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Caption Results:

"Savage beatings became the norm when Harry transferred to Camelot Preparatory Academy."
"Come on guys... I realize there is only one woman in your entire theme, but couldn't you find a better way to take out your frustration?"
"I'll raise you six Hobbits and a virgin."
*the curtain rises, and there on stage is the gray knight one foot upon the new gray brick*

*and he sings in a deep mournful voice...*

"This new gray is baaaaaaaaaaad..
it makes me so saaaaaaaad....
when it is trashed I'll be sooo glaaaaaad..
TLC must be having some sort of faaaaaaaad"

*and the audience breaks out in wild applause*

As you can see here, American technology is so far behind ours that they can't even miniturise a Minifig.
Looking to contribute? Think you have a picture worth captioning? Maybe you have an idea you want to take a picture of and send it in? Send me your picture! Please send your JPEG or GIF format only, less than 640x480 picture to ME!. Remember to remove NOSPAM when emailing, and to include your Name and attached Picture.

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