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LCC - Lenfald Official Faction Thread *New LC12!*

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LCC - Lenfald Official Faction Thread *New LC12!*

Postby friskywhiskers » Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:25 pm


Faction Info

Between Garheim and Loreos lies the Province of Lenfald, with its rich grasslands and deep forests. Valuing grace and style, the Lenfels prefer to live, hunt and fight with elegance - often using a longbow for all three.

Lenfald has an excellent supply of wood as well as stone. Their castles are often stone and wood combinations, and they utilize wooden siege weapons as well as large ships. If you want to build in a typical "medieval England" style, Lenfald is your faction.



High Lord Triphian I of Lenfald

Lord Triphian I was elected by the Noble's Voice, a voting committee of all Lenfald Nobles, as a successor for the recently deceased High Lord Wensesclaus II. Triphian, who's original pre-coronation name was Sir Tripp of Lenfald, quickly gained many followers amongst both peasantry and nobility, when he used his extensive riches to construct several monuments to the fallen Lenfel after the devastating Civil War.

Regional Map

Faction Traits/Info

- Demonym: Lenfel (plural: Lenfels).
- Colors (primary/secondary): Dark green/yellow.
- Terrain: Forest/foothills.
- Building style/materials: Medium sized castles, wood and stone.
- Natural resources: Wood, wildlife.
- Economy: Lumber, hunting.
- Army: Archers, light cavalry.
- Navy: Large war- and tradingships.
- LEGO sigils: Forestmen, Kingdoms Dragons, though anything with a green/yellow-ish theme will be allowed.


Residents of Lenfald:

Special Members

Faction Overseer
friskywhiskers - Sir Edwyn

Faction Liaison

Albatross_Viking - Lokiten Myrikhim

Minister of Information Distribution

Albatross Viking - Lokiten Myrikhim

Great Warlord of Lenfald
Caelan - Sir Caelan Munro


Members' Name and Rank
1.Caelan - Sir Caelan Munro - Freeman (110 points)
2. Mitah - Mitah val Karem - Freeman (100 points)
3.Andared of Lenfald - Andared: Warden of the Forests - Militia (98 points)
3.Luke the Swift~ - Luke the Swift - Militia (98 points)
5.soccerkid6 - Pepin Martel -Militia (77 points)
6.friskywhiskers - Sir Edwyn - Militia (75 points)
7. Disco86 - Paul von Brickenstein - Militia (81 points)
7. Mpoh98 - Andar of Lenfald - Militia (69 points)
7. LettuceBrick - Marcus Sureshot - Militia (67 points)
9. Albatross_Viking - Lokiten Myrikhim- Militia (64 points)
10.SergeantChipmunk44 - Chip Oakenbrow - Militia (55 points)
11. Gyustil - Sir Gurmand - Citizen (49 Points)
11.Petturik - Tybalt Fishby -Citizen (43 points)
12. Elderon - Velaryon of Strongborough - Citizen (39 points)
13. theboywarrior - Sir Marius -Citizen (35 points)
13. Ludzik - Sir Kejtar - Citizen (35 Points)
14. teherean- Lord Teherean - Citizen (32 points)
15. Sir Valient - Myles - Citizen (31 Points)
16. Sir Ronald - Sir Ronald the Just - Citizen (25 points)
17. Griffon - Roewyn Hode -Citizen (23 points)
18. Muskey15 - Seamus O'Callaghan - Citizen (21 points)
18. Grant W. - Sir Wydenard - Citizen (18 points)
18. Becheman. - Sir Emmet - Citizen ( 18 points)
19. Fireglade - Lord Wolfsong - Citizen (17 points)
19. Sir Haymar - Sir Haymar - Citizen (17 Points)
20. Rinsju - Kethean - Citizen (16 points)
21. Medieval Guy - Michael Mann -Citizen (16 points)
23. Maik zu Niederstein - Maik zu Niederstein - Citizen (15 Points)
24 Alexander DeCoboray - Lord Alexander DeCoboray - Peasant (11 points)
24.StephenB - Althalos Guiart - Peasant (11 points)
25. digger1221 - Sir Glennian of Lenfald - Peasant (10 points)
25. The White Beret - Woric Boldine - Peasant (10 Points)
25. Lord Mercat - Hans Zarkan - Peasant - (10 points)
26. Derick R. - Derick van Rose - Peasent (9 Points)
27. Pup - Bleddyn Dur - Peasant (7 points)
27. FirstInfantry - Douglas MacCale - Peasant (7 points)
28. E,B. - Leif Greensain - Peasant (5 points)
28. jimbo87 - Felix Barclay - Peasant (5 points)
28. koffiemoc - Eryl -peasant (5 points)
28. DNL - Reymor (Reym) Irruini -peasant (5 points)
28. Athon - Kellec -peasant (5 points)
28. Matuku13 - General Leslaw - Peasant (5 points)
28. LewisCaroll - Letholdus Wallington - Peasant (5 points)
28. LegoLord. - Cormac VII - Peasant (5 points)
28. marmot987 - Sir Foxen - Peasant (5 points)
28. Erick the huntsman - Erick the Huntsman - Peasant (5 points)
29. SSchmidt - Schmidt - DECEASED
Total member count: 45

Local Challenge Results
LC1~Fortify the Forest challenge winner... Albatross_Viking's Watchtower.
LC2~Lenfald Ships and Boats winner...SargeantChipmunk 44's Galluline
LC3~First Lenfald Duelling Challenge winner...Elderon's Valyron of Strongburg
LC4~ Lenfald Tax winner...Friskywhisker's Pay Up!
LC5 Phase 1 Death to the Usurper winner ~ Mitah's Battle of Elavia
LC5 Phase 2 Candidate for Lenfald Winner... Petturik's Sir Trip
LC6 Fall in the Forest Winner... Caelan's the Great Northern Gray WolfPack
LC7~Fortify Lenfald winner...Caelan's Restoring a River Guardian
LC8~Returning from War winner...soccerkid6's Coming Home
LC9~Heroes of War winner...Sergeant ChipMunk's Remembrance
LC10~Celebration!...Mpoh98's Proposing a Toast
LC11~Tantalizing Turmoil...Gyustsil's In the Basement

Announcements and Current Challenges

Current faction standings are:
(GC1+GC2+GC3+GC4+GC5 = total)

Lenfald - 45+30+75+80+55 = 285
Loreos - 40+40+42.5+85+75 = 282.5
Garheim - 55+45+60 +35+75= 270
Outlaws - 25+40+32.5+20+55 = 172.5

-Introduction Challenge

-LC 12 - Serene Dreams

-Global Challenge VI - A Glimmer of Hope

For Great Lenfald!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Elderon » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:09 pm

Ok guys here it is, the new and updated Lenfald thread. I'd like to get a few things straight, just so you'll understand how I'm gonna run things.

First off the scores: I've updated them from Teherean's last update so I think everything should be correct from now on. If you see any irregularities PM me (no need for needless posts in the thread) and I will look into it as fast a possible. Also I'm gonna do things a little different with keeping the scores. I would like a link to and a description of what (free build, Local Challenge entry or Global Challenge entry) in this thread. No link or description = no score update :wink:
I'll try to update the scores at least once a week, but we'll have to see if that will work out, you know life always gets in the way sometimes :lol:

Secondly the banners: They must contain Dark Green flags as a primary color and Yellow as a secondary color. Now the possibility exists that you do not own such a lovely yellow flag. These can of course be purchased on bricklink, but nowhere does it say it has to be a flag piece you use in your banner, so be creative :wink:
Now if you don't have any possibility whatsoever adding yellow to your banner, I'd rather you'd use just a Dark Green flag than a Dark Green and Pearl Golden one. The Pearl Gold flags are for Loreos as we agreed when we started the LCC.

And lastly: I'm working on a LC for soon, but I'm still working on the details but it'll be there within a week, at the least :wink:

Well that's all for now.


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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Andared of Lenfald » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:46 pm

Thanks for all your hard work Elderon, Lenfald looks like it's shaping up quite nicely. By the way, I sent you a PM with somewhat of a rough draft of an idea for our next LC.

For great Lenfald!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby friskywhiskers » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:09 am

Introduction Challenge - The Industrious land of Lenfald!



Build a small vignette or a MOC depicting the people of Lenfald (or your character) working in the great industries of Lenfald. These are Logging and Hunting.

- Stay within the bounds of our faction for this one! For example: don't go whaling or mining ores, that's Garheim stuff!
- Maximum size is 48x48.
-To enter, post a thumbnail with a link to the main post in the Castle MOCs thread .
- Farming is NOT allowed, as this is something that all factions would naturally do.
- You obviously cannot enter more than once. Creating a second character and entering then is allowed, because the points would go to a separate character, not to a single person.

- Your character will receive THREE points for participating in a local challenge. You don't have to win, submitting an entry is enough!
- There is NO winner. This is an introduction challenge meant to get the creative juices flowing and get you guys into our faction.

No deadline. Any member who has not yet participated can enter at anytime.
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Grant W. » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:38 am

Is a double green banner ok?
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Grant W.
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby E,B. » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:45 am

Well everything is shaping up very nicely!
But it looks like war is kindling! Thankfully it will be the cold steel of Lenfel arrows that will draw Loressi and Garhim blood :D

For great Lenfald!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby friskywhiskers » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:01 am

Being uber jealous of the cool banners some of the opposing faction have designed, I too have created one. Any one who participated in one or both phases of the GC3 may include it in their signature. Just click on the image, and copy and paste the url into your signature edit box on the user control panel.


For Great Lenfald!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby LettuceBrick » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:04 am

Oooh, well done on the banner.
Image Image Image
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Caelan » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:08 am

Great transition Elderon and friskywhiskers, this is going to be fun going forward 8)

And friskywhiskers, thanks for the Champion image, great stuff! Cheers, For Great Lenfald!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby SSchmidt » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:15 am

Proud to be a member of great Lenfald!
I enjoy this tremendously and have very grateful for the smooth transition to our FO and FL.

Keep building!
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Albatross_Viking » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:37 am

Neat banner, frisky!
Also great to see the Lenfel administration back up and running. I'm sure we'll show the other factions a thing or two in the next GC as well :wink:
Lenfel Militia & Minister of Information Distribution
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Teherean » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:01 pm

Great work Elderon, Frisky. I'll be checking in as a regular member sometimes, but not often anymore. It seems that Elderon is ready and set to get going with his work as Lenfald FO.

I just wanted to say that I am very proud of all of you, not only for winning the GC3, but also for making me have such a great time. Lenfald was, and will probably be, a big part of my life, as will the rest of the LCC. Now, I can only wish Elderon and Friskywhiskers good luck.

Once more;

Leg Godt, and For Great Lenfald!

- Teherean
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby mpoh98 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:24 pm

This is great guys! Great job Sir Edwyn with the banner! :D
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby Disco86 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:19 pm

Yeah, that banner is really cool ! And thanks for updating the scores and getting Lenfald back to track !
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Re: LCC-Lenfald Official Faction Thread.

Postby digger1221 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:23 pm

Here's my CIC:
Sir Glennian of Lenfald
Born the son of a poor Lenfel woodcutter, Glennian grew up very impoverished on the Loreos-Lenfald border. When he out helping his father in the woods, at the age of 12, he was attacked and captured by renegade Outlaw Loreesi bandits, and sold into slavery. His Loreesi master was a kind, rich noble, and he was quickly favored and eventually freed. For several years he made his living in Loreos, and learned much about their culture and customs. Once he earned enough money, he was aable to secure aplace with a group of Loreesi merchants who were travelling to Lenfald. After a very happy reunion with his parents, Glennian began serving as a soldier under a wealthy Baron. His loyal service earned him a great amount of money, which he used to help his aging parents.
After outstanding service in the war against the outlaws, Glennian of Lenfald was knighted, and given a large piece of land on the southern border of Lenfald.
Sir Glennian of Lenfald
The Baron pointed his stick at the map. “Outposts should be set up here, here, and here. The southern bandits are notorious for attacking cottages and villages that are just over the border. We must always be on guard.”
Sir Glennian nodded. The Baron continued. “Your task will be to protect the border from Outlaw attacks. Be careful though, the Loreesi have many castles and fortresses nearby too. Maintaining peace with them is of utmost importance.”

Soli Deo Gloria :)
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