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Colossal Castle Contest
The Colossal Castle Contest is our signature annual event, encouraging LEGO builders from around the community to create castle MOCs in a variety of categories that change from year to year. Each year (after the first) we also award the title of Master Builder to the person who does the best across all categories.
      CCC XII 2014-15 Winners
      -  Cross-Category Awards
      -  CCC X Master Builder: Brother Steven
      CCC XI 2013-14 Winners
      -  Cross-Category Awards
      -  CCC X Master Builder: Disco86
      CCC X 2012-13 Winners
      -  Cross-Category Awards
      -  CCC IX Master Builder: Mark of Falworth
      CCC IX 2011-12 Winners
      -  Cross-Category Awards
      -  CCC IX Master Builder: Blake Baer (Blego7)
      CCC VIII 2010-11 Winners
      -  Cross-Category Awards
      -  CCC VIII Master Builder: Derfel Cadarn
      CCC VII 2009-10 Winners
      -  Team Challenge  -  Winners
      -  CCC VII Master Builder: DNL
      CCC VI 2008-9 Winners
      -  Team Challenge  -  Winners
      -  CCC VI Master Builder: MrTS
      CCC V 2007-8 Winners
      -  CCC V Master Builder: DARKspawn
      CCC IV 2006-7 Winners
      -  CCC IV Master Builder: Jens
      CCC III 2005-6 Winners
      -  Admin Contest  -  Admin's Pick
      -  CCC III Master Builder: Sir Nelson
      CCC II 2004-5 Winners
      -  CCC II Master Builder: LEGOFREAK
      CCC I 2003-4 Winners
Recurring Contests
In addition to the annual CCC, We have some other recurring contests.
Mini Castle Contest - sponsored by Robin Hood, Wobnam, CC staff
      Mini Castle Contest VIII - 2013 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest VII - 2011 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest VI - 2010 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest V - 2009 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest IV - 2008 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest III - 2007 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest II - 2006 - Winners
      Mini Castle Contest I - 2005 - Winners
Seed Part Contests/Challenges - sponsored by Bluesecrets, Maedhros, CC staff
      Seed Part: Vine/whipe - June-July 2015
      Seed Part: Hose nozzle - August 2014 - Winner
      Seed Part: Space air tanks - June 2014 - Winner
      Seed Part: Older challenges - 2004 - Winners
32x32 Challenges - sponsored by Ye Olde Republic and Quickblade - These are challenges, not contests, so no winners are declared.
      32x32 Challenge - Medieval-ify your house - 2011
      32x32 Challenge - Primary Colours - 2010
      32x32 Challenge - Inaugural Contest - 2009
Battles Contest - sponsored by Josh
      Battles Contest IV - 2009 - Winners
      Battles Contest III - 2008 - Winners
      Battles Contest II - 2006 - Winners
      Battles Contest I - 2005 - Winners
Ad Hoc Contests
In addition, other contests run from time to time, either 'official' contests run by CC staff or contests initiated by members. If you wish to start a contest, just let one of the admins know.
      The Other Medieval part 1 - Byzantium - 2015 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Maedhros
      Bound-the contest - 2014 - Winner
      -  sponsored by Monitogo Studios
      CC Calendar Contest - 2013 - Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Castle Battle Contest - 2013 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Mark of Falworth (on Flickr)
      Dragons of Lore - 2012 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Bluesecrets
      Dragons Contest - 2012 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Siercon and Coral (on Flickr)
      Secret Contest - 2010 - Winners
      -  sponsored by the Knights Templar
      Monthly Challenges 2010-
      -  sponsored by CC
      -  not a contest - no judging and no winners/losers
      Impulse Challenge - 2010 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Kevin1990
      Time Twisters Contest - 2010 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Aliencat and Bluesecrets
      MOC the Admins 2.0 - 2009 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Plums_Deify and Bluesecrets
      Job Mullers Contest - 2009 - Winners
      -  sponsored by Aliencat and Bluesecrets
      Create Your Own Adventure - 2008 - Winners
      -  sponsored by LORD DOOM
      Checkmate Chess 2 2008 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Vignette Story Telling Contest 2008 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Create a Theme 2007 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      LEGO Castle Contest 2007 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC, LEGO
      Story Telling 2006 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Heroes and Villains 2006 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      MOC the Admins 2005 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Checkmate Chess 1 2005 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
      Haunted Castle Challenge 2004 Winners
      -  sponsored by CC
Henry & Harold
Henry and Harold are two knights errant who have traveled the world visiting different members of the Classic-Castle community. First Henry embarked on this perilous voyage, and after two years of journeying has come home to a well- deserved rest. Now Harold has taken up the quest and is even now visiting with someone from CC.
      The travels of Henry
      The travels of Harold
Other Events
In addition to contests, members of Classic-Castle are involved in a number of other events.
 - Sig Fig photoshoots - At fan events, we often try to bring together forum members' sigfigs (both for members in attendance and those who can only attend in ABS form) for a forum photoshoot: BrickFest 2007, BrickCon 2007, BrickCon 2008, BrickFest 2009, BrickCon 2009, BrickCon 2010, BrickCon2011.
 - CC meet-up - In 2008 several CC members met at Legoland Billund. Hopefully our forum will be able to foster other such meet-ups in the future.
 - BrickCon Dinner - Several CC members attending BrickCon got together for dinner in 2009, 2010 and in 2011.
 - Classic-Clickits - April 1, 2007, CC members woke up to find that we had undergone a major theme change.
 - Classic-Cattle - April 1, 2010, CC once again underwent a major theme change.
 - The Castle Displays & Events section of the forum links to displays, plans for upcoming events and information about the castle theme at the various AFOL conventions. CC'ers have played a big role in castle displays at all of the major fan festivals, and their photos can be found here.
 - This page links to some older events that Classic-Castle has participated in.

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