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Photographing with iPhone 5

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Photographing with iPhone 5

Postby SSchmidt » Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:44 pm

So I've searched the forums and haven't found any specific thread relating to this issue. I don't have a good camera, but I do have an iPhone 5 I take pictures with. I have noticed, for the most part, the picture quality is good.

However what kind of tips and pointers are there for those who photograph with a phone camera? Are there specific tripods someone would recommend for your camera phone?

The zoom feature doesn't seem too well, so this is a major con.
Also, I have to touch the screen, and the small size of the iPhone usually means my pictures become blurry, hence my question on the tripod. I have also yet to find a feature for a delayed picture.

I would welcome any advice on photographing LEGO with a camera phone!
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