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Entries for Out with the new

1980something Citadel of Orlan

Unbeknownst to all, the theme of Knights Kingdom (II) had been in the works since the 1980s, but The Lego Company was unsure whether or not kids would like all the backstory. Pictures have recently surfaced of set 8780 Citadel or Orlan in it's pristine 1980something style!

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

70400 Redesigned (Forest Ambush)

This is my redesign of the 2013 LEGO set number 70400 “Forest Ambush” using parts and techniques from the 1970s and 1980s. You will probably immediately notice, again, that the figs are NOT the yellow smileys as they should be for that time era. Well, I guess I will have to claim artistic liberty again. The figs are in the same groups, but earlier versions. One of the figs has a slightly Dark Forest look to him to reflect the name of the set. Also the dog is built in a similar manner to the old style of horses and other LEGO animals.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

70402 Remake

The Gatehouse Raid

Submitted by: Lord Mikal

7094 King's Castle Siege 1988

A remake of 2007's King's Castle siege (7094), using only pieces and techniques that were available as of 1988.

Submitted by: man at ye old well

7946 revisited

Submitted by: papat08

80's 7189 Mill Village Raid

Ah the 80's. Hair metal band, transformers, weird haircut and great lego set. Some people call it the golden age of the castle theme. I don't know if it's true but I don't think I really miss the brick built animals, the smiley faces and the limited colour palette we had at our disposal. But set were well designed and the faction ( there was actually no bad guys vs good guys ) gave child a lot of space to create their own scenario. I tried to recreate the spirit of some of the old civilian set like the blacksmith and the inn with this creation.

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

8877 Black Monarchs Dark Fortress

8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress reddesigned as a set, that would have been part of the black knights theme.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Gatehouse Raid, Redesign

I chose to rebuild The Gatehouse Raid set (#70402). I looked at pictures of Black Falcon and Crusader sets and only used techniques that were used in sets during the 80s. Unfortunately I didn't have enough old grey panels and bricks to build the castle, so I used bley. The older sets generally had more figs for the size of the build than more recent sets, so I added an extra attacking soldier. The drawbridge works nicely, and is operated by a crank in the gatehouse.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Medieval Market Village

Submitted by: Takkata

Outpost Attack

Based on the Kingdoms set of the same name. (7948) Produced in 2010. Remade in 1980's style!

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Redesigned 6032 (Catapult Crusher)

This is my redesign of the 2000 LEGO set number 6032 “Catapult Crusher” using parts and techniques from the 1970s and 1980s. You will probably immediately notice that the fig is obviously NOT one of the yellow smileys as it should be for that time era. Well, I guess I will have to claim artistic liberty on that one. The fig is also loyal to the older dragon group as opposed to the bulls, which did not exist until about 2000.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Retro 10193 - Medieval Market Village

10193 - Medieval Market Village built in 80's style techniques and colors.

Submitted by: nanuck95

Retro 10223

Falcons Joust. Lego 10223 goes back in time and dresses in Falcon. All bricks come form 80’s.

Submitted by: Zorkz

The Gatehouse Raid

Fend off the Lion forces as they stage a Gatehouse Raid!
Ready, aim and fire your weapons! The Lion forces are staging a Gatehouse Raid with their large catapult.

Submitted by: Legonardo

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