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6082 Fire Breathing Fortress
393 pieces - $64

United Kingdom Castle Carreg
Australia Dragon Knights' Castle
Canada Forteresse souffle-feu
France Le ch‚teau des Chevaliers du Dragon
Netherlands Koningskasteel
Germany Burg Drachenstein
Belgium Kasteel "Drakenfels"
Sweden Drakborgen
Portugal O Castelo dos Cavaleiros do Dragao
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Fire Breathing Fortress, released in 1993, was the castle for the Dragon Masters. This rocky fortress has a cave for the dragon, a jail, a wizardís tower, a trap door, a secret entrance, and a dragon that drops rocks on invaders trying to reach the castle doors. The set includes a Wolfpack prisoner, one knight, a swordsman, an archer, a crossbowman, a wizard, the dragon, and various accessories.

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