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Building Factions (Pieces wanted)

Postby Remyth » Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:10 am

Hey folks!

I'm looking for some pieces for a couple of factions and I thought this might be a good place to look.

What I'm looking for:

Dark Red Arms
Dark Red Hips
Black Bow
Black Quiver
Dark Pearl Grey Helmets (Any kind, primarily Neck Protector and Kettle styles)
Dark Pearl Grey Weapons (Especially short swords and spears
This Torso:
This Torso:
Metallic Silver Helmets (Neck Protector and Kettle)
This Head:

Leave a comment or PM me with what you have and I'll see if we can work something out. The more you have, the better. I have a lot of stuff I'd be willing to trade.

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