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Crossroads Tavern
Brickmania 002 - Daniel Siskind
1st Run - 1102 pieces - $225
2nd Run - 1102 pieces - $300

United States of America Crossroads Tavern
25 Sets - Sold Out
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Crossroads Tavern was released in June 2000 by Daniel Siskind. This tavern's three stories had a bar with kegs, dining area, attic, tables and chairs, stairs, and fireplaces. Two bartenders, three dining travelers, an ale brewer and his cart, and a horse and hitching post were included along with various accessories.

Dan also made a pirate version of this tavern, seen above, called the "Salty Anchor Tavern."

Images 2004 Daniel Siskind. All rights reserved. has permission to publish these images online for non profit purposes.

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