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Idea Book 250
Yaron Dori and Ben Ellermann 10 VIII 04

During the 1980's and 1990's idea books were produced and sold from Shop at Home. These booklets offered hundreds of creation ideas for children. The creations were made entirely from currently available sets. Back when system sets in all themes contained large numbers of basic bricks and plates, a child could make most small idea book creations while being inspired to create their own castle world.

Our article, which will be spread out over several weeks, focuses on the castle creations of 250 Idea Book which was released in 1987. Many of the 33 creations will be discussed. Each one has been built and photographed to the best of our ability. We recommend using pieces from sets available in 1984-1987 but pieces can also be found in sets from other years. Discuss the article here.

Industrial Area - Market - Fair - Siege

Pages 48-49: Medieval Siege

The Lion's are storming over the Black Falcon stronghold with their unique siege machines. Who will be victorious? Those pages are the last part of this article and show a medieval siege that included very unique models that TLC later developed into real sets.

250-28 Siege Ram
?? pieces

It is state of the art in technology on a siege machine. The siege ram can help conquer any fortress.

This model is made from 6061 Siege Tower, 6067 Guarded Inn, and 6012 Siege Cart.

250-29 Knight's Fortress
?? pieces

Knightís Fortress is the last Black Falcon stronghold held against the fierce Lion's.

This is a very nice alternative model of 6074 Black Falconís Fortress.

250-30 Lion's Catapult
?? pieces - Instructions

No fortress can stand against the Lion's catapult machine.

Lionís Catapult is small and has a simple design yet it is mobile and very stable. It is one of the best castle Idea Book models. This model is made from 6030 Catapult.

250-31 Trebuchet
?? pieces

It is a combination of a trebuchet and ram with a storage area for shot. This model does not function very well but every siege needs a trebuchet.

This model is made from 6061.

250-32 Siege Dragon
?? pieces

The Lion's Siege Dragon is an intimidating mobile archer tower that may spit fire from the dragonís mouth. This was the inspiration of course for the Dragon Masters models such as sets 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress and 6043 Dragon Defender and the Ninja set 3051 Blaze Attack.

This model is made from 6023 Maidenís Cart, 6061, 6067, and 6012.

250-33 Siege Ram
?? pieces

Siege Ram is a battering ram and archer tower. It is a useful siege weapon with a unique roof made of hinge plates. A weakness of the model is bending in the long plate used for the base.

This model is made from 6061.

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