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Custom Castle Sets - 2003

The Tower of Vlad Dracula
Brickmania 005
Daniel Siskind

Guarded Church Expansion
Brickmania 004 E and F
Daniel Siskind

Woodcutter's Cabin
Ellermann Kits 001
Benjamin Ellermann

Peasant's Hut
Glencaer Productions 001
Leonard Hoffman

Brickmania Instructions
Brickmania CD001
Daniel Siskind

The Watchtower
Baronsat 1
Eric Druon

Brickmania images 2004 Daniel Siskind. Ellermann Kits image 2004 Benjamin Ellermann. Glencaer Productions image 2004 Leonard Hoffman. Baronsat image 2004 Eric Druon. All rights reserved. has permission to publish these images online for non profit purposes. These are unofficial fan created castle sets and are not sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by The LEGO Group.

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