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Weekly Set Review: Rebel Chariot

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Weekly Set Review: Rebel Chariot

Postby architect » Sat May 15, 2004 2:24 am

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 4819 Rebel Chariot.

Rebel Chariot, released in 2000, is the only horse driven cart for the Bulls. It features two soldiers, one with scale mail and the other with studded armor, and various accessories. This is the only set to contain the chrome silver ovoid Bull’s shield.

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Postby TwoTonic Knight » Sat May 15, 2004 2:46 am

Chariots and European Castles don't mix. However, the two soldiers were very good (other than the terrible Bulls faces) - once these hit heavy discount I stocked up on them. The chariots worked nicely with my mummies for my undead Army of Darkness, and the Silver Shield went to elite Bulls units. So, everything was used and I was actually quite happy with it. The price of $5 looks pretty good in comparison to the smallest of the new KK2 sets, and it was an absolute steal at the $2 I paid for them.
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Postby Brickboy » Sat May 15, 2004 2:54 am

I am defianetely going to get one of these!
good times
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Postby cracker nate » Sat May 15, 2004 3:04 am

Yeah, not too bad. I snagged two of these on clearence, and enjoyed them. Not bad for building armies. I didn't like the inclusion of the "laser cannon" peices. Those just look way too space for me.

But, the chrome shield was good. Wish we could get more of these in other styles. Oh well. Seeing KK2 makes it look a lot better than before I saw the pictures.
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Postby The Wolfpack Boss » Sat May 15, 2004 6:16 am

I think any set that costs less than ten bucks and comes with a horse, two figures, weapons enough for more than two figures, and a handful of pieces is worth it.

Overall the set isn't exactly impressive, but it's still got it's cool parts. The exclusive shield, a whip, crossbows, a sword, two wheels, a horse's mask. I'd buy a few, if not just to stock up on horses and the two basic Bull troopers.

A nice healthy 5/10 for this one (well it's not exactly setting records or anything, but for a set this small that's pretty good).
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Postby Luís » Sat May 15, 2004 7:20 am

I have one of them.
It cost me about 4 euro ( iqual to 400 euro cent)
For 2 crossbows, a sword and a silver shield, a wimp worse and pieces it was cheap.
Shelved bricks(???)
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Postby Athos » Sat May 15, 2004 7:20 am

Nice little set. Two soldiers and a horse. Also that silver shield. I think I picked up two of these sets simply to get the shield. Though now I wish I'd gotten a few more for the soldiers. Interesting method of doing the horse hitching, though I'm not real fond of it. Would rather of had the specialized hitching.


P.S. Chariots work for medieval Europe. Or at least Briton, where the Celts used them. Though I'm not sure how late that was, now that I think about it.
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Postby Lord Resta » Sat May 15, 2004 8:18 am

I got this and another few of the same size for 99p each in a local toys r us. Bargain and really good. I now own 2!
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Postby Jojo » Sat May 15, 2004 10:56 am


This is nothing to write home about. Though it's not a bad set, either. The chrome shield makes this set. The chariot is too bulky for my tastes. And I got the impression they used the Star Wars cannons for hithings just to show us: "hey, it's LEGO, you can use every part with everything!" (I'm not sure if every use of every part always makes sense, though.)


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Postby Webrain » Sat May 15, 2004 12:26 pm

OK this set is part of TLC swindle to make us buying all four sets 4816-4819 only to get the 4 chrome parts. The bright spot about it that those sets didn't cost too much and had other usefull accessories and good minifigs that otherwise were only in more bigger sets.

And now for that set itself. Another cart, a little unique cause it used another method to hitch the horse to it. It's nice but in my opinion they didn't made it well. It had a red horse head cover which in the past I was really looking for, and it was in a cheap set to get, so I have 4 of them now :lol:
Of course the entire set is revolove a round the chrome bull's shield, which is very unique and nice, I'll give you that. I wish however that they would made other fictions shields in chrome.

Nice set and it's worth having at least one for the parts and the minfigs, but the design is not that great. So 8/10 I guess.
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Postby Joel Hart » Sat May 15, 2004 2:56 pm

Hey, a set I have! Not bad for an army builder. KB Toys had these on discount a couple of years ago and i bought 3 or 4 of these. I am a ninja fan so I don't really use the shield and I really don't need the crossbows, but he horse and figs are useful.
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Postby wlister » Sat May 15, 2004 3:44 pm

I have a bunch of them I manged to get for less than $2.00 a piece so the set was really economical for me. :D As a set I wasn't too thrilled with it, but it was a decent way to increase te number of Bulls I had. 6/10 when it came out. and 7/10 now that we have seen KKII.

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Postby Rubberchickenknight » Sat May 15, 2004 3:50 pm

whoa that's a cool set and i've never seen it before! so that's where you get the silver bull shield :evil:
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Postby rogue27 » Sat May 15, 2004 3:53 pm

Having just seen Troy last night, (the movie, not the admin), I think it is cool that there is a chariot. However, a chariot is not supposed to be in medieval Europe nor would it be ridden by bandits.

Anyway, for $5 you get a lot of nice stuff in there. Looks like a much better deal than Vladek Encounter which charges $9 or $10 for something similar. (Horse, 2 figs, equipment, and some random parts that don't do much.) Including the unique chrome shield is pretty cool too. If KK2 offered some sets as efficient as this, I would be very happy with it despite all the bad parts.

We need more small playable sets. I really hate the faces on the bull figs though.

set design: 4/10
parts/price: 8/10
overall: 6/10
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Knight Templar
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Postby architect » Sat May 15, 2004 5:22 pm

Rebel chariot has great figures and accessories. I also like the concept of making a hitching out of bricks. However, the solution is not refined. This chariot looks like it is a huge boulder on wheels. How could the horse drag this at any speed? The chariot concept is cool, but the chariot itself needs to appear light and fast. The bulls tend to have bulky seige weaponry, and a lot of it. Perhaps a chariot is not the best for this faction.

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