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Looking for New Crownies!

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Looking for New Crownies!

Postby jman44 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:23 pm


For upcoming castle builds I am looking to buy or trade for:

*As many new crownie figures as possible
-mainly looking for the archer 50/50 white and blue torso ones first

Have CMFs, Licensed figs, and more for trade!


2013 Castle Red/Black Dragon Knights!

Series 2:
--Traffic Cop
--Disco Dude

Series 4:
--Hazmat Guy

Series 5:

Series 6:

Series 7:
--Tennis Ace

Series 8:
--Business Man

Series 11:
--Lady Robot (x2)
--Constable (x2)

Licensed figs:
-Batman (from Killer Croc Set)
-Killer Croc
-Spider Man from "Spider Man 2" movie (x2)
-Doc Ock (from SM2) (x2)
-Peter Parker (SM2)
-Mary Jane (SM2)
-Harry Osborne (SM2)
-J. Jonah Jameson (SM2)

-Mix of Spongebob Figs
-Flesh heads from LoTR, Hobbit, Star Wars
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