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Entries for Castle Building

A Visit to the Armory.

Mark of Falworth returns the capital city and visits one of his favorite buildings, the well-stocked Loreesi armory.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth


A disused barracks by the Queen's soldiers now in use by Gavin of Lockwood's band.

Submitted by: Gavin of Lockwood


Submitted by: Bocha


Blacksmith in medieval city.

Submitted by: LL

blacksmith and armory shop

This is my entry for the Colossal Castle Contest XII in the castle building category.
It is also build for the Lands of Roawia Global Challenge IX The Recovery.

Life is returning "back to normal" in the little city "Norvicus"
Norvicus is a city in Garheim near by the coast and not far from Grahnhaven.

Leopold of Norvicus is going to buy some new horseshoes and his brother Michael is looking for a new dagger. (or is he looking for the pretty girl !!)

Submitted by: don leopold

Blacksmith shop

What does every castle need? Obviously it's a blacksmith. maybe even two. Really depends on how quickly your knights are blunting their swords trying to kill make belief dragons.
A remake of the classic (is it classic yet?) set

Submitted by: Legonardo

Bodus Minor

The outer wall and library of the city fort of Bodus Minor.

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

Coltherstone Castle Keep

Coltherstone Castle Keep is the home of King Terrowin and Queen Emeline. It contains the main hall on the ground floor and the royal bedroom upstairs.

Submitted by: frumpy

Dimarton Livery Stables

His majesty King Benedict and his trusted friend Lord Godfrey have traveled to the city of Dimarton in the hope of purchasing a fine new war mount from the town's famed livery stables.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Gifts from the Jarl

Jarl Kvasald decided, since it seemed that Sir Ian was finally settling down to reside at Dunharris, to give the young knight one of the unoccupied houses, a large one. Sir Ian Drakesbane graciously accepted the lodging. "Thank you, m'lord. It has been many months since I have had any kind of home."
"You owe me no thanks," Kvasald returned. "You have done much for our town. And we Garhims have a way of richly rewarding those who performs such heroic deeds, aye?" Ian laughed and nodded. "On that note," Jarl Svengalsson continued, I have another gift for you. He disappeared around the side of the building and returned bearing a bundle of glinting metal and a long spear. The older man dropped them on the ground before Ian's feet. " I hear you lost your armor at the Battle of Granhaven. An adventuring type like you must be well protected in dangerous times like these." "Many thanks, m'lord!" Sir Ian replied, astonished. He examined the items one by one. There was a gleaming steel coat of scale maille that undulated and clicked in his hands as he lifted it. He lowered the armor and scrutinized the next gift, a round, burnished, hide, metal and wood shield covered in intricate designs. Kvasald spoke again. "The designs are to show that you stand against any terrors of the sea." Ian nodded, remembering the terrifying encounter with the fearsome Sea-Drake. "And finally," said Kvasald, reaching down to pick up the spear, "this is the spear which was lodged in the throat of the beast. It took my smiths and immense amount of cutting and pulling to free it from the mouth of the Drake. Now we have restored it, and covered the head with steel and bronze." He handed the weapon to Sir Ian. "I present Ótti-höggormsins. May it be the bane of all evil in your hand as a knight of Garheim." Sir Ian grasped the weapon and admired the beautiful etchings on the shaft and the tip. The razor-sharp head was covered in bronze and steel, with a mixture to give it a golden hue. It was a glorious weapon, and he would treasure it on all his adventures. "I thank you once again, my Jarl. It seems with these new gifts it is only fitting that I once again seek to guard the land. But first, I must do one last thing. I feel it is time I trained a squire."

Submitted by: Brickninja

Hradcanny Candlemaker's Shop

Percival visits the candlemaker's shop to buy a candle for Suzie. The square is crowded with people that have come to Hradcanny to see the Games. Lots of vendours take advantage of the large crowds to sell their wares.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Lancly Inn

After a long and strenuous year, it was a relief for Lord Godfrey to take a well-earned holiday in the serene countryside of the northern shire.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Maester Finley Healer's House

Wizard’s potion, I enchant thee
By intent and thrice told verse
Be a tool of magick for me
Work thy spell to heal and nurse
Wizard’s potion, be now blessed
By the pow
er of the universe
In the cauldron effervesce
Maladies and pain disperse
Harming none I now decree
This charm is done, so mote it be

Maester Finley is the most powerful healer, wizard and alchemist of the Kingdom. He was recruited by the king himself when he was of very young age. Some say he has magic powers, some say he uses dark and obscure powers and some say he is the secret behind the King’s greatest achievements…

Submitted by: Cesbrick

Reka Legash Monastary

Submitted by: Takkata

Stables, blacksmith and barracks

Every castle needs stables for the horses, and a blacksmith and a place to sleep and do the daily work.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Stargorodian Armoury

Located in the caves beneath Stargorod, this armoury contains enough weapons and armour to arm an entire hoarde.

Submitted by: Glorfindel

Summons at Dawn

Erathor is preparing to leave his home to travel to the capital city of Loreos, Dalmunatha.

Submitted by: Sir Erathor


Usually located on the outskirts of town, the tannery was an important link in the medieval economy. Converting animal skins into usefull leather was a dirty job. To make the leather good to work with, it was soaked in urine and feces along with dyes. Hence the location.

For further reading: Wikipedia has an interesting article about the history of tanning.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

The Big Bear Tavern

Today is a feast day and at the Big Bear tavern (located inside Bear Castle) they know it. As the cooks make chili, pie and other things, the guests start arriving. This will be one big feast!

Submitted by: josdu

The Castle Hall

The elves and the dwarves sign a treaty of peace.

Submitted by: gid617

The Great Hall of Dunharris

The central hall and most magnificent structure of Dunharris, a coastal Garhim fishing town, where feasts, knightings and celebrations take place. Shown here is the victory procession of Sir Ian Drakesbane after his heroic slaying of the Sea-Drake.

Submitted by: Brickninja

The Meeting

Lars Grimnir is new to the area. The other noblemen thought it would be nice to meet him.

Submitted by: scottstaz

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