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Here you can find all the lastest news about the Classic Castle City - both creations on the web and the City in action! Updates will be posted here with links to the respective pages.

Classic-Castle Farm Standard
Ben E. 30 VII 06
This standard is meant to provide an easy way for various people to work together to build a large medieval farmland display. Check out how to make a variety of fields and crops. These fields can be arranged in a patchwork to make a giant medieval farmland for events like BrickFest. Suggestions for the standard and other comments can be posted in this thread.

If you are attending BrickFest this year, consider making a field (even a 8x16 plot) for the castle display. It should add a whole new dimension to our displays. Do not forget to register your fields and other castle mocs here. Letting us know ahead of time will help space planning immensely. Thank you.

Classic-Castle at PDX event report.
25 Feb 2004, Lenny Hoffman
BrickFest PDX was tons of fun, and the 3CS City was amazing. This is perhaps the first true 3CS Display, as it contained creations by Derek Schin, Bruce Lowell, Richard Lange, Larry Pieniazek, Robin Werner, James Brink, Anthony Sava, Ben Ellermann, Keith Goldman, Bruce N H, Rene Hoffmeister, Christina Hitchcock and Lenny Hoffman. If I forgot any builder, I am truly sorry (please email me to let me know). Thank you to everyone who participated (also Ryan Rubino and Ryan Wood for helping me strike), and to Christina Hitchcock and Steve Barile for putting it on.

Event Report
BrickFest PDX website For pictures and other information

Colossal Castle Contest I Results
25 Feb 2004, Lenny Hoffman
The Colossal Contest Ended earlier this month, and it was an amazing victory for 3CS! There were many, many shops and wall pieces, of all sorts entered. The winner were Jason Spears with his Jeweler and Tinker Shop, James Brink with his Knights' Shop, and Aaron Sneary and Jim Foulds with their Castle Gate Under Construction. Thanks for everyone for entering, and can't wait til next year!
City Section Back On Track
25 Jan 2004, Lenny Hoffman
I'd taken a small break from keeping the City Page updates - partially due to the winter break, my getting a new job (with double the workload), and partially due to the huge influx of 3CS Buildings and Wall pieces. There have been 61 new 3CS creations due to the Colossal Contest! This is amazing and wonderful, but somewhat difficult on my side. It will be taking me a while to get everything updated appropriately.
David O'Hare's Decorative Gate
7 Dec 2003, Lenny Hoffman
David O'Hare presents his Decorative Gate. And by Decorative, he really means it! Discuss Dave's gate here here!
More 3CS Houses Than You Can Shake a Gong Farmer At!
4 Dec 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Coming in today, I couldn't believe my eyes. Jason Spears is on his way to building a LEGO scale replica of Medieval Europe with five new shops, each in a different color: Medium Blue, Tan, Sand Blue, Light Yellow, and Maersk Blue. Joel Jacobson, best known for his great story Forrest of Blood, has stepped into the realm of 3CS Houses by building a wonderfully unique Pottery Shop and a Cottage.

Last, but certainly not least, the great Train guru, Larry Pieniazek has come forward with his Medieval Barber Shop. He has told me that he plans to build a few more in the coming weeks. Hence, stage one of Classic-Castle's Plan of World Domination is nearly complete. Muahahaha!

MichLUG at Festival of Trees
25 Nov 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Jason Spears is again in the news, this time in conjunction with a show at the Michigan Festival of Trees. The layout included a bustling city with cars by Larry Pieniazek and Peter Guenther, but more importantly, it included an active little Medieval City. Check it out! It really is a great little scene.

Jason Spears's Medieval Houses
20 Nov 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Jason Spears keeps them coming with two new 3CS Houses. These are remarkable for using otherwise rare colors: light yellow and teal. They are great, so I recommend you check them out!

"East Meets West" and Nathan Well's Imperial Gate
13 Nov 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Will it stop? NO! Nathan Wells brings us his very creatively designed Imperial Gate. This is the first 3CS wall to be specifically designed to sit on two baseplates - and definately deserves that distinction.
This weekend Classic-Castle's own Lenny Hoffman joined up with the great KK Quah to bring LEGO Castles to Disney's Festival of the Masters. This is the first complete 3CS Display, and people were definately impressed. But don't worry, this is far from the last 3CS Display you'll see!

Tons of Creations - 3CS is really taking off!!
12 Nov 2003, Lenny Hoffman
There be MOCs here! I've got Jason Spears's Pub 'n Shop, and Herid's Rare Books Shop. Jason Spears is quickly becoming one of the 3CS greats! I've got AC Pin's Star Wars-Castle crossover Gungan Tower! I've got Jordan Bradford's White Tower - a awesome little set up of minifigs in the process of constructing a 3CS wall section. Plus, Mike Thorn keeps them coming with a Red Gate and a Black Tower. Tomorrow, I'll be making the formal announcement about the biggest 3CS Display this past weekend at the Downtown Disney Festival of the Masters!

MichLUG Display
29 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Although not formally a CCC Display, the MichLUG display at the Motor City ComiCon used much of the concepts that formed the CCC. And since the CCC was developed to help foster and inspire Castle Displays, I'm posting it.

An Abode by AC Pin and a Gate by Mike Thorn
29 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
ACPin adds to the selection of CCC House styles by building the abode of twin wizards. Spooky. Mike Thorn bring us his White Knight Gate, a prime example of how a small collection can yield an elegant and stylish MOC. I, for one, can't wait to see more of Mr.Thorn's work.

Jason Spears and Dean Hennon's Shops
16 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Sheesh! Will these people ever stop? Jason Spears announces four shops he made for a MichLUG Display and Dean Hennon adds to his line of creations with a Tailor's Shop. Good stuff! Enjoy!

Gate of Jahmong
15 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Although not strictly CCC, Nick Oranzi has posted his Gate of Jahmong. Inspired by the City Standard, it is an impressive creation none-the-less. Enjoy!

New Creation, History Update, and Our First City Display!
13 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Dean Hennon brings us his Odd Items Shop and I've re-vamped the history article with links to various, related issues. Manfred Moolhuysen was also kind enough to point out that I had misspelled his name. If any one notices I misspelled their name, or forgot their contribution, please don't hesitate to send an email along to me an I'll get right on it. Lastly, TexLUG put together the first CCC Display this past weekend!

CCC Wall Instructions
12 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
First, Juan Cuello has added more pictures to his Santiago's Gate MOC. This is a very beautiful piece of work, and I highly recommend everyone check it out! Also, I've adopted Troy's Wall Design as the official CCC Wall Design because of it's simplicity, cost effectiveness, and inner beauty. I've added instructions here and will be adding the instructions to the BI Portal shortly.

New Creations by Juan Cuello and Dean Hennon
7 Oct 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Check out A wall piece by Juan Cuello, based off an actual castle called Santiago's Gate. He hasn't put up the rest of the pictures yet, but his creations have a history of being way above par. Dean Hennon contibutes a Glassmaker shop built in the CCC House style. This is a unique creation that moves the CCC style into a new direction. Good stuff!

New Creations by James Stacey
25 Sep 2003, Lenny Hoffman
James Stacey was inspired by Jon Furman to make similiar type houses. He didn't even know he was building within the CCC style until recently. James takes the style a bit further by adding arched walkways through his houses. There are three of many. Check them out!

New Creations by Don and Lenny
25 Sep 2003, Lenny Hoffman
Don Cox posted his CCC version of the Black Monarch's Castle, and Lenny Hoffman posted four new CCC shops. Be sure to check them out, and you can discuss them in the CCC Forums.

CCC History Posted
23 Sep 2003, LAH
Lenny Hoffman was good enough to write a brief history of the CCC and the idea of standards in the Castle Community in general. Of course, if he made any mistakes, or left out your priceless contribution, be sure to send him hate mail.

18 Sep 2003, LAH
Don Cox was good enough to build us a CCC version of the famous Black Falcons' Fortress. Be sure to check it out!

This was written by Lenny Hoffman. If you need to contact him about the standard, please do not hesitate to email him. Thank you

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