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Welcome to the How-To Page
The CC Team 24 VI 00

Welcome to the How-To page. Here you will find helpful articles written by members of the CC community on how to build castles and other castle-themed creations with the brick. These are divided into several categories:
Construction - tips on building for your castle world
Customization - making custom figs and accessories, for those factions LEGO forgot to make
Presentation - present your creations the world
Lexicon - castle terms in brick form
Write an article - We'd love your help in adding to this page. Here are some pointers.

- The Idea List by Kevin Blocksidge
- Advanced Tudor Style Instructions by Lenny Hoffman
- Model Castle Openings by Lenny Hoffman
- Avoiding the "Big Gray Wall" Syndrome by Bruce N H
- Castle Wall Offsets by Ben E.
- Medieval interiors by ? - pdf file
- Cheese Slope Mosaics by Eilonwy77 - on MosaicBricks
- Stained glass windows by Bruce N H
- Stained glass - using slopes by Jim
- Towers 101 by Eggy (Eggplant Wizard) - on MOCpages
- Round Tower Techniques by John Boozer (jediknight219) - on MOCpages
- Curved Amphitheater's Walls by Krazy Kastle Krak Guy (K3G) - on MOCpages
- Curved wall techniques by Eric Brok - on LEGO on my mind
- Building a medieval village by Derfel Cadarn - on Eurobricks
- Wall technique by Tim Schwalfenberg
- Creating trees and foliage, not just for deities any more by Anthony Sava
- Building a landscape by DNL and SlyOwl
- Building a landscape - Grass-scaping by SlyOwl
- Waves by Bruce N H
- Waterfalls 101 by Eggy (Eggplant Wizard) - on MOCpages
- Rocks 101 by Eggy (Eggplant Wizard) - on MOCpages
- Palm tree by Eggy (Eggplant Wizard) - on MOCpages
- Trees by Monteur - on Brickshelf
- Bendy trees by Eilonwy77 - on Flickr
- Falworth tree by Mark of Falworth - on iBrick
- Fir tree by Mark of Falworth - on iBrick
- Post oak tree by Mark of Falworth - on iBrick
- LEGO water by Quad - on theBrickBlogger
- Convention tree by Fraslund - on Flickr
- Masa Palm Tree by MoK - forum post
- Brick Built Beasts 1 - Mundane animals by Bruce N. H.
- Brick Built Beasts 2 - Fantastic animals by Bruce N. H.
- Custom Centaurs by Jim Darlack
- Donkey by pif500 - on Brickshelf
- Fire Strands by Forestboy
- Making Medieval Instruments by Nathan Wells
- Microscale castle building techniques by Ed Kohl - pdf file
- LEGO geometry by Eric Brok - on LEGO on my mind
- SNOT & Co. by Holger Matthes - on HoMa's World of Bricks
- Headlight mosaic patterns by Brendan Powell Smith - on
- Forced perspective by HP - on theBrickBlogger
- Inverting studs by William - on theBrickBlogger
- Round LEGO shapes with square bricks by admin - on theBrickBlogger

Background concepts
- Basic Concepts of Heraldry by Patrick K Morgan and Stephen Wroble
How to customize
- Sticker Removal and Replacement by Isaac Yue
- Creating Custom Accessories by Ben E.
- Custom Armor Tutorial by Lamanda2
- Silicone mold making for casting custom parts by Recluce
- Making custom headgear by Peter_Nix (Offsite link)
- Tips, Techniques & Questions at the MCN forum (Offsite link)
- Quarter torso pattern by Fryslayer (forum post)
- Shiny emblems by Fryslayer (forum post)
- Shiny armor by Fryslayer (forum post)
Decal templates and custom faction decals
- Triangular Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Ovoid Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Octagon Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Round Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso Designs and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso Designs and Stickers Volume 2 by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso and Shield Designs and Stickers - APPENDIX 1 by Anthony Sava
- Pennant Designs and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- The Demon Maw Collection by Joey Finnell
- Elves of the Sylvan Moon (original faction stickers) by Anthony Sava
- Rise of Atlantis by Anthony Sava
- Abaddon's Army by Anthony Sava
Altering basic bricks
- Dying bricks by Iain Heath (YouTube video)
- Vinyl Dye by Anthony Sava (forum post)
- Polishing Bricks by Condor (forum post)
- Cleaning Yellowed Bricks by Architect (forum post)

- GIMP: Free Image Editing For All by Kevin Blocksidge
- How to Pack Your LEGO Creations by Lenny Hoffman
- Building a lightbox Offsite link

- Lexicon: A-B by Kevin Blocksidge
- Lexicon: C-G by Kevin Blocksidge

Write an article
Are you interested in adding a how-to article to this page? Maybe there's a technique you've pioneered, maybe you have some particular expertise in medieval history that would help us build more realistically, or perhaps you have a set of decals for custom figures, or maybe you've seen a lot of great examples of a particular aspect of building and you'd like to collect those into one article. Whatever the case, we'd love to have your contribution! Just contact any active admin.
- Contributing an Article: A Crash Course in HTML by Kevin Blocksidge
- Article template by Kevin Blocksidge

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