2) 10176 Royal King's Castle - $70 plus shipping
(2) 7019 Viking Fortress against the Fafnir Dragon - $70 plus shipping
(1) 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer - $90 plus shipping

Note: It would be my preference to de-box everything for shipping, saving you money and saving me some hassle. Of course if you buy multiple sets and de-box for shipping, then your savings multiplies.

Details: In order to save myself hassle and make transactions smoother, I will only ship to the US. I'm not on the Good Citizens List, but I have completed many online transactions through other sites. Ebay feedback is available under the id tubester922. PM or email (available through profile) with questions, etc. Thanks.
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