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Idea Book 250
Yaron Dori and Ben Ellermann 20 VII 04

During the 1980's and 1990's idea books were produced and sold from Shop at Home. These booklets offered hundreds of creation ideas for children. The creations were made entirely from currently available sets. Back when system sets in all themes contained large numbers of basic bricks and plates, a child could make most small idea book creations while being inspired to create their own castle world.

Our article, which will be spread out over several weeks, focuses on the castle creations of 250 Idea Book which was released in 1987. Many of the 33 creations will be discussed. Each one has been built and photographed to the best of our ability. We recommend using pieces from sets available in 1984-1987 but pieces can also be found in sets from other years. Discuss the article here.

Industrial Area - Market - Fair

Pages 40-41: Medieval Industrial Area

These pages show the core of a medieval industrial area and include very unique models that TLC unfortunately never developed into real sets.

250-01 Stone Wagon
?? pieces

This is a nice wagon that delivers construction materials like stone.

The model front is mainly based from parts that were available in set 6023 Maiden's Cart. An extra set of wheels and additional black and light gray bricks are needed as well.

250-02 Sawmill
116 pieces - Instructions

If you are about to construct your own castle, the sawmill is just the place you need. You can saw the stone into the right size you need.

This model is a bit Technic and mainly based on some Technic bricks such as the light gray Wedge Belt Wheel that was available in set 6030 Catapult. Other recommended sets to make this model are 6074 Black Falconís Fortress and 6080 Kingís Castle. The green baseplate is from 6080. A few extra blue plates are necessary as well.

250-03 Forge
153 pieces - Instructions

If you have a sword to forge, this is really the place to come too. The forge is a very unique model and probably one of the more complicated models to make.

This model again is a bit Technic and based very much on 6030. Most of the chimney is made from set 6074. Few other parts needed as well that were available in sets like 6023 and 6061 Siege Tower. The green baseplate is from 6080.

This model contained 2 "hard to get" pieces: Wing 8x8 with 4x4 cut out in blue. Those parts were only available (in 1986) in one of three Space sets: 6846, 6845, and 6872.

250-04 Forge Cart
?? pieces

It is a small cart that delivers bricks and uses very nice and unique wheels.

This model is based on some parts that were available in set 6022 Horse Cart. The wheels of course are from 6074 and the Technic axle pin is from 6030.

250-05 Forge Workers
?? pieces

It is a small wheelbarrow that delivers bricks.

This model's wheels again are from 6030. The plate 1x2 with handles was available in set 6012 Siege Cart.

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